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Prayer To Hecate For Protection

The Goddess Hekate’s most popular ancient role was likely that of a protector. She was called on as Hekate Apotropaia (or Apotropaios), an averter of evil, and Hekate Propylaia, Hekate before the gate, as a protector of thresholds. This post is a list of things a Hekate devotee or Hellenic polytheist can do to ask Hekate to protect their home.

Prayer to Hecate for Protection. Prayers to Hecate are most certainly a wonderful way to ask for protection. But what better way is there than to make your own prayer? By praying to her ourselves, we’re honoring her in the best possible way and also asking her for what we need. Explore more on; Prayer to Hecate Sabrina, Deipnon prayer to Hekate.

Prayer To Hecate For Protection

The first is the most traditional method, which would be to set up a Hekataion, or a threshold shrine to Hekate. These were present throughout Ancient Greece and were thought to win the goddess’ favor and help protect the home. Constructing one of these can be simple or elaborate depending on preference and means. They can range from an image of Hekate placed outside the door or just inside the home by the door, or a full shrine to Hekate. It can be whatever suits your worship, but what’s important is to leave offerings to Her and give Her prayers there asking Her to protect the home. One thing to do is to always have a candle lit on the shrine (safely, of course) so a torch of sorts always defends your threshold.

Another thing one can do is craft a charm or talisman by asking Hekate to imbue an object with the power of protection. To do this, find a piece of jewelry, a key, or even an animal talisman made of bones of Her sacred animals, and anoint it with a Hekate oil. Leave an offering of incense for Hekate and then say:

“Goddess Hekate, She who guards the doorway, I call upon your aid. Averter of evil, bless this talisman so that it defends my threshold and shields me and mine from all harm. She who stands before, in between, and within, lend to this charm your powers of protection.”

A third method to call on Hekate to protect the home is to make a powder to sprinkle across thresholds. I mix poppy to confuse enemies, garlic for protection, and common sage (not the white kind) for health and good fortune. To this you could also add crossroad dirt or brick dust. Burn some of the powder as an offering to Hekate on a charcoal disk and ask Her to bless it:

“Goddess Hekate, I call upon you as I burn this offering for you. I ask you to bless these herbs from your sacred garden and lend to them your powers of protection. As I burn a portion of this powder for you, please grant to me your favor and imbue this it with the strength to shield my home.”

Deipnon prayer to Hekate

I call upon thee, O Hekate, who dwellest in the land of the Hyperboreans, thee that didst send a ray of light into the caverns of night to guide my footsteps and lead me unto the seat of the gods.

I have called upon thee, O Goddess! Thou hast heard me, O Hecate! Come unto me and manifest thyself, O Queen of Night!

I have called upon thee, O Goddess! Thou hast heard me, O Queen Hecate! Come unto me and manifest thyself!

Lighting a candle dressed in an aromatic or Hekate oil before the threshold can also serve as a means to protect the home. Sprinkling some of Hekate’s sacred herbs onto the candle can add some extra power to it. Light the candle and say:

Hekate, I call to you.

You are the Goddess of the crossroads, the gatekeeper of the underworld and travel. You are the guardian of all hidden things, especially women’s mysteries. I pray to you to guide me through these dark times and to light my path as I walk it.

I pray for my family and friends who have gone before me into the afterlife. They are no longer here in body but their spirit lives on in our hearts and minds. May they be at peace.

I pray for those who have been lost at sea or in other ways by watery death; may they find their way home once more so that they can rest peacefully in their final resting place.

Hecate Sabrina, I call to you!

“Goddess Hekate, Bright One, I light this flame in your honor. Just as this candle burns bright, so may your torches never be extinguished and guide us eternally. Please look upon the home of your devoted follower with favor and protect it from all harm and misfortune”

Morning prayer to Hekate

Prayer to Hekate, Goddess of the Crossroads, from the Orphic Hymn to Hecate (ca. 100 BCE)

I sing of Hekate, bright-eyed Goddess, panic-stricken Korubantian dog that roams the hills of Phriconis and is fed by the Korybantes in their dance; whose head is wreathed with a serpent; who has three faces looking in every direction, who has enormous tresses and carries a light at night. She holds a torch in one hand and raises it high with the other; she is clothed in dark robes; she has many names and many shrines.

She is called Persephoneia because she caused Pluto (Hades) to send up Persephoneia from the underworld; she is also called Trioditis because she has just now come into being; Menphthoe because she was produced by Menus; Sarameia because she drives away evil spirits; Melaina “the Black One” or Melaina “the Crow” because her hair is black as crows wings and her eyes are black too. She is also called Aellopos “the Torch Bearer

Once the candle burns completely, save any wax remnants and place them in a small charm bag. This can either be buried on your property (preferably by its entrance) or hung above or by the door.

The final, simplest thing to do is to give Hekate offerings in coincidence with this prayer:

“Hekate Propylaia, She who stands before the threshold, I place these offerings before you and ask for your blessing. Please guard my home and all that reside in it. May all things dangerous and harmful be denied entry, and may your blessings take their place. May these doors be always protected by you, and may they never cease to shield us from all that is evil in the world. Great Hekate, averter of misfortune, look upon your devoted follower with favor and grant me safe shelter.”

Using one or all of these as a way to protect your home should put up a significant barrier between you and anything that might do you or your home any damage. These can be repeated as regularly as desired, and it’s probably wise to fortify them and redo them at least once a year, if not more often.

Prayer to Hecate Sabrina

Prayers to Hecate are a powerful tool for change, love and protection.

Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and magic. She is known for her ability to help people make changes in their lives. She also protects those who call on her and she can help you to make your magic stronger.

To pray to Hecate you should use this prayer:

“Hecate, goddess of night and magic, I ask that you guide me on my spiritual path. Help me to understand my powers and use them wisely. Guide me in making changes in my life that will bring happiness and prosperity.”

I pray for Justice, Liberty, and Victory.
To come up, rise and be our salvation.
Sweep aside those who do violence to the souls of children
Who chain them as hostages
For paltry ends or grand designs alike.
Let the world descend upon these foulnesses
That sit upon the Hill
And crush them with your blessings and virtues!
O Goddesses who stand for Righteous Acts.
Justicia, Libertas,
Hear our pleas and save us from this wickedness.

Hekate Megiste, Pammetor,
I have sworn my oaths in Your Names,
I have built Your altar, given offerings in Your honor,
My work has been dedicated to You,
Hekate Kourotrophos,
Let loose Your servants into the dreams of those who harm the children,
Let terror fill their dreams until Justice comes upon them,
Let the gates of the camps be thrown open and families be brought together once more!
Hekate Kourotrophos,
Pammetor, Brimo,
Unto You have I sworn my oaths,
Hear my pleas now,
O Goddess!

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