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Prayer To Mother Mary To Get Pregnant

Prayer To Mother Mary To Get Pregnant is a powerful prayer. If you are experiencing fertility problems and issues, you might like to try this powerful prayer! This prayer works for women to get pregnant fast. The Lord has helped many couples around the world conceive through this powerful prayer. This is one of the most important prayers in our prayer book for couples who want to get pregnant quickly with God’s blessing.

Churchgists will give you all you ask on prayer to mother Mary for baby, prayer for someone to get pregnant and so much more.

Prayer To Mother Mary To Get Pregnant

Well, I found this on the internet and wanted to inform you so that you can try it if you want to. My wife thinks there is no use in it though and told me not to tell anyone about it but I just think that everyone should have the choice to learn about the different options out there. This particular prayer to Mother Mary for pregnancy comes from a website  and claims that it has worked for thousands of women who have prayed to Mother Mary for help in becoming pregnant while taking part in a specific prayer offered on the website. According to the Catholic beliefs, if a family is unable to have a baby, they can pray to Mother Mary for help. They can ask her to intercede on their behalf and beg her help in order to conceive. The following prayer to Mother Mary for pregnancy could be said by the parents for seven consecutive days:

It is necessary not only to perform rituals but also to have positive feelings. In order to get rid of a negative, you need to add a positive. And all this will be made by the most gentle, kind and beloved person of all – Mother Mary… The Prayer to Our Blessed Mother is used to ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother. In the Catholic Church, we believe that Mary is the vessel through which prayers are channeled to Jesus Christ. Whenever God would honor Mary with the presence of an Angel Gabriel, or whenever He chose her as the only woman to be present at a significant event in His life, Mary was most blessed but at such times she knew her role and remained silent as God or an Angel would speak directly to her Son.

How to pray to Mother Mary for Pregnancy? Are you experiencing problems with conceiving ? Mother Mary had a very short pregnancy which was believed to be around 7 months by modern standards . This is one of the reasons as to why women should turn to prayer to mother mary for help with their fertility. In fact, the pregnancy of Mary and Jesus Christ is around nine months (which again puts it next to the seven month period). The angel Gabriel revealed this information to Mary when she was around 12 years old. There are 1000s of pregnancy prayer to mary if you search online as well as numbers of hospitals and clinics that offer free or paid prayers for pregnancy. When i was pregnant with my second child, I desperately wanted people to pray for me and i started praying to mother mary for myself or any one else who needed prayers answered. My heart gave me the feeling that a mother can do so much more than the doctors when it comes to pregnancy related issues.

Miracle Prayer Getting Pregnant

Ensuring you take care of yourself is critical. But being pregnant, you also have the responsibility to take care of your unborn child. These strong Catholic prayers for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby will allow you to lean on the Lord during this important time of your life.

Most Holy Mother, hear the cries of my heart right now. Blessed Virgin, I want to be fruitful, but I have not yet been blessed with fertility. Grant me fertility over my life and end my suffering. Help make me a fruitful vine within my house; my children will be like olive shoots around my table.

