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Prayer For Good Marriage

The couple said, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to the Lord to keep my spouse.”

If this is how you pray, you might want to rethink getting married. As this tune suggests, prayer is best used as one of your first daily tools rather than as one of your last.

Now, pray for your marriage in this way. When it comes to praying for your marriage, what should you be praying for, and how does that compare to what you actually are praying for? In this article you’ll see daily prayers for married couples.

This has nothing to do with exerting power over your partner. There is no need to take on the role of spiritual guide for your partner, and no need to beg God to change your partner’s character flaws.

Many years ago, when we were first married, I discovered this the hard way. At times, when Chris’s flippant remarks really cut me to the quick, I wished God would just kill him. I asked God to correct all of his errant ways. I prayed that God would alter his outlook.

However, the reality is that praying for your spouse and your marriage does not involve asking God to alter the other person in any way; rather, it alters your perspective and outlook. Since achieving joy isn’t the point of marriage, vows help couples define and strengthen their commitment to one another. The purpose is to make your marriage more like the one between Jesus and the church, his bride.

If your marriage is on the rocks, it might not sound appealing. However, keep in mind what I just said: praying for your marriage will refine the two of you. Prayer for marriage breakthrough are also discussed in this exposition.

Prayer For Good Marriage

Dear Heavenly Father, Grant us the strength to hold fast to our vows. When we got married we promised to love, honor, and cherish each other as long as we both shall live. And so we ask that you teach us to love the way that we should, with patience and kindness, forgiveness and grace.

Dear Lord,

We ask you to bless the marriage of [name] and [name].

We ask that you bring them joy and comfort during the good times, and help them through the bad.

We ask that you guide them in decision-making, so that they may always make choices that are right for their relationship and family.

We ask that you protect their marriage from harm and destruction.

Dear God,

We pray that you would bless our marriage. We ask that you would guide us along the path of love and understanding. We pray that you would help us to be patient with each other, even when we are having a bad day. Work through us as we work through our problems together, and help us make wise decisions about how to handle them.

We thank you for this blessing of marriage between [name] and me. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be married and share in each other’s lives forever.

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for your help in our marriage. We are not perfect and neither is our relationship, but we want to love each other with the fullness of your love. We pray that our hearts will be open to each other and that we will be able to forgive each other when one or both of us has failed. Help us to see the best in each other and let us never lose sight of the fact that we were created for one another by a loving God who knows what is best for us.


Dear Lord,

We pray for the marriage of [name], who has been married to [name] for [number of years].

We ask that You guide them in their relationship and protect their home. We pray that they will always be there for each other, no matter what life throws at them. May they have a bond of love so strong that nothing can break it.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Dear Lord,

We pray for our marriage and for the health, happiness, and prosperity of our families. We thank you for this day and all that has happened in the past year. We ask that you continue to bless us with your guidance and protection as we enter into this new season of life. Amen

Daily Prayers For Married Couples

Your marriage rests on two solid foundations: you and your partner. A healthy body requires two strong, independent legs. You are two distinct individuals who have become one flesh through marriage. Your relationship with your spouse is something that you were made to cultivate. Marriage is not intended to strengthen either partner.

Master the art of finding joy and self-assurance within. Don’t put all your hope in your marriage or your partner. Marriage should bring you joy, but it shouldn’t be all that keeps you smiling. The marriage needs your energy and vitality.

Prayer #1 for a Marriage

Father, we ask you to transform us into the most excellent versions of ourselves. I pray that you will help us discover what brings us joy and contentment so that we can share that with our partner in marriage. We hope to enter this marriage as two contented, healthy people who can give each other their all.

God must be the center of your marriage (during the good times and the bad). It’s important that both partners in a marriage agree on what God wants for that union. Make it a priority in prayer to know God’s will for your marriage.

Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path, as it says in Psalm 119:105. Apply the Bible’s wisdom to your marital dilemmas.

2nd Prayer for a Marriage

Father, we ask for your protection and wisdom as we enter marriage, so that our union may bring glory to you. We ask that you reveal your will to us and fuel our efforts with enthusiasm for your cause.

The two of you were given to each other by God, and so is your marriage. In my opinion, every marriage has a higher purpose and is ordained by God. Count your spouse and your marriage as two of God’s many blessings, and never stop giving thanks for them.

A Prayer for a Third Marriage

Please, Father, help us to value our spouse and our marriage always. To be thankful for all that we have and to live our lives in light of that gratitude, please help us.

Everyone enjoys feeling valued. The same holds true for your spouse. Nobody enjoys feeling like their partner doesn’t value the work they’ve put in for them.

The health of your marriage can be gauged in large part by how well you express your affection for one another. You shouldn’t take your partner’s efforts for granted. The simple act of saying “thank you” can have a profound effect on your relationship. Send frequent reminders of your love to your partner.

Anne succeeds admirably in this respect. Whenever I do something for her, or if she receives a gift from me, she always makes sure to tell me how much she appreciates it. Our marriage has been greatly impacted by her eagerness to express her appreciation for the things I do for her and the person I am as her husband.

