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Prayer To Remove Soul Ties

Are you trying to break a soul tie or remove a soul tie without much luck ? Try this easy prayer to break and remove soul ties on your own . My daughter had been struggling with addiction for several years. We tried many things to help her, but nothing seemed to work. Until we found this prayer for breaking soul ties . Prayer is always something that you do when all other options are exhausted. Praying for the removal of soul ties is essential if you are to counteract many of the blocks to spiritual growth. When working on your own spiritual growth, some people get hung up on what they want and need in their lives. Prayer has a tendency to bring you back to truth, working from where you are. Prayer to remove soul ties is the process of cutting your ties with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems that could cause you to break free from the control and influence of such evil entities as demons or devils. Prayer to remove soul ties is an effective method to prevent these evil beings from affecting your life.

Are you trapped in a bad relationship with a partner who refuses to divorce you? If so, you may be battling soul ties. Beating the resistance of your soul ties is time-consuming and is a challenge MOST people don’t know existed. To get rid of soul ties we need to cut them one by one with cold steel (trust me on this). So, what exactly are soul ties? Soul ties are not discussed much in the occult but they do exist and can cause a lot of disorder in a person life. Soul ties can be described as a connection of two individuals where one individual resides inside another. A soul tie must be removed for things like astral projection to work, because it can be very frustrating if you cannot find the energy that you need to travel on the astral plane. The soul tie is something that cannot be seen but tested by feelings and emotions to see if it is still there or has been removed from your life. Can you relate to feelings of being stuck? Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like nothing has changed despite doing all the right things? Well, I used to feel that way all the time. Things were constantly changing around me, but I was always left feeling tired, frustrated, and out of aliveness.  I couldn’t understand why and it was very troubling.

I used to have evil thoughts all of the time. It as if something was controlling my thoughts and making me have a violent temper. i could not control it. i used to be afraid of my own mind and thoughts. My behavior used to be out of control but when i came across an old lady doing spiritual works online and she helped me cast the spell to remove the spiritual soul ties from my life things got better for me instantly, Click here for that spell. Soul ties are energy cords connecting your soul to another person, place or thing. Under normal circumstances, a soul tie is benign and allows for an ongoing flow of spiritual energy in the form of life force to exist between your soul (or higher self) and whatever you’re connected to. Your soul cannot experience ultimate peace or happiness so long as these ties remain attached, even if there is no conscious awareness of it due to the fact that you are disconnected from your spiritual self. A soul tie is defined as someone or something that spiritually connects you to the outside world. It is a two way connection, flowing in both directions. This is how your soul gets attached to another person. When the two of you are together, you form a bond. This bond can be strong and can run deep into your subconscious life, which allows the spirit of the other person direct access to that part of you.

Prayer To Remove Soul Ties

I bring the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ between me and [name this person]. As Galatians 6:14 says, I have been crucified to [name them], and they have been crucified to me. So by the cross of Jesus Christ, I break every soul tie and every unholy bond with [name them]. I command their human spirit bound back to their body, and I send all of their sin and warfare and corruption bound back to the throne of Christ in their life. I forbid them or their warfare or their sin to transfer to me. And I allow only the love of God, only the bond of the Holy Spirit, between us.

In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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