Protection Prayer
Heavenly Father, molder of body and soul, thank you for the gift of life that you have placed in my womb. Thank you, Lord, for predestining this child to be brought into the world by my husband and I.  Father, give us the grace to be good parents and help us to bring up this child in a way that brings glory to your name.  Be a shield of protection around this child as it develops in my womb.  Protect us from every manner of sickness and disease that pregnant women are vulnerable to get.  In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Perfect Love Prayer
Father God, thank you for the baby that your knitting together in my womb. These first weeks are fragile, Father, I ask you to guide the growth of my child and I. May my heart rejoice in the beauty of the life that is growing on the inside of me. Let your perfect love cast away every fear and worry that comes to steal my joy. Help me to believe that you are guarding us as I go through the challenges that come with pregnancy like morning sickness. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Strength Prayer
Lord God, I cannot go through this pregnancy alone.  I need your divine strength to help me face the challenges that come with pregnancy.  Lord your eyes have seen the substance of my baby yet unformed. In your book are written the days fashioned for him when he still in my womb.  Cover him with the blood of your Son, Jesus. Give me divine strength to carry this pregnancy and strengthen the fetus. May I have no complication during this pregnancy and after I have given birth. Holy Mary, give me strength each day that I may be able to handle what awaits me as a mother.  In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Right Position Prayer
Father, I praise you with my whole heart.  I praise your name for your loving-kindness. Lord, thank you for blessing me with this gift. As this child develops in my womb help him or her to stay in the right position so that at the time of birth, I might not have any complications.  Align my child to the anterior position and let my body be ready for delivery. Blessed Virgin intercede for me all through the pregnancy. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Know and Love You Prayer
Dear God, may this child come to know and love you from childhood. Cover this child with your love and let your glory be upon him or her in the womb. When the child comes to this world, let us shower him or her with the Christ-like love.  Father, may this child love you with all his mind, soul and strength. May the soul of this baby follow closely behind you and may your right hand uphold him or her. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Surrender Prayer
Father, I prayed for this child, and you granted me my petition. Mary, Mother of God, thank you for looking at me with compassion and interceding for me. Lord, I surrender this unborn child into your able hands.  I know you love him or her more than I do, and you have created this child for a higher purpose in life.   Take charge as the baby develops in the womb. May you use him as your vessel for the Kingdom. Lord, help us to be good role models to this child so that he may find it easy to believe in you and serve you all the days of their life. In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Abundant Life Prayer
Lord, I know this baby that is growing in my womb is precious. May the baby be healthy and perfect in your sight. May every joint and bone be stitched together perfectly. When the baby is born, may you give us the grace to teach him or her your ways.  May his or her gifts and talent be seen from an early age and may we not ignore them but help nurture them.  Jesus, you came that we may live life more abundantly, may this child have an abundant life.  In Jesus’ name, I believe and pray, Amen.

Prayer To Conceive A Baby Boy

Mother Mary received a gift and an important role as the Mother of the Son of God. How can she help us?

The Mother

Mary is the first choice saint of many Christian women when praying to overcome infertility. Mother Mary was the mother of Jesus, who was born after the Angel Gabriel came to her announcing, “You will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus” (Luke 1:31). The Angel told Mary that God chose her for all women to carry the Son of God and be his mother.

Praying to Mary

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is one of Mother Mary’s known titles; a name which goes all the way back to the 13th century. Her Motherhood is an example of God’s work; therefore, she also has an open heart with a listening spirit. It is no wonder that we find her as our lighthouse in troubled times. Many infertile women and couples turn to her and practice prayer to the Mother Mary. Parents who encounter difficulties and wish for a child are waiting for a miracle. Therefore, the miracle of Jesus who was born to Mother Mary contributed to her popularity as a focus for prayer.

A Prayer to Mother Mary

The following is an example of a prayer to Mother Mary, as the healer of all infertility. You know my deep desire for a child
Dear Mother,
You know my deep desire for a child
A little one to love and to hold,
to care for, to cherish.
Grant that my body may conceive and
give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby
in Your holy image.
Guide me in all my choices
so that this conception, my pregnancy,
and my baby’s birth
are in line with Your will.
Heavenly Father and Holy Mother,
hear this prayer of my
heart, mind, and spirit.

Miracle Prayer Getting Pregnant Catholic

God of faith,
Hear the deepest prayer of our hearts,
for a child to be ours.
Help us to believe –
even when we wrestle with doubt,
even when months pass empty,
even when darkness threatens our joy –
that your promise of love for us
remains faithful, good, and true.

God of hope,
Hold our dreams for a child
within your loving hands.
Fill our hearts with hope,
and lift our eyes to look to you.
When worries creep into our thoughts,
let your light cast out every fear.

God of love,
Help us to trust when times get trying,
that this journey will bring us closer to you,
no matter where our road turns or ends.
Bless our dreams for a family,
and draw us deeper in love together
as we wait in joyful hope
for a child to welcome with love.

God of faith and hope and love,
let your will be done.


And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
and the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

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