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Prayer To Make Wish Come True

Hey! So, when I searched for ways to make a wish come true, I found no answer! Stuff like ‘how to make a wish come true’, ‘get your wish quickly’ or ‘how to get your dream come true’, but no one told me about how to pray for the fulfillment of my wishes. I checked various sites – like wikipedia, religious forums, spiritual websites etc. and came up with zero results. Many people ask about how to make a wish come true. One surefire way to make a wish come true is through prayer. Prayer will surprise you with how much you can communicate to God and receive back from Him when you really understand what He has done for you and have opened your heart up to Him.

I’m not sure about you, but I do want my wishes to come true. That’s where I wish to avail the finest prayer to make wish come true. And at that time, you need to follow it which could be very beneficial in your life. It is a way by which you could use in order to build up yourself very effectively. Are you someone who wishes that there was something in the world that could fulfill your wish, no matter how big or small it is? Then perhaps it’s time for you to start praying to make your wish come true. This isn’t a religious website and anyone can pray this prayer for a wish regardless of what beliefs they follow.

Using this prayer will allow you to make your wishes come true You need to say it everyday, the results are always good. Many users have had success by using this prayer daily. If you want something so bad, ask this one. Have you been having trouble in one of your relationships? Do you wish things could change but you don’t know how to make that wish come true. There are many things in life that we want but can’t see happening or coming true. This is not a forum for giving or requesting advice. This is mostly a religious forum, with limited discussion of non-religious issues. We ask that you do not attack anyone’s religion. If you do post about something religious, be respectful of others and their beliefs.

Prayer To Make Wish Come True

Heavenly Father, you have given us archangels to assist us

during our pilgrimage on earth. Saint Michael is our

protector, I ask him to come to my aid, fight for all my

loved ones, and protect us from danger. Saint Gabriel is a

messenger for the Good News, I ask him to help me clearly

hear your voice and to teach me the truth. Saint Raphael

is the healing angel, I ask him to take my need for

healing and that of everyone I know, lift it up to your

throne of grace and deliver back to us the gift of

recovery. Help us O Lord to realize more fully the reality

of the archangels and their desire to serve us. Holy

Angels pray for us. Amen

Strongest Prayer Fulfill Wishes

O lord , please grant me this wish. It may sound rude, but i feel my husband needs to realize that his school- love who contacted him last year does not love him , was just playing with his emotions and he got carried away.

He caused disappointment in our relation and even our child had to suffer the dejection. He still emotionally tries to get linked to her , which is not good for our relation of 14 years together. Please lord this very moment , give him that strength and courage to cut away all contacts and emotions with this school-ladylove and get rid of all photographs he has of her in computer, mails, facebook etc.

Please God, give him courage and peace of mind at the same time and let him realize how much me and my child adores and loves him. Dear LORD, it seems very important for our relation to grow without any insecurities and restore our faith in the marriage which cannot happen without your blessing.

I have full faith , that my prayer will be answered, because i have no ill feeling toward her too. I pray that she too leads a happy , peaceful and satisfied life with her husband. Thank you Father. Your child . Amen

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael, please be with me today. Please hear and answer my prayers with your divine grace, intervention, and kindness, I love you all, please help me so that my prayer requests all come true quickly, Amen.

The Lord blesses us with answers to prayers every single day. Sometimes they are specific, our prayers are documented, and the answers clearly show His hand in them. Sometimes they are simple and we may not even see the Lord’s hand in them because we have become accustomed to their presence. Other times He knows our innermost wishes and grants them to us before we even have the words to ask (Romans 8:26-27).

One thing is certain though. Anything we pray for in accordance with His will, He will grant to us (1 John 5:14-15). Maybe not in the way we want, maybe not in the time frame we want, but he hears us and will answer us because He loves us 🙂

Father, I come to you today with faith so small I cannot see a way. I want to believe you are able to do more than I ever imagine. I want to walk by faith and not by sight. God, please bring a miracle into my life. I know that you can do the impossible in my life and I am trusting in your promises. Thank you for being a God who sees and hears my every need. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Dear Lord,
I have written and prayed the wish for taking back life so many times on the pray or wish web sites. But unfortunately I could not get response so far. I’m so scared of facing the horrible tomorrow that reminds me of losing everything in my life and having no hope moreover. AMEN

Hail mary, full of grace; the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now� (pause and pray� Heavenly Father with Mama Mary, we lift up to you all the wishes of my brothers and sisters who are praying right now, say your personal intentions, then continue the prayer) � and at the hour of our death. Amen.

How do I find a place to start learning about prayer? 

The first step is to realize that prayer is nothing more than talking to God. It’s literally that simple. Maintaining a personal friendship or relationship with Jesus requires regular time together. There is no surefire method, no predetermined timetable, and no secret sauce. One can pray anywhere, at any time, and about anything.

Please follow these simple rules as we pray together.

Worship God by offering Him your complete focus and gratitude. Acknowledge His deity. Recognize and praise His dependability, goodness, power, mercy, and love. I will shout his praises from the depths of my being: “LORD, who is like you?” Who else but God protects the weak from the strong? Also, you alone protect the weak from their oppressors (Psalm 35:10).

Those who seek forgiveness from the Lord and truly repent will always find it.

 Confession on a daily basis is a cleansing ritual. In addition, if we come clean to him about our wrongdoing, he is faithful and just to forgive us and wash us clean of any traces of wrongdoing. (1 John 1:9).

Count your blessings and thank God for them. All of God’s gifts, no matter how large or small, are His due. These are the advantages that are often overlooked. It’s important to express gratitude to God on a regular basis. His loyalty to you will stay forever. Apparently 1 Kings 16:34 says such.

When you pray, tell God what you need. Because He is our Father, God loves to hear from His children.Worrying isn’t going to solve anything, so pray instead. Pray to God about what you need, and thank him for answering those prayers (Philippians 4:6).

The aforementioned strategies are but a sampling of the plethora of possibilities for self-study of prayer. While some like the peace and quiet of nighttime prayer, others find that early morning is the best time to get their prayers in. Others choose to write down their prayers in journals, while still others prefer to have private dialogues with God while walking. Bible verses are a common part of many people’s prayers. Even if we are too busy to say a proper prayer, God nevertheless hears our brief petitions.

I believe God accords us dignity when we approach Him in prayer. When we realize that Christianity is more than a religion, but rather a relationship, we gain a new appreciation for the efficacy of prayer. Relationships are bolstered when people share. Through prayer, we can deepen both our affection for Jesus and our trust in Him. Only through prayer can one achieve their goals. Don’t leave me, and I won’t leave you. Because, as it says in John 15:4, “Just as a branch cannot yield fruit if it is cut off from the vine, so neither can you.

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