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spiritual meaning of a necklace

Pendants, pearls, tassels, or beads? Whatever style tickles your collarbone, necklaces of all varieties can trace their origins to the caves of the Stone Age. The oldest weren’t the prettiest. Historians suggest that Neanderthal “chains” were made of natural materials such as vines and animal sinew, which were crudely tied together and decorated with bones, shells, and teeth. But, as with other pieces of jewelry such as earrings, the necklace evolved into an elegant artistic decoration for the body – and developed deeper symbolic meanings reflecting wealth, status, and magical powers.

Gold has and will always be a coveted precious metal. From its usage in building palaces during ancient times to it currently a worthwhile investment, gold continues to hold value even after centuries. It is this very nature that makes gold have spiritual meaning, well beyond its physical beauty.

What is the spiritual significance of a gold necklace? Let’s explore a collection of meaning from individuals, groups, and cultures.

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Beads Were Used for Both Currency and Prayer Precious materials such as red coral were fashioned into beads and traded as currency as early as 4000 B.C.E. The Egyptians – both men and women –flaunted social position with elaborate Nefertiti-style beaded necklaces in horizontal rows of turquoise, lapis lazuli, and glass. Ancient Roman women wore pearls – a fashion “classic” that was revived in the Renaissance and continues today. In Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, beaded necklaces such as mala and rosaries offered spiritual grounding during prayers, chants, and devotions. Metalworking Upped the Ante With the arrival of the Bronze age around 3000 B.C.E., copper, gold, and silver were melted and cast into shapes for chains and charms. Strands of precious metals decorated with valuable amber, coral, and coins were a way of transporting savings that could be converted to money when needed. Necklaces Became Symbolic The use of metals also gave rise to amulets, magical totems thought to bring long life, prosperity and protection against evil spirits. Using troves of gold from the Nubian desert, the Egyptians created jewelry with highly-evolved religious symbolism and spiritualism that carried them from life to death. The ALEX AND ANI spring 2018 collection, inspired by Ancient Egypt, brings this rich mystical tradition to life with a line of pendants based on ancient talismans. Here are three of the most iconic designs: The Ankh: In Egypt, the sign of a cross with a handle on top was the hieroglyphic character that read “eternal life.” Gods were often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or holding one in each hand with arms folded across the chest. Wearing the charm was believed to grant health, physical endurance, and long life. For a modern take on this powerful life force, consider the Ankh Statement Necklace. The Blue Lotus: The image of this sacred flower appeared on papyrus scrolls and building pillars, as well as thrones and headdresses of the Divine Kings. The lotus symbolizes rebirth and regeneration: The plant is rooted in muddy swamps, but its beautiful flower springs forth into an explosion of beautiful blossoms. This inspiring symbol of revitalization is captured in our Blue Lotus Pendant Necklace. The Eye of Horus: The all-seeing eye of the god Horus was the most famous and popular amulet in ancient Egypt, believed to protect wearers from bad energy, curses, and negative supernatural powers.

Spiritual meaning of the gold necklace

Before exploring different viewpoints about a gold necklace, it is vital to point out a group of people exist that hold no meaning to gold chains, whether an actual one or in your dreams. It is merely jewelry admired for its appearance and worth and nothing more. Therefore, you’ll likely come across those that hold this belief; you could be the one with this same view. However, it is essential to see both sides of the coin and even have discourse on the same.

Spiritual Meaning of the Gold Necklace

Now to the spiritual meaning of gold necklaces:

1.While gold is a symbol of wealth and status, it equally plays a role in one’s life in general. The general understanding is gold does have the spiritual capability to bring happiness, peace, and stability to those who wear it. It continues attracting what you’ve managed to manifest in your life and keep you wealthy and content.

2.There is a belief in that wearing gold jewelry wards off black energy from entering one’s body and wreaking havoc on one’s spirit. When your jewelry is on, it protects you from negative energy while simultaneously bringing about spiritual healing. In this state, you can tap into divine consciousness that runs within your body.

3.Gold relates to all planets in astrology, but primarily with the planet Jupiter. In astrological terms, the earth represents healing, growth, expansion, good fortune, and miracles. In the same sphere, gold jewelry protects one during long-distance travel, business and wealth, and promotes excellence in education, law, and religion.

