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Sample order of service for church

Welcome message for church greetings, welcome message for Christmas, welcome message for Easter and others. Here’s the sample of welcoming and informative message for church greetings, so you can use it in your services or other activities. As a member of the Church, it is important to keep in touch with other members. Use this format to send out church greetings and bring people closer to God, or just for a personal note.

Communication is one of the most important parts of a church. In today’s world, there are many other places and people you can communicate with. But nothing compares to being in a community environment where you can become better acquainted with the people who attend your church every week. So here’s a sample of a church greeting that can help you get started on what to include in your own welcome address. Discuss about; Pentecostal church order of service, Sunday Worship Order of Service.

Sample order of service for church

A welcome message for church is a great way to welcome new people to your church worship service. A church greeting is a perfect time to remind members of your church mission, share a couple good news from your congregation and make them feel welcomed. It will let them know that you are thankful for their presence in your community for the time being. WELCOME TO OUR HOME PAGE. It is our hope that you stay with us over the coming months and years as we seek to follow Jesus as best we can. If you come from a place other than where we live, please be patient with us as we learn about each other. We want everyone to feel welcome.

The church greetings is a very important part of the welcoming process. There are many things to choose from when it comes to a church greeting written for a Christian church or even a mosque. The best way to write one is by keeping the meaning in mind and thinking about the person who will view them and their context. They can be done in different ways, but one thing is for sure that all of them will have the same common elements: prayer and peace.

Church Service Order Templates in PDF | DOC

Churches offer a number of services for the well-being of the community and society. Apart from prayers that take place weekly and confessional services that a person may choose to avail, there are a number of other services, that a church offers. These may include marriages, funeral ceremonies, etc. However, since a church is a formal organization that is closely related to the piousness and sanctity of religious practices, the events organized there must be done with utmost care and arrangement. A church service order is thus, as the name suggests, a list of the events that are going to take place during a particular service in a particular order with the name of the priest performing it and the time for it.

7 Steps to Making a Church’s Service Order

Step 1: Make the Questionnaire Accurately

In case of marriage or other external ceremonies make a questionnaire asking the people concerned what events they would like to include and when. According to their preferences, make the list.

Step 2: Read Samples

Take advice from other church’s service orders to know what events are to be included in a church’s service and what is the ideal way to arrange them.

Step 3: Check Availability

Check if you have enough time to organize all the events in the time that you have. Let attendees know what events can be fitted into the time frame.

Step 4: Advertise

In case the event involves the participation of many members and they need to be informed of the order, make a nice cover photo for the order sheet.

Step 5: Give an Executive Summary

There must be present a brief introduction of the background of the church, the reason for the meeting, the backdrop and history of the occasion before the service order is mentioned.

Step 6: Assign and Mention the Duties

The name of the performer of each event must be mentioned alongside the event. This will help avoid any confusion.

Step 7: Assign Time Frames

The start and end hour of each event must be planned and mentioned. This makes the execution of the service smooth. The time of the beginning of the service must be made known to the attendees and followed carefully.

Sunday Worship Order of Service

A typical Sunday service at a Pentecostal church will include singing, preaching, and the Lord’s Supper. The following is a complete list of items that may be included:

Opening Prayer – This prayer is offered by the pastor or another leader to set the tone of the service and to ask for God’s blessing upon it.

Singing – The congregation sings hymns and songs that emphasize the importance of worshipping God through song.

Prayer – Prayers are said during the service to give thanks and praise to God, or to ask for something from Him.

Testimony – A member of the congregation may share a story about how God has changed their life in some way. This testimony is usually an example of how God has answered prayers or helped someone overcome a difficult situation in their life.

Sermon – This is usually where most of the teaching will occur during a Sunday service. The pastor will offer a message that he believes will help people grow spiritually and live more godly lives if they apply it in their lives.

Offering/Tithe/Collection – A portion of all money collected during each week’s offering goes directly into.

Pentecostal church order of service

The order of service at a Pentecostal church is similar to the order of service in many other churches. The first part of the service is a time for worship, during which people sing songs and listen to preaching. In some churches, this is followed by an offering for those in need.

The order of service at a Pentecostal church can vary somewhat depending on the congregation’s preferences and traditions. However, there are certain parts that are standard across most denominations.


In most Pentecostal churches, worship begins with congregational singing led by a pianist or organist. The music may include hymns and contemporary Christian music as well as traditional spirituals or gospel songs. Congregants often stand or kneel while they sing, although some choose to remain seated throughout the service.


After worship comes a sermon delivered by a pastor or visiting speaker. Some pastors deliver their sermons extemporaneously while others prepare their remarks ahead of time and read them aloud from notes on an easel or lectern in front of them. Sermons typically last about 15 minutes but may be shorter or longer depending on how much material the speaker has prepared.

1. Church Order of Service Sample


File Format

  • PDF

Size: 234.9 KB

church service order drafted in detail-with elaborately mentioning each and every step is given above. It helps you in many ways. It helps you know what are the ideal activities to be performed in a church service. It allows you to arrange them categorically one after the other. It also gives you an idea of the approximate program. The name of priests and announcers are also included in the service order sheet. Download and follow the order template for its format and content. Hurry!

2. Church Wedding Service Order Template


File Format

  • PDF

Size: 232.3 KB

In the case of marriage services, the arrangement and kind of programs are different from regular services. The events of marriage are all mentioned in the sample service order. It is made in detail with all the steps. The prayers are also included. You can follow the format and content literally. Add modifications if you intend to carry out the service differently. Download the wedding order of service today!

3. Church Worship Order of Service


File Format

  • PDF

Size: 1.7 MB

Church worship events keep varying from churches to churches depending on the kind of church it is, how elaborately they want to perform the event and most importantly how many people shall retain a copy of the order of the events. If it is a service of considerable importance, all the members of the church are to receive the service order. this sample above is one of that kind. It is made with all elaborate details and a cover photo for advertisement. Download the service order and follow its layout to make a church service sheet appropriately.

4. Methodist Church Order of Service


File Format

  • PDF

Size: 33.9 KB

Depending on the magnitude of the event, a church service order can be arranged. For smaller events that d not involve a lot of people, a simple arrangement of all the programs one after the other is enough. You can see the sample above for an idea. The funeral order of service will give you an idea of the bare minimum events to include in a church service as well. Get it today!

5. Church Order of Service for Couples



File Format

  • PDF

Size: 93.6 KB

To apply for a marriage service at a church, one needs to fill up a form and register themselves. Also, they must let the church know the events they want to arrange in the church so that the church has full information before they arrange the event. Above given sample is one of the marriage service questionnaires. the couple is to register with the details. According to the information provided, the church arranges the marriage ceremony. Take decisions responsibly with this marriage service sample order.

6. Church Event Order of Service



File Format

  • PDF

Size: 3.2 MB

An ideal service order si the one that begins with a brief introduction on the occasion of the service before moving onto the main prayer and service. This above-mentioned template is for the occasion of Christmas eve. The history of Christmas is descried followed by the prayer details elaborately. the hymns and silent prayer phases are also drafted in the service. The priest, as well as the attendees, can now avoid any confusion during church services with the help of a clarified order of events arranged strategically. Get the church event order to follow the approach.

7. Church Order of Service for Closing



File Format

  • PDF

Size: 15.9 KB

The brief church service order in this sample begins with the introductory rites. the liturgy of word and the moves onto the prayer after communion, the confessional service, the transfer of artefacts and the recessional program. The sample is of a specific type of church service. You can always add other events maintaining the basic framework of this service. Make your church’s services more orderly with the help of our template today!

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