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Prayer To Remove The Enemy

These Christian prayers and phrases are said to remove all evil forces, obstacles, tests and challenges hindering the health, happiness and success in the life of children, adults, singles or couples that have been sent by the evil person, witch or spirit. God hears us when we pray. We can purify ourselves of all impurities with this prayer. We are living in a time that I have never experienced in all of my life. It seems that everything that is evil and hideous has been unleashed upon society and we must come together needing to be protected. May the prayers below be of much help to those reading this article. God is great. I want you to know that you are not the only who is going through this…You are not alone, and you don’t need to be afraid…I would like to share with you a prayer for salvation.

Please note that we keep updating our collection of articles, news and discoveries in the field of human Resources…Time to know about “Prayer To Remove The Enemy”.. Abundant blessings to you and thank you so very much dear Jesus for removing the enemy. It is My request that I in Christ remove the enemy from my life, remove the enemy from others life’s, remove the enemy from my children’s lives, remove the enemy from my familys life and remove the enmy form my partner’s life. By faith I believe that this prayer is answered according to your will in Christ Jesus Amen. I prayed this prayer, and I can assure you that it jumped right out of my  head. That’s a good thing. I have no intention of sharing it with my Facebook friends, nor do I have any interest in printing it out and sticking in on the refrigerator door. Why? Because I know that it is only as powerful as my faith in its effectiveness. There is no power in paper, my friends. There is only divine power and that is what you need to be careful about when you’re printing out stuff like this. Take this seriously folks, or don’t even bother.

I was speaking with a close family friend recently, who mentioned how this friend felt trapped and under attack by their job. I had no idea what he meant. But after some thought and prayer it came to me that the enemy had been attacking him through his work. This is nothing new and can be seen in many ways. For example, if you are a musician and play in a band that seems to always change their style of music every other year or so. Then they wonder why they aren’t getting booked any where anymore because they aren’t fitting into society’s way of thinking. One may ask what is prayer, but the answer to that question varies and depends on a variety of sources and factors. Prayer to remove the enemy is a petition made by oneself in order to receive help from an entity represented as being powerful, such as a god or other supernatural forces, in order to achieve a specific purpose. Prayer can be seen as a form of communication or conversation with either divine forces or other people.

Prayer To Remove The Enemy

Say this prayer daily or print it out and place on your fridge, etc. :

In the mighty name of Jesus I overthrow all transaction contrary to my breakthrough, every power jamming answers to my prayers disappear, by the blood of Jesus I shake down the seat of darkness in my heavens, I reject the power of satanic human government over my finances IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

Those that have used the power of leaves and dust against me, I decree a halt of your government over my life, I turn the table against every sorcerer in the place of my employment, business or work, no witch or wizard will prosper in the place of my employment, business or work, All satanic power can no longer kidnap my spirit IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

I decree and declare great casualty upon witches and wizards operating in my neighbourhood, the judgment of God shall torment the powers of darkness working against me both at night and in the morning, the night shall carry terror and anger against all satanic powers that are standing against me, I command the storm of destruction to gather upon every satanic power that is against my health IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

Right now my prayers have become earthquakes and storms in the camp of the devil that is against my life, the Lord shall gather his armors against powers that are against my intellectual growth, all sickness in my life known or unknown receive heavenly storm, all conspiracy against any part of my body receive destruction now IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

I break out of your spell now satan.

In the name of JESUS I command the deep wells within me to be unblocked and break forth!

The storm of the Lord shall pursue and overtake all powers conspiring for my demotion, From now on all my enemies will start to fight themselves I decree confusion into the camp of my enemies IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!

FAVOUR is my name………….the devil has nothing on me! he only has one option, either to be beaten or be beaten he was, he is and he will remain a loser…

I AM NEVER ALONE… EITHER WE ARE CONTROLLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OR CONTROLLED BY DEMONS… right now I pray against any demon working in my life, by the POWER of the Holy ghost I brake every chain that they have used to connect themselves to me!!

I speak freedom. healing, deliverance and breakthrough In the name of JESUS

Today, I decree and declare that I are a spell breaker, no curses that run over bloodlines can stand the blood of Jesus, all generational curses are being thrown over a cliff. In Jesus mighty and matchless name,


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