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spiritual meaning of a nail

Nails in a dream are a symbol of human health, his social status and physical abilities. In order to get the correct interpretation, you should remember the dream details and emotions you felt.

Cutting nails.

According to the dreambooks, cutting nails can symbolize a lot of accumulated tasks that you have to do in short period of time. Such plot can also mean that the person is too much worries about his image and reputation. If you were cutting someone’s nails, this dream means you will have to work hard in order to provide your family.

  • cutting your grandmother’s nails – health problems in older family members;
  • cutting nails of a pregnant woman – predicts easy childbirth;
  • to your loved one’s nails – means boredom and loneliness;
  • cutting girl’s nails – the emergence of an additional source of income;
  • to cut the nails of a young girl – means a temporary truce with an ill-wisher;
  • cutting your daughter’s nails – difficulties in communicating with children;
  • cutting your male friend’s nails – making an expensive purchase;
  • cutting your wife’s nails – means changing the place of residence;
  • cutting woman’s nails – means treason;
  • cutting cat’s claws – meeting with a friend;
  • cutting baby’s nails – means dismissal;
  • cutting your mother’s nails – an unpleasant conversation with parents;
  • to cut boy’s nails – predicts reconciliation with old friends;
  • if you cut man’s nails – this means moving abroad;
  • a cut of your husband’s nails – the emergence of an influential patron;
  • cutting off your female friend’s nails – an exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • cutting the nails of the deceased – means long-term rehabilitation after an illness;
  • cutting your son’s nails – means great joy;
  • cutting off your own nails in a dream – means ruin and poverty;
  • cutting your boss’s nails – receiving a reprimand from him;
  • cutting your relative’s nails – means opening your own business soon.
  • cutting nails with scissors – means empty chores;
  • cutting nails short – family disagreements;
  • cutting nails with a knife – means committing rash acts;
  • completely cutting off the nails – the loss of trust of a loved one;
  • cutting nails with blood – the risk of being injured in an accident.

If a man was cutting his own nails in a dream, this means he can rely on himself only. His friends and relatives will not be able to help him in the nearest future and he will have to solve all his problems alone.

If you were watching another person cutting his nails in a dream, this means that you have to accept that you can not influence the current circumstances. You need to come to terms with your own powerlessness to influence current affairs and try to get a benefit or a lesson from this.

Cutting your own nails in a dream is a symbol that you are trying hard to arrange your feelings and thoughts.

Cutting your own toe nails is a symbol of as forced movements. This can mean changing a city or even country or unwanted work position changes. Cutting another person’s toenails symbolizes making a very hard work for minimal payment. If someone else cut his toe nails in a dream, this means you will find a person who will agree to make the most dull and routine work.

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Cutting child’s nails in a dream means that you will be absorbed in household chores soon. Such a dream may also mean that the excessive pedantry and correctness of the dreamer interferes with the natural development of the child, which may in the future greatly harm him.

spiritual meaning of a nail

Did you know that that nail shape can depict character?

The nail shape and size can help to determine the character of an individual. Obviously, in most cases, the nail form depends on the fingertip type, like if it’s thick or narrow.

In some circumstances, the nail can change over time; for instance, a fan-shaped nail can develop from long term health problems or stress. However, once the problems have gone, the nail can gradually return to its former form.


A reasonable length of a nail is half the length of the top phalange. Ideally, it is neither long, short, nor bitten. The long nail, if also narrow, suggests emotional instability. A full nail shows good health, caution, and sensibility; these people tend to be kind, sympathetic and practical. If broad and long, they think things through carefully.

nail size


A thin nail, recognised by much flesh showing either side of it, is standard on the pinkie. If all the nails are narrow, it can suggest a lack of strength or a sensitive nervous system. These people are often materialistic and afraid to take risks. If also short, emotionally immature and selfish, narrow-minded nature.

narrow fingernail


The fuller the nail is, the healthier, stronger, open-minded and patient they are. Physiologically they would be considered to have stamina; the resilient type. A large nail, which covers the entire fingertip, however, may show a lack of common sense.

If the full nail is also very short, with a gap between the nail and fingertip, it displays a person who is quite critical of others with strong opinions and quick temper. If broad and long, they are very straightforward but open and honest.

wide fingernail


The oval nail is the most general shape, portraying a balanced, well-rounded character, someone who rarely becomes angry or spiteful. If it is long or pointed at the tip, physical health may not be as robust as it could be.

A large, round nail suggests someone very adaptable with a gentle and kind personality; often creative. If round and small, the person may lack physical or psychological strength.

fan shaped fingernail


A small nail begins closer to the tip of the finger instead of halfway along the first phalange; they are narrow, with a lot of flesh on either side of it. People with small nails have a curious or enquiring nature; they have a sharp mind and often witty. A tiny nail, however, can depict emotional immaturity and low resistance to illness. They have a delicate constitution.

A small nail can grow more prominent in cases such as when the person changes their habits, becomes healthier, improves their confidence, or finds stability or security in their life.


The nails can become overly short from years of nailbiting. If they are very short (so short that it looks like only a half of a nail) shows a critical, uneven tempered and argumentative person. This characteristic is whether it is narrow or broad. They often bored and are tough to please. If the nail is slightly short, it merely shows a quizzical or investigating disposition.

white fingernails, fingernail ridges, health warnings from the fingernails, white coloured nails, palm reading


The fan-shaped nail is narrower at its base compared to the tip of the nail. It can suggest one of two things, on a soft hand, it indicates a lack of vitality, long-term nervousness, stress or illness. On a firm hand, it means a highly determined, but perhaps sensitive, neurotic or bad-tempered individual. If the fan-shaped nail is on the index finger, it shows stress over goals or the self. On the middle finger, worry over money or business. On the ring finger, frustration over something creative, such as an artist who can’t express their work. The pinkie, business, communication or intimacy.


A rectangle nail, if it is relatively wide, shows someone a little more cautious, they put much thought into decisions. They are a deep thinker, tolerant, sympathetic and easy going. If the nail is long, they can lack diplomacy. If the rectangle nail is narrow, it shows frail health, impatience, narrow-mindedness and someone afraid to take risks.


The square nail depicts the most robust type, with general good health and an even temper (unless it is tiny). These people are somewhat serious-minded, practical, reliable, honest and upfront. It depicts someone who is usually kind natured and intelligent.

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