4 A Prayer for a Happy Marriage

We ask you, Father, to teach us gratitude for one another’s efforts. Let us not let the day end without sharing with one another our gratitude for their presence and efforts. Let’s express our appreciation for one another’s efforts at home, in the workplace, with the kids, and with us.

A good devotional book will be an important part of your mutual spiritual development. David and Teresa Ferguson’s Never Alone: Devotions for Couples is an excellent read.

Choose to love. Make the decision to love your partner today. Make them aware of your affection through your words and deeds. Don’t ever give them a reason to doubt your dedication and enthusiasm for them.

That it isn’t always simple is something I get. It’s important to remember to love your partner even if you don’t particularly like them at the moment. Making them feel loved in both the good and the bad times is crucial. You accomplish this by being selective in your word selection. Although disagreement and argument are permitted, they must be conducted civilly.

An Additional Wedding Prayer

We ask you, dear Father, to bless our marriage with love. You have strategically positioned us for development, for love, and for the accomplishment of your will. Please open our eyes to the fact that our ability to love and show love to one another is the key to a happy marriage and to our obedience to you.

The only appropriate use of words in a marriage is to express love and support. Devastating effects on your spouse and your marriage can be the result of using harsh or biting language. Arguments that center on criticism and unfair judgment will only serve to alienate one partner from the other.

As was previously mentioned, showing love during an argument can be difficult, so it’s important to watch what you say. You have the power to literally take your partner’s heart in yours. Think twice before saying or doing anything that might hurt someone.

Praying for Your Spouse, No. 6

Give us the ability to communicate with one another, Heavenly Father. Speak words of encouragement and love to one another with every utterance. Abusive language is one of the enemy’s primary weapons in an effort to destroy our marriage and love for one another. Give us the self-awareness to always choose words that edify one another.

Throughout our marriage, Anne has had to be compassionate toward me. Anne has been my rock through thick and thin. Just like I’ve had moments when she needed me to show compassion, she has too.

It’s important to remember that you and your partner will have plenty of chances to show compassion to one another throughout your marriage. Take their hand and show them love as quickly as possible, even in the midst of their struggles. They will need your love, support, and compassion at some point; it could be due to the death of a parent or difficulties at work.

Mood Enhancing Prayer No. 7 for Couples

In the same way that you have shown us mercy, Father, we pray that you would also grant us the ability to recognize when one another is in need. For we are all one, and we are all called to love and support one another in our time of need. Help us find the right words to say and the steps to take so that we can properly support each other.

Prayer For Marriage Breakthrough

Luke 24:13-15
We ask You to bless our lives together as husband and wife, and we thank You for this marriage. We come to You today promising a strong, loving, forgiving, peaceful, and united marriage. Forgive us for our inability to forgive and to have patience with one another, just as You forgave us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen, we pledge to begin dressing in love from this day forward.

In Ephesians 4:3
Our marriage is a testament to Your greatness, Heavenly Father, and we confess that You are Lord over us. Sincerely, we beg You to illuminate for us the ways in which our marriage offends You and to guide us in resolving those issues. In the Name of Jesus, we shall attain greater spiritual, physical, and mental harmony. We pledge to do everything in our power to maintain spiritual harmony and strengthen our bonds with peace.

Ephesians 5:31
“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, and the two will become one flesh,” Your Word says, dear Father. Therefore, we ask that our marriage will reflect the spiritual and physical closeness that You desire for us, as described in Your Word. In the same way that the Lord has called us into a close relationship with Himself, so too do we declare that we will be close to one another in Christ Jesus.

Verse 3-5 of the Book of Proverbs
We ask you, Heavenly Father, to help us stay committed to each other and to our marriage no matter how difficult things get. We ask that You take up permanent residence in our hearts and that we may put our faith in You and rely wholly on Your wisdom rather than on our own. We publicly declare our intention to submit to Your authority with all our strength, boldness, and courage. In the name of Jesus, Amen, we pray that You would guide our steps in life so that we can live in accordance with Your Word.

(Ephesians 6:11, 13; 2 Corinthians 10:4)
We know that the devil is out to tempt us in our marriage, so we ask you, Father, to help us stay alert and sober. Our “weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty through the pulling down of strongholds,” we acknowledge and proclaim. Together as husband and wife, we pray and believe that our marriage is surrounded by Your divine protection.

Psalm 9:1
Dear God, I recognize and praise You for my spouse. Thank You for bringing us together in marriage and for the blessings it has bestowed upon us. Thus, we declare and pray that You will grant us a heart of thankfulness that despite this trying season, we will never complain or cease to give thanks for this union, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Scriptures: Philippians 4:6; Psalm 23:1
Heavenly Father, Your Word instructs us not to worry about anything, but rather to come to You at all times with our concerns, and then to offer thanks for the answers we receive in prayer. We therefore, in the name of Jesus, come against any anxious thoughts that may present themselves in our marriage. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen, we declare that we will not worry about money because You are our good shepherd, but that instead, we will be confident and live in abundance.

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