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Prayer To Angel Poyel

Angel Poyel is the Angel of Peace and Guardian of Families. This prayer is meant to request her help with domestic situations including: marriage, relationships, children, families and parenting.

Angel Poyel is one of the most powerful Angel in Heavens. The most powerful angel in the heaven is known as Archangel. When man was created, it came with great responsibilities. We had to learn how to live in this world and not destroy the nature around us. We had to learn how to protect ourselves from the enemies that surround us.

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poyel meaning

Among the 72 angels, Poyel is the 56th one whose name means “God who supports the universe”. Through him, his followers can become rich whilst leading simple and modest lives. He helps you carry out your projects as well as makes you a humbler person. How can you communicate with this guardian angel? We explain all!

What you should know about Poyel:

Virtues and powers:Love, Money, Intelligence, Health and Healing
Angelic choir:The Principalities, whose purpose is to encourage love
Sefirot*:Netzach, which means victory
Archangel:Haniel, which means “grace of God”
Hierarchical Color:Yellow
Emerald, Green and Blue Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Peridot, Sapphire
Venus and Moon

The qualities Poyel blesses Capricorn people born from 27 – 31 December with

Male angel, Poyel protects his followers from problems with speech by offering them unwavering support. Reputationfortune and success are key features in the lives of people protected by this guardian angel. Always in a good mood, Poyel provides you with a love for life, even when you are experiencing difficulties. He shields you from other people’s influence and aggressiveness. The natives of Poyel show perseverance and knowledge, indeed he helps them to be more mature and develop eloquence. The natives of the guardian angel Poyel are full of charm and seduction. They are very sensitive, always in tune with their emotions and feelings.

His Pentacle

pentacle poyel

Why summon Poyel?

Summon Poyel if you wish to be protected from vanity. He guards you from feelings of inferiority and superiority. To achieve abundance in all sectors of your life, you can also rely on Poyel. If you have low levels of morale, you can summon Poyel to help you rediscover happiness in your heart. Remember that he also protects you from illness. Poyel also spares you from getting judged by others if you have problems speaking eloquently by putting an end to this problem.

Guardian angel Poyel provides:

Abundance in all sectors of your life
Humility and modesty
Joy for people who are sad or in a bad mood
Knowledge and power

How can you communicate with Poyel?

If Poyel is your guardian angel, his days and regency hours are 4th March, 16th May, 31st July, 13th October and 24th December between 18:20 and 18:40.

To communicate with your guardian angel, say this prayer with Sandalwood and Myrrh incense:

Prayer To Angel Poyel

Poyel, Lord!

I want my lips to utter only what is worthy, noble and uplifting.

I want my word to make those who listen to me discover the depth of your message, the shining of your light. Angel Poyel, bring my word to life!

Allow me to open up future prospects for myself, for my loved ones, for everyone…

Grant that I may succeed in everything, for I want all those who turn to me to fund support and moral, as well as material, comfort.

Lord, through me, let your gifts, virtues and powers actively express themselves.

Make me one of the builders of new Jerusalem, that eternal town you have already built in heaven.

Dear Angel Poyel,

We are praying for you. We know that you are struggling and we want you to know that we are here for you. We care about you and we want to help you in any way that we can. We understand that this is a difficult time for you but we also know that there are people out there who love and care about you. Please let us help by offering our support at this time.

We ask the Lