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Rev Lucy Natasha ministering a word in Season Woman Arise & Shine

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I’m so excited to be here today. I’ve been following the work of Season Woman for a while, and I’m so happy to be able to share my heart with you.

I know some of you have been going through a tough time lately. It’s easy to feel like your life is falling apart when you’re in the middle of a season of transition or change. You may have lost your job, or maybe something even more devastating has happened in your life—like a divorce, or maybe even cancer.

And we all go through these seasons of change, right? We get dumped by our boyfriends or girlfriends, we lose jobs and friends… it happens! But what’s important is how we choose to respond when things don’t go according to plan. And that’s where God comes in! He wants us to lean on Him during these difficult times and trust Him with our lives—even if it seems like nothing is going right anymore!

So today I want to encourage you: Don’t lose hope! God has plans for your future that are far greater than anything this world could ever offer you or me (Jeremiah 29:11). So no matter how bad things get at times—just know

about Rev Lucy Natasha ministering a word in Season Woman Arise & Shine

God is calling you to rise up and shine. He wants you to be a light in this dark world, and He has given you the gifts and talents to do so. He has called you to be His hands and feet, to be His voice when He cannot speak through you.

He wants you to go out into the world with a message of hope for others, even when you yourself are struggling with life’s challenges (or maybe especially then). He wants you to share what He’s done in your own life so that others can find hope in Him as well.

He wants you to shine like a beacon of light on dark days, using your gifts and talents as tools in His service. And He wants this for every woman who has ever lived—every woman who will ever live!

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