Spiritual Meaning of the Gold Necklace

4.There’s a running relationship between love and gold in some circles. It’s said to indicate that your desires for love will get fulfilled, along with providing the energy to transform a relationship into a beautiful adventure. The ring is often associated with this belief; consider adding a gold ring pendant to your gold necklace.

5.During times of sadness, the recommendation is to wear gold jewelry. The healing properties of gold will help you deal with what’s going on within you in a healthy and empowering way. It removes any clogs that you might have and thus restoring you to happiness.

6.Dreaming about a golden necklace could symbolize worries in your life. It could be that you don’t trust people in your life. If you see a chain but aren’t able to touch it, it could indicate that good things are within your sight but out of reach or that fortune always passes you by, which is at the very least frustrating. Consider what’s missing in your life and work on said areas.

7.The other alternative interpretation of dreaming about gold is if you’re wearing it. In this instance, it means that you have elevated self-esteem, given that a gold necklace indicates that you’re not afraid to show people your wealth. It speaks to having a solid character, which ultimately leads to one thriving in their career. Wearing the necklaces in the dream could be an invitation to better things in your life if reality reveals otherwise.

Spiritual Meaning of the Gold Necklace

8.Dreaming about gold, based on the circumstances around the dream, could mean love. It serves as a reminder to reach out to those you love, especially if you’ve been out of touch. If you’re gifting someone gold jewelry or vice versa, it indicates that you miss them, and they likewise. After the dream, reach out immediately to reconnect and not let the opportunity pass you by.

9.When you specifically dream of a gold chain, it indicates permanent bonds and connections you’ve made in various relationships. That could be with a partner, a close relative, or even friends. It is an invitation to strengthen the connection and to rekindle admirable aspects that died down. Alternatively, it could mean someone is coming into your future, and you’ll make said relationships with them.

10.Finding a gold necklace is another dream people have had. It is thought to be an invitation to new love. Soon, someone will come into your life that cares about you, and you’ll grow to love them. It could also mean that you’ll find that link with someone already in your life, and in due time, feel that you want them in your life forever.

11.A broken necklace in a dream, no matter what kind they are, signifies sadness, whether current or impending. It is often a result of breaking up with friends and other significant people in your life. However, it is not all bad; a break-up is a result of broken trust or being with someone you don’t fit with. Keeping such people around for much longer will be detrimental to you.

Spiritual Meaning of the Gold Necklace

12.Losing a necklace in your dream is a bad omen. It means that you’ll lose something of value due to difficult financial times or otherwise. Even though things don’t appear so in your waking life, consider creating a safety net to offset the potential loss in your future. Essentially, don’t make any financially significant choices and invest a large amount of money. Instead, wait patiently to see what the warning is.

13.Gold has long been a metal reserved for religious purposes, from building temples and committing the same for ceremonial items. The precious metal is considered worthy of Gods or gods, and having the gold in your person shows that you are equally excellent. It ought to further encourage a person to aspire to a higher level of spirituality and getting close to a Higher Power. If gold is good enough for them, you ought to value yourself just as much.

14.Another view is looking at how nobles and rulers in the past used gold. In the Egyptian civilization and others, royals got buried with their gold and were encased in gold layered tombs upon death. While you might not have the abundance of gold they had, remembering that royalty wore the same metal is enough to change your internal approach to how you see yourself. If you have low self-esteem, you can use the gold necklaces as a touchstone to remind you that you are royalty in your own right. When you take that spiritual stance, you’ll walk around life a whole lot differently.

Spiritual Meaning of the Gold Necklace


The spiritual significance of wearing gold jewelry is both individual and a shared belief. Not all reasons are stated here, but it brings around more understanding of what gold means to certain people and cultures.

Viewing the precious metal as holding spiritual meaning is equally not far-fetched in modern times; ancient civilization and their use of gold is a telling example that not much has changed with how we regard it.

Overall, whether you believe there is any spiritual meaning attached to gold necklaces, we can all agree that it is indeed a beautiful metal and coveted for its value.

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