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Prayer To Focus On My Work

I have always wanted to write more about my faith and my feelings. Because if you can’t be yourself and say what you want on your blog, where else can you (provided that what you post isn’t illegal or offensive to other people’s civil liberties – I’d like to say it’s exercising responsible freedom of speech!) be?

Lord, I ask for Your help in planning my day, paying attention to my duties, staying focused on my assignment, establishing priorities in my work and making steady progress toward my objectives. Give me insight, Father. Help me to see any habits that I may have that might tend to make me nonproductive.

I saw a comment on one of my old blogs, talking about how a prayer that I posted about concentration at work helped them (they were looking for a prayer for concentration and apparently my prayer was easily modified for purpose).

In the Name of the Father,
and the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
Let us praise our God in veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
our Mother and Protector.
O Almighty and merciful God!
You have given the Church a wondrous help and defense
in the most holy Virgin Mary
and You have honored Her sacred image as the Black Madonna
with remarkable veneration of the faithful.
Grant in Your mercy that, under Her protection,
we may struggle confidently throughout our lives
and at the moment of death be victorious over our enemy.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
O Black Madonna, our Mother and Queen of our nation!
Trusting in Your maternal goodness
and powerful intercession with Your Son,
we place before You our humble prayers and petitions.
To You we commend all our needs, in particular
[Mention your need(s) here…],
our families, and all children of our nation.
V: For Your presence and intercession
at the Shrine of the Black Madonna
and for the countless graces
You have obtained for us in the past,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.
V: For Your gracious reign over our parish,
for Your powerful help throughout our history,
especially in times of difficulty and suffering,
R: We thank you, O Black Madonna, our Mother.
V: For the maternal care with which You ever surround us,
leading us to Your Beloved son,
strengthening the faith in our hearts,
drawing sinners to conversion,
and comforting the sick,

Prayer To Focus on Studying

I thought I’d share it with y’all because I know that it was something I came across as well and that I modified according to what I needed. I’m hoping that it helps someone who comes across this blog post too! In this world of instants, there are so many distractions. Sometimes it helps to just close one’s eyes and focus and draw into oneself and centre oneself by praying.

I hope this helps!

Dear Father,

I draw near You to seek Your help. I have the assurance that You love me so very much. Lord, the Scripture says that You love the prosperity of Your children. You know the importance of being able to concentrate at work. Father, bless me with Your guidance and let me work on my things to do list properly. Lord, I confess that I get distracted easily; I have more interest in less important things instead of what is urgent in my in-tray.

Please forgive me and gird me with You grace (I love the word gird Lord, because it makes me feel like I am going to battle, and oh I do love a battle! See Lord, I am digressing, yet again!) and strength so that I concentrate in my work. Without Your help I cannot achieve any success Lord!

Please help me to overcome all my weaknesses and strengthen my mind. Take full control of my wandering thoughts and give me Your wisdom and knowledge. Let me shine at work, Heavenly Father and let me be a blessing to to everyone. I lift all this up in Jesus’ name.


Prayer For Focus And Concentration At Work

Most High God, distractions seem to be everywhere this day and age. I cannot focus, even to pray. I feel as though I am being pulled in a million directions at once. I cannot take the time to even spend with my family. Lord, remove these distractions from my life. Help me to focus and to get things done, that I may be able to serve You better. Amen.


Prayer for Increased Concentration
Abba Father, the things I do in life require me to concentrate. If I make too many mistakes, it could cost me dearly. I don’t want to be irresponsible, Lord, so help me to concentrate. Vanquish all things from my purview that distract me and compete for my attention. Instead, allow me to focus solely on the task at hand so that I may be pleasing to You. Amen.


Prayer for Mental Stamina
Sovereign Lord, be with me now, for I am so exhausted. Even working for hours out in the field is nothing compared to the mental exhaustion I am feeling. I cannot start any task without nearly falling asleep. O Lord, help me to focus. Give me the mental stamina and energy I need to stay sharp and on point so that I do not bring myself nor my neighbor greater misery through my negligence. Amen.


Prayer for Diligence at Work
Lord of the Highest Heavens, help me and hear my cries. I am falling behind at work, and I know it is because I am distracted. I cannot focus on my work at hand, but I have become preoccupied with petty and unproductive things. I want to do good work and be a good employee, so I ask that You break this habitual distraction. Allow me not to get sidetracked, but to do good work so that I can provide for my family. Amen.


Prayer for Greater Clarity
Lord Jesus, You have assured us that You are not the author of confusion. With confusion comes a lack of clarity, and with a lack of clarity, there is always a distraction and a feeling of hopelessness. Therefore, I ask You to make me sharp and quick-witted. Help me to focus and tease apart messy situations so that I can be of use to others and help resolve problems. In Your almighty name, I pray. Amen.

Prayer For Focus And Productivity

Prayer for an Energy Boost
My Living God, each day is so difficult to get through. I feel as though I am always running on empty. Everything seems so tedious, and I have such a hard time investing myself in my work. Give me the energy I need to improve in my career. Help me to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, so that I can become useful in my vocation. Amen.


Prayer for Direction
Maker of Heaven and Earth, I have come to a fork in my career path. Opportunities I did not foresee have come about, and I am not sure which path to take. Yet there is confidence and clarity in Your will. I humbly ask that You make the right path apparent. Bless me with Your gift of wisdom so that I can make the best of my situation and come to peace with my career decisions. Amen.


Prayer for the Strength to Remain Focused
Most Gracious Lord, the taxing and monotonous nature of my job have left me feeling empty. I feel like I am being used up. The job is thankless. My boss is unreasonable with his/her demands, and I cannot concentrate for the life of me. Send me Your enlightening Spirit to help me make it through this difficult time in my career. Allow me to still be a good and gracious employee while I strive to improve. Amen.


Prayer for Motivation
Lord Jesus, our Merciful and Faithful High Priest, why am I so unmotivated? I want to go to work and succeed. I want to have the dignity of a good job and lead a peaceful life. I want to put all of myself into my job and make my family and employer proud. Yet it is so difficult for me to dig down deep inside and find the fire within. O Jesus, You know my heart. I desire to walk in Your ways and to be a good ambassador to my neighbor. Reignite the fire within me so that I can find motivation each day. In Your all-powerful name, I pray. Amen.


Prayer Against Distracting Spirits
Oh God of my Salvation, even though much of the world pays no attention, I know when I am under spiritual attack. Even the most minuscule things get under my skin. They distract me from my work, my family, and my devotion to You. Keep these demonic entities away from me. Drive them far off from my home and workplace. Keep my heart and mind in Your grace so that the enemy is kept far off. Amen.

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