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Prayer To Relax And Sleep

This prayer to relax is said to relieve anxiety, prevent insomnia and tackle hypoglycemia. It is also said to heal illnesses like the common cold, flu and sinus infections. This prayer is not just used for physical healing but mental healing as well.” Let’s face it – life gets busy and sometimes you need a little help relaxing. Whether it’s headaches, back pain, stress or the hectic pace of life, take a moment to relax with this prayer to relax. Aside from promotion, one of the best ways to achieve a more peaceful life is by practicing relaxation techniques. Today I want to share with you a simple relaxation exercise that has helped me improve my health and well being. Dear Lord. Thank you for taking the time to read this prayer before you start your day. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me and my family over the years. We appreciate all that you have done, are doing, and will do in our future. Please give me strength today as I face X, Y and Z situations at work. Allow me to handle them with tact and grace. Help me to avoid making any rash decisions or say anything regrettable in these hard times. Your Word is true when You say that all things work together for the good of those who love You and are called according to Your purpose; please allow that truth to take root in my heart and mind.

We use several methods to relax our bodies and minds,and we were not designed to live a difficult life nor feel much worry. Through this article I’ll share with you some easy but powerful prayer points to be used in praying for relaxation. A prayer to relax. Sometimes all you need is a quick reminder of why you chose to practice relaxation to begin with. We can all use deep breaths and soothing words to help us calm our nervous system and allow our body to be it’s best each and every day. Even if it’s just a few minutes, take time out of each day to find some peace and quiet, and just breathe. We’ve compiled the top 10 best meditation tips to help you relax and get more out of your day. Given the current events, fast-paced lifestyles, and the new problems that keep on emerging, it is not as easy today to maintain a relaxed state of mind. Subsequently, an overwhelming number of people experience high blood pressure, insomnia and other health issues.

The Lord’s Prayer is a favorite prayer among Christians everywhere. With the positive message of the Lords Prayer and its many benefits, you’ll enjoy reading it again and again! Let us be a beacon of illumination for our fellow men, and let us radiate the light and power of God from our hearts into the world. Let us educate those who are ignorant and uplift those who are weak. Let us strengthen each other in faith, brotherhood, and love. And let us face today’s challenges boldly with courage, strength, and hope. I know what you’re thinking, is it normal for someone to have insomnia? Is it fine if I have insomnia when I have to work the next day? Will I run the risk of being sleep deprived, if I don’t get some good ZZZ’s? Yes and no. There are many factors which can cause you to wake up at night and not be able to sleep easily. Stress and anxiety are probably the most common causal factors of why people cannot sleep or become tired when they wake.

Prayer To Relax And Sleep

Dear God,

It’s difficult to fully let go of our anxiety, or the world around us when we can’t see evidence of all that you’re doing – when we can’t understand or see your purpose or plan. Today, we pause and remind ourselves of our dependency on you, for we know in our hearts that our circumstances and futures are touched by your hands.

Isaiah 55:8 reminds us that our thoughts are not your thoughts – and that our ways are not your ways. When we are struggling to see clearly and make decisions, we are not alone and that inner peace is something only you can supply.

So today Lord, we purposefully, even urgently, say again that we choose to believe in you. We know that it’s often in the most challenging times that you are most at work. Thank you for being the one who gives us the strength to help each other and to see distinctly the choices we face. As we scan our personal horizons, we know that we also must look to you alone for the power and possibility that is our future.

We ask for your guidance so that we might walk fully in your path – a path that you have blessed. We also ask for your face to shine on us – individually, and as a team of colleagues and partners.

Please bring to fulfillment all that you have given us to do in the weeks ahead. Give us a heart of wisdom to hear your voice; and then make our footsteps firm. Please make us strong through your favor and grace.

– Offered by Greg Christopher

Slow Me Down 

Slow me down, Lord!                                                      
Ease the pounding of my heart
By the quieting of my mind.
Steady my harried pace
With a vision of the eternal reach of time.

Give me,
Amidst the confusions of my day,
The calmness of the everlasting hills.
Break the tensions of my nerves
With the soothing music 
Of the singing streams
That live in my memory.

Help me to know
The magical power of sleep,
Teach me the art
Of taking minute vacations 
Of slowing down
To look at a flower;
To chat with an old friend 
Or make a new one;
To pet a dog;
To watch a spider build a web;
To smile at a child;
Or to read a few lines from a good book.

Remind me each day
That the race is not always won by the swift;
That there is more to life 
Than increasing its speed.

Let me look upward
Into the branches of the towering oak
And know that it grew great and strong
Because it grew slowly and well.

Slow me down, Lord,
And inspire me to send my roots deep
Into the soil of life’s enduring values
That I may grow toward the stars
Of our greater destiny.

– Offered by Dave Johnson and Kyra Shahid; Written by Orin L. Crain

Lightening the Load

The first thing we have to do
is to notice
that we’ve loaded down this camel
with so much baggage
we’ll never get through the desert alive.
Something has to go.

Then we can begin to dump
the thousand things
we’ve brought along
until even the camel has to go
and we’re walking barefoot
on the desert sand.

There’s no telling what will happen then.
But I’ve heard that someone,
walking in this way,
has seen a burning bush.

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