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Prayer To Forgive Your Husband

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for healing and reconciliation. I pray that I can truly forgive my husband, knowing that I have also been forgiven. I am so weak in this area. Make me stronger Lord, help me to live by faith and by grace in Jesus’ name AMEN!

Thank You for forgiving me. The grace I have received from You is abundant. I am undeserving and yet I am blessed. I pray for a heart that also forgives, specifically my husband. When he hurts me it is so hard to forgive. I don’t know why. It is so hard to just get over things. Please transform my heart and help me to forgive as You forgive. I hand over my hurt to You.

Prayer For Husband And Wife Reconciliation

Father, thank You for Your great mercy. You have shown You are a forgiving God to all generations. You are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, abounding in love.(Neh.9:17) You have promised that when Your people turn from their sin and seek Your face You will hear them and will be faithful and just to forgive them their sins.(2Chr.7:14, 1John1:9)

Father, I pray You will give my husband a heart for repentance. Give him the courage to admit any wrong he has done. Convict him early and convict him often. Give him an open and teachable heart with an ongoing, ever strengthening desire to what is good and pleasing in Your eyes. Where conviction has taken place, further move him to humble repentance, seeing his sin as You do and fully renouncing its hold on his life.

Father, in his humility give him Your peace, knowing he is fully forgiven and can walk unashamedly in front of You. That You have removed his sin as far as the east is from the west. That You are the one who blots out his transgressions and will remember them no more. (Is.43:25)

Father, I praise You again for Your great mercy. As You have forgiven my husband of any confessed sin, also give him a heart to forgive others as You have forgiven him. Help him see any bitterness or unforgiveness in his heart as sin. Teach him gently that he must forgive in order to be forgiven; that You forgive with the same measure he forgives. (Matt6:14-15)

Read the Bible in its context

There are a lot of ways to read the Bible. But if you want to understand it well, you need to read it in its context. What is that? In short, reading the Bible in its context means reading it according to the historical, literary, cultural and theological contexts of which it was written. Those four categories are just examples; there are many more possibilities for the ways we could define our contextual readings of scripture. For example:

Read through Psalms with an eye toward understanding how they were understood by ancient Israelite kings who wrote them (this would be political). Or look at Job as an ancient piece of literature from Mesopotamia (literary). Or consider how Jesus’ parables illuminate his view on money management during Roman times (cultural). Or better yet, see if Paul’s letters make sense when held up against first-century Greco-Roman philosophy (theological).

Use your Bible to study the Bible

You can use the same method of reading and studying the Bible as you would a regular book, but there are some important differences that you should be aware of. First, because we are studying God’s word, we need to treat it with respect and reverence. Second, because it is God’s word, we must understand that He has already revealed His truth to us through His Son Jesus Christ (John 1:1). Therefore, when we read the Bible it will be much different than reading a history book or even a novel. The way our mind works is different than anyone else’s; therefore no two people will interpret Scripture exactly the same way. Because of this there will be many different views on what certain passages mean or how they should be applied in our lives today; however remember that God alone knows how He intends each verse in His Word for us today!

Strengthen him, be his rock when its hard to see past the pain, the unfairness, or the human tendency to seek revenge. Soften his heart toward anyone who treats him poorly, bearing with everyone in love. (Col.3:13) In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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