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Sister of Moses in the Bible

The sister of Moses in the Bible, Miriam, is the first woman mentioned in the Bible. Although she is not mentioned by name until Exodus 15:20, where she is called “Miriam the prophetess,” it is clear that she was a crucial figure in Moses’ life and that she had an important role to play in leading her people out of slavery.

According to the Bible, Miriam was born during a time when her mother, Jochebed, had been hiding from Pharaoh’s order to kill all male Hebrew babies. She was born in secret and raised by Jochebed until her father found out about her existence and took her home with him (Exodus 2:1-10). Miriam then grew up alongside Moses as siblings; both were raised in Pharaoh’s household but eventually fled together after their own escape from Egypt.

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When they reached Mt. Sinai and received God’s commandments for how they should live as His people, Miriam led the women of Israel in singing praises that would be recorded as part of what would become known as Psalms (Exodus 15:20).

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Sister of Moses in the Bible


Miriam was the sister of Moses and one of the seven prophetesses in the Hebrew Bible. While her story is short, it is significant to Jewish history.

Miriam is one of the few women in the Bible with a name.

As a woman in ancient Israel, Miriam’s name was unusual. She was the only woman in the Bible with a name, and her story is one of courage and perseverance.

The only other women mentioned by name are those who were prophets: Miriam’s sister, Deborah; their cousin Huldah (2 Kings 22:14), and Isaiah’s wife (Isaiah 8:3). It is believed that these women were given names because they had such an important role to play as God’s messengers.

Like all Hebrew names, Miriam means something significant about its owner. Because she was born when Moses’ mother feared being stoned by her family for being pregnant out of wedlock (Exodus 2:4), she received this rather unfortunate name—at least compared to others like Deborah or Huldah!

Miriam was born to Jochebed and Amram, as sister to Aaron and Moses

Miriam was born during a time of trouble for Israel. The Egyptians were trying to kill all the Jewish boys, and Amram was worried that his son would not be allowed to live. So, he chose to give birth in secret and hide her in his old home.

When Miriam finally did get out of hiding, she was greeted by her older brothers who had been looking out for their sister’s arrival. They had even made her a crown made from reeds! But when Moses went up against an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite slave, he not only covered up the crime but also helped set him free—a true example of his compassion for others and faith in God’s protection over him

Miriam was not afraid to challenge authority or tradition. She was also quite physically brave.

Miriam was not afraid to challenge authority or tradition. She was also quite physically brave: she was the first person to greet Moses after he was born, and she helped her mother hide him from the Egyptian soldiers who came looking for him. She challenged Pharaoh’s daughter to adopt her brother, and in a later adventure, guarded the basket containing Moses as it floated in the river.

Miriam was a prophetess and guide for her people.

Miriam was a prophetess and guide for her people. Miriam was a symbol of hope, faith, and inspiration. She led the people through the desert with songs of praise and worship. Miriam’s strength was displayed when she stood up to Moses after he ridiculed her for dancing along side him at the Red Sea (Exodus 15:20). In this story, we see how strong Miriam truly is but also how much she loves her brother Moses even though they do not always agree on everything.

Miriam had a deep faith in God.

Miriam is a prophetess, guide, and leader of her people. She is not afraid to challenge authority or tradition when necessary, but she also shows great physical bravery.

She was born to Jochebed and Amram, who were the parents of both Aaron (who later became High Priest) and Moses.

Miriam appealed to Moses’s authority as a prophet, but she also defied him.

Miriam was not afraid to challenge authority or tradition. She was a prophetess and guide for her people, as well as Moses’s sister.

  • Miriam appealed to Moses’s authority as a prophet, but she also defied him.

She challenged his position by questioning the fairness of his leadership during an argument between two women over one child’s origin, suggesting that he had been born prematurely (Numbers 12:1-2).

It’s clear that Miriam cared deeply for her brother Moses but she was still human, and she made mistakes.

When we think of Miriam, it’s easy to assume that she was a perfect woman who never made any mistakes. After all, she was Moses’ sister and one of the key figures in bringing God into his life. She must have been pure and kind at all times, right? Wrong!

In fact, Miriam wasn’t afraid to challenge authority or question tradition. She also stood up for women (in her own way), arguing that Moses should be allowed to marry one of them (Exodus 2:16).

She may have been human but she still had godly qualities such as kindness, compassion and love for others – even when it came at personal cost (Exodus 2:15-21).

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Miriam was a prophetess and poet who is mentioned in the biblical narrative as the sister of Moses. She was a strong woman, an important leader, and an inspiration to many. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about her today!

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