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 Robert Morris: Why Tithing is Important | Beyond Blessed

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Why Tithing is Important

Robert Morris: Beyond Blessed

In this video, Robert Morris explains why tithing is important for Christians. He explains that tithing is a way of giving back to God, who has given us so much. He also says that tithing helps us get closer to God and reminds us that we are not the center of the universe.

There are many reasons why Christians should tithe, but here are just a few:

  -It supports the church and its ministries

 -It teaches children about giving and generosity

 -It gives you an opportunity to give back to God for all He has done for you

About  Robert Morris: Why Tithing is Important | Beyond Blessed

The Bible teaches that tithing is an important principle, and it’s one that we should be teaching our children.

Tithing is a principle that is rooted in the idea of giving back. When you tithe, you are giving back to God a portion of what he has given to you. When you tithe, you are acknowledging that all of your blessings come from God, and that part of those blessings should go back to him.

Tithing also teaches our children about generosity and responsibility. It teaches them that it is not about what they can get for themselves; it’s about what they can give back to others who need help or support. Tithing teaches our kids the importance of giving and how much good can come from giving.

As a parent, it can be hard to teach your kids about giving when they don’t understand why we should be giving in the first place! That’s why we created this video: Robert Morris explains why tithing is important and how you can teach your children about this important biblical principle!

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