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Prayer To Help Pass A Test

Regardless of how old you are, taking a test or an exam can be incredibly stressful. Although prayers for passing an exam or a test will not provide you with the answers to the challenge at hand, taking a deep breath and turning to God for comfort can help you to relax and focus on what you need to do to. Whether these prayers for passing an exam or test are for yourself or for a friend or a loved one, they can help to add a sense of calm to any situation. They only take a few moments, however, the following prayers for passing an exam or a test can help you to connect with God when you need him the most.

If you stay in touch with me and absorb what I say, you can achieve anything. (NLT) John 15:7

Making petitions to God is something we are obligated to do. One of the most elementary reasons to pray is that God ordered it. Becoming a disciple is dedicating oneself fully to God’s will.

“Stay on the lookout and pray for help from above. You’ll cave in to temptation if you don’t. The mind and heart are on board, but the physical self is lagging. New Living Translation of Matthew 26:41

Then Jesus used a parable to drive home the point that constant prayer was essential. (Lucas 18:1)

Furthermore, make your requests known to the Holy Spirit at all times. Don’t forget this while you keep praying for and keeping an eye on God’s saints. (NIV) Bible verse cited (Ephesians 6:18)

What’s the Point if I Can’t Pray?

If you find yourself at a loss for words in prayer, have faith that the Holy Spirit will direct you:

When we are weak, the Spirit makes us strong. The Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf when we have no idea what to pray for. The Holy Spirit intercedes on behalf of the righteous in accordance with God’s purpose, and anybody who studies our hearts will know the thoughts of the Spirit. Romans 8:26–27, New International Version

Short Prayer For Exams

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Powerful Prayer to Pass an Exam for a Friend
Pls pray for Friend’s Name that he could pass his CPA board exam ; will be taking on date of exam. Pls pray to Jesus Christ our Lord to keep him free from fear worry anxiety ; give him wisdom faith health energy. Bless him Jesus to be successful for his upcoming exam. I thank you Jesus our saviour our God and I trust and love you with all my heart. Thank you ever so much for your prayers to the Priest and staff of Holy Land in Jesus name I pray.

Prayer for a Miracle to Pass the Board Exam
Lord God..please make a miracle..make me a civil engineer this May 2018..our board exam is already done and i know that my answers are not enough to less than three days from now..the result will be release..Lord ..Im begging for your mercy..just this Lord..just make me an engineer.It is not only for my self only Lord but for my parents who deserve happiness not disappointments..please Lord God! Make a miracle the name of Jesus Christ my saviour. Amen.

Prayer for Passing My Next Exam
Heavenly father,

Jesus please am tired of failing exams, am tired of struggling financially and academically.I work so hard, yet I still fail. Please I need your grace and favour to work for me in my next exam in 2020. I want to pass it, I want to pass my ICO exams too. I want to be successful. I want to stop suffering financially. This sufferings are too many for me to bear.

Please lord, forgive me and hear me. Amen!

Answered Prayer for My Daughter to Pass Her Exam
Dear Prayer Partner in Jesus, I wrote you asking your prayers for my beloved daughter, as she was appearing for her matrix exams…(10th Board exam). Thank you so much the Lord has answered it. She passed with flying colors.. of good percentage of Mark’s. All glory and honour to our mighty Lord! Thanking You

Prayer for Wisdom and Knowledge for Success in a Test
Dear Father in Heaven,

You have always been my redeemer and saviour. I seek your guidance and protection on both of my children. It’s not our smartness that we sailed so far. Its your never ending mercy on us only. Lord, I am here with a big problem. My children are not scoring marks in the exams. They are always in the verge of failing. They work hard while preparing for their exams. But in the examination they are not able to perform well. They are forgetting and their answer papers are almost blank or writing incorrect answers. Miraculously they are just passing with the last grade. So admission to next class is always a challenge. Please Lord help them both with enough wisdom and kindly show mercy on them and remove any curses and spells on them.Let them both be able to tackle the exams well that they get good marks in the school and university exams and be selected in the best firms for employment.

Kindly help my both children with enough wisdom to face the future. Thank you Lord for all the blessing in our life. In Jesus Name I pray.


Prayer to Pass Nursing Exam
Heavenly Father,

I am preparing to do my Register Nursing exam. My father I am very anxious and nervous about this exams, which i failed 2 times already that leaves me very disappointed, sad and depress. Father I am asking you please grant me my wish of passing this Nursing Exam with the passing grade. Heavenly father please give me the success and calm my nerves threw this very important and special exam which I need to pass so badly. You will be right there with me guiding my hands from start to finish to choose the correct answers, please fill my heart with peace that only comes from You. Please give me clarity and prompt my mind to remember all the things that I have study, Give me wisdom and knowledge and the ability to transfer my thoughts in this exam.Heavenly father,I leave everything in your hands has i humble seek your guidance on this special exam.


Powerful Prayer To Pass An Exam For A Friend

Prayer to Pass Repeated Exam
Please lord Jesus hear my prayer request that my daughter may pass her repeat childcare law exam she finds it very difficult.

Jesus I place my trust in you.


Prayer for a Miracle to Pass a Board Exam
Lord God, Please make a miracle. Our board exam is already done and I know that my answers are not enough to pass. In less than three days from now the result will be release. Lord, I’m begging for your mercy. Just this Lord. Just make me an engineer. It is not only for my self only Lord but for my parents who deserve happiness not disappointments. Make a miracle Lord.

In the name of Jesus Christ my saviour.


Prayer for Passing an English Test at School
Praise The Lord,

Please pray for me to pass the English exam.I have done the English exam 3 times and I failed 3 times too.

Please pray for me to pass this time and specially I need the help of Holy sprit to remember everything because this exam time I am getting too much stressed.


Prayer for Passing Score on an Exam
Calm my mind, with an abundance amount of grace, favor & blessings, clear clarity with focused attention on what I need to recall & retain in order to pass my California license marriage & Family Therapy.

Please open the door for a passing score on my exam with you by my side father in heaven leading & directing me to the correct & best answer.


Prayer for Passing a Driving Test
My Father. You always been with me. You know driving is how important for my life since none of us drive. We are the only ones in the area with out a car and it will be my 11 time I feel so disappointed. Father I have only one person to ask for anything that’s you.

I need to pass this time please. Father please hear my humble prayer and help me be a safe driver from today onwards.

Thank you father for hearing my prayers and being with me always. Send your guardian angels with me always when I drive.

Thank you, Amen.

Prayer for My Kid’s College Entrance Exam
Dear Lord,

Please help my daughter pass the college entrance exams that she will take this year. May she have the confidence and clear mind during the exams. Please guide her in all her future endeavors.


Prayer for Passing the Bar Exam
Heavenly Father – You know much I have studied and prepared for the bar exam. Please provide me with the peace of mind to know that I have done everything possible to pass this exam and help me to focus on the questions at hand. I know that you know my intentions for becoming an attorney. Please hear this prayer for passing the bar exam and send me the peace of mind of knowing that I can overcome this obstacle. In your name I pray, Amen.

Send your prayers to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the place where our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified, buried and resurrected. is an organization that lives footsteps from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We understand that not everyone can make it here to this holy place and therefor we created a service to allow everyone pray at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher from the comfort of their own home wherever they may be.

Dear Lord, I pray, that I can pass the Examination. I pray that you will help me to overcome my Weaknesses Feelings. Give me Strength to achieve it! I Pray to Bless me always. I believe, that you are Great and Loving God. Who help always those people who really need you.For give my mistakes.

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