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Prayer To Recover Lost Items

If a valuable item has been stolen from you, then you’re able to make a prayer to recover that lost item. But how can this be done? Let me explain more so that it is clear and understandable to you. When you have lost something, whether somewhere in the house or maybe while at work or school. You should always pray to God, to recover the lost items. Yes, that is right! I am a strong believer that everything we do has a consequence and even Gods are on duty 24/7. Losing your wallet can be a painful and expensive experience. Not only does it make you feel panicked, anxious, and helpless, but when all you need is a little guidance, it can completely derail your day. It takes time to replace a lost wallet or card. You could have less than $20 in that wallet, but even the cost of replacing your license costs $20 if you don’t have an extra copy at home.  The process of replacing your ID alone costs money (even if you’re not paying for expedited service). The bottom line is that losing your wallet is expensive in more ways than one, and it’s difficult to feel calm when you don’t know where it is or what to do about it.

Good Evening Dear Friends, today we are all set to discuss about a very popular topic which is related to our day to day life. Now a days people are busy in there life so they forget to get a time for pray in their busy schedule but most of them are missing the power of prayer because they don’t have faith on it. Prayer To Recover Lost Items – “Oh Please, Lord, help me to find my lost items. In fact, I want you to bring them back in such a way so that I don’t know how they came to be returned to me. Just make it look like a coincidence and I’ll thank you so much.” Have you ever experienced the loss of an object that was very valuable to you? Perhaps you’ve lost a pet or your home has been broken into. If a loved one or pet went missing, don’t worry, that doesn’t make you a bad person! Sometimes, there isn’t anything we can do about certain situations. There is always hope however, and there is a way you can get that lost item back. That’s right, it’s possible to pray for recovery of items to find them again. Have you lost something? It’s possible that it is sitting right in front of you. Only you can’t see it as it has been covered with a spooky spell cast upon by the main witch Doctor. The Witch doctor has blocked your soul and therefore your mind cut off from your senses. But don’t worry, he has just given you an opportunity to reveal the lost items by praying to God for help.

Whether it is your wallet, keys, phone or any other important item, when you lose something its easy to strongly desire that the lost item is found. It can be frustrating and discouraging to lose things. However there are many people who have been blessed by having lost items returned to them. This article describes a variety of prayers and stories about how prayers were answered regarding lost items. With God all things are possible! Have you lost an important document? Do you believe God can return it to you? We pray such prayers without even thinking sometimes. God has given us the power to do more than we can ever imagine! A “mantra” such as this is an affirmation or a prayer that you repeat to yourself over and over. It’s widely believed that these prayers are effective in “attracting the positive” and causes Divine Answers – See more at: Most of us probably have lost things. Who among us hasn’t misplaced their house keys? It may be a blessing in disguise, however, as without losing things, we wouldn’t need to pray for their recovery. At one point or another I’ve all but given up hope when I’ve misplaced something. It may be the keys you can’t locate, or your favorite earring. Perhaps it’s a cherished picture that’s been lost. In all cases, it’s best to enlist help from our Heavenly Father in finding them. As with any prayer to God, we need to ask with sincere hearts and have faith that he will hear our pleas and answer our prayers.

Prayer To Recover Lost Items

Sometimes, losing something like a wallet or phone can be a distressing experience – especially if that item is irreplaceable like a valuable wedding ring, an old photo of a loved one, or even a children’s teddy bear! Featured below are two short prayers asking God for help in recovering what has been lost. Also on this page are three bible verses about finding lost things and a short film asking God for his peace, guidance and direction.

Prayer for lost things


You are with us always, always walking beside us, offering us love, truth and hope each day.
I ask that you would reveal the precious thing I have lost. You understand the importance of this item to me. I believe you will lead me to find it. Please restore this to me.

Loving Lord, thank you for your constant comfort and care.


Short prayer for lost items

Lord, please help me to find what I have lost. Shine the light of your hope into my heart. We search together. You are such a friend to me.


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