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Spiritual Meaning Of A Mole

Interested in learning the holistic arts? Want to separate fact from fiction? Mole, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help! Mole teaches you how to connect with and use psychic senses while showing you how to dig into a situation for more insight! Delve deeply into Mole symbolism and meaning to find out how this Animal Spirit can enlighten, support, and awaken you!

While Moles are tiny and blind, but their long nose provides them with a distinct sense of smell, so they still can get around with ease. Mole loves living beneath the warm, comforting soil, safe deep within the Earth Mother’s belly where it feels and senses its way around the underground environment. Such perceptions are vital factors in the Mole’s survival, and it’s an essential part of your Animal Helper’s symbolism and meaning.

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Homeowners often perceive Moles as pests who disrupt gardens and lawns. Despite, human frustration, Moles have been part of folk medicine and magic for eons. Pliny the Elder, a Roman naturalist, wrote of Moles in his treatise “Natruralis Historia.” , and how Magi held the creature in high regard for its supernatural properties. Moles had a place in divination, healing arts, and disease transference.

Moles have polydactyl paws on their front legs, with what equates to two thumbs and four digits on each paw, perhaps alluding to giving “two thumbs up” or “being all thumbs.” In numerology, two embodies the energies of survival, partnership, and resiliency while the number six carries the vibrations of love, agreement, and the primal nature of man.

Seeing A Mole Above Ground

Moles exist all over the world and on every continent but for South America and Antarctica. However, Moles avoid mountainous areas or any region where the soil is acidic. Wherever they go, the Moles use their forepaws for creating intricate tunnels serving as a network of underground highways. Sometimes a Molehill serves as “a legacy home” for the creatures, which houses the Animal for several generations. The habitats and structures Moles live in gives the creature symbolic ties to adaptability, family lineage, and connects the Animal to the Earth Element. The critter’s avoidance of acidic soil is akin to avoiding conflict or toxic situations and relationships.

Molehills host organized tunnels leading into chambers. Every chamber has a specific purpose, as a Molehill will often contain a birthing chamber, sleeping space, and a place for food storage. A single mole can occupy over two acres unless its mating season. Moles prefer being alone, though. The Mole’s underground home is where the creature spends most its time. So, the shelter signifies safety, solitude, and efficient living.

When you see an excess of Molehills, you can expect foul weather ahead. Mole is a Weather Prophet, having symbolic ties to divination because the creatures digging behaviors are signs of the weather to come. If there’s been a frost and you see a Mole tossing up the soil, you can expect a thaw within the next two days. If you notice Mole tossing up a lot more dirt than usual, it foretells of rain, with the critter tunneling deeper into the dirt to avoid the excess waterfall.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, some people believed a Mole could be a witch’s familiar and do the witch’s bidding. When witchcraft became illegal in England in the mid-1500s, working with Moles that acted as familiar spirits became a charge against men and women alike, with such charges imposed upon women far more often than men. Some documentation from witch trials at the time reveals repeated references to Moles; take the example, the case of Joan Willimot, one Witch of three in Belvoir, England. Joan stood accused of consorting with a spirit in the likeness of Mole. She defended herself by saying she only used her Mole Spirit (Moldewarp) and other familiars in acts involving white magic. Locals saw Joan as more of a cunning woman than a witch—it likely saved her life. So, Mole earns ties to the esoteric arts, white magic, and healing.

What Does It Mean When You See A Mole Animal

While moles on the face may sometimes lead to self-consciousness, in many cultures there’s a deep spiritual meaning of moles on your face.

According to WebMD, moles are growths on the skin caused by skin cells that grow in a cluster as opposed to being spread evenly across the skin.

There are many different types of moles, and while most aren’t dangerous, it’s smart to pay attention to your skin and make note of the ABCDEs of moles: asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and evolution.

If you’re concerned about a mole on your face or any part of your body, a dermatologist can help you evaluate the mole.

Some people may opt to get moles on the face removed for cosmetic reasons while others have embraced them and even used them to set them apart, such as Cindy Crawford who has a mole on her upper lip and Marilyn Monroe, whose cheek mole became a signature part of her look.

The spiritual meaning of moles on your face varies based on who it’s on and where the mole is located.

Spiritual Meanings of Moles on Your Face

The meaning of moles differs for men and women based on the location of the moles.

Lucky Moles

Mole on Face Female Meaning

For women, lucky moles are located around the eye area, with the luckiest moles on the eyebrows.

Mole on Face Male Meaning

For men, lucky moles on the face are located on the right side of the forehead as well as the upper lip.

Mole on Left Side of the Face

The left side of the body is thought to harbor negative energy. Therefore, moles on the left cheek are typically bad luck, often representing a person who is wasteful, self-centered, and overall disliked.

However, if the mole on the left side of your face is closer to your upper lip, it’s a good sign that the person is more conscious of being considerate of others/

Mole on Right Side of the Face

A mole on the right cheek denotes wealth and prosperity. People with moles here are positive go-getters.

Mole on Chin

Moles on the chin are an indication of a person’s stability in life. While moles in the center of the chin suggest a stable life overall, the shape of the mole also matters here. An asymmetrical mole on either side of the chin, for example, is a sign of instability and restlessness in life.

Mole on Upper or Lower Lip

Moles on the upper lip are usually called beauty marks. However, they have less to do with physical beauty and more to do with success and status. People with moles here appreciate beautiful things and work hard to get ahead in life but aren’t overly materialistic.

Moles on the lower lip and more family-oriented than career-oriented, but that doesn’t mean they don’t find a successful life of their own.

Mole on Eyes

Moles in the eye areas, including the eyebrows and eyelids, say something about your behavior.

Mole on Eyebrow

People with moles hidden by eyebrow hair are typically ambitious and hardworking. Moles between the eyebrows are also good luck, particularly when it comes to wealth and career trajectory.

Mole on Eyelid

People with moles on the upper eyelid have a deep-seated need for freedom in all things, while moles on the lower lid are more likely to face challenges in relationships.

A mole on the outer corner of either eye represents a person known for being charming and magnetic. Women especially who have a mole on the outer part of their eye find it easy to attract others.

Mole on the Nose

Moles on the nose are a reflection of financial and social status.

Mole on the Side of the Nose

Moles located on the side of the nose or nostrils are bad luck. People with moles here tend to be superficial and bad with money.

Mole on the Tip of the Nose

On the other hand, a mole on the tip of the nose is a sign of someone who’s great at budgeting. A mole on the tip of the nose is good luck, especially when it comes to wealth potential.

Mole on the Forehead

Moles on the forehead are indicative of your family life and career.

If the mole is on the right side of the forehead, it’s a sign of mental maturity that’ll bring you far in life and your career. A mole located in the center of the forehead, however, indicates a difficult family life and strained relationships with relatives throughout life, particularly parents.

Red Mole

Red moles are generally considered good luck and a sign of success in life. However, dependent on its location, a red mole can also signal relationship issues.

Black Mole

Black moles tend to be associated with strong personalities. While not necessarily bringing bad luck, a black mole is more likely to signal financial problems throughout life.

Chinese Meaning of Facial Moles

According to the ancient art of Chinese face reading, moles on the face can tell a lot about a person’s personality and luck in life in areas such as family, relationships, and career.

Each location on the face is associated with an area of life and personality, and a moles location in these areas as well as its color and shape can reveal a lot about someone.

Korean Meaning of Facial Moles

In Korea, while most moles on the face hold no meaning, there’s an exception for moles on the nose. Many Koreans believe that moles on the tip of the nose are a sign of financial gain.

Urdu and Hindi Meaning

Ancient Hindu beliefs also suggest that where a mole is placed on your face can reveal a lot about your financial status and personality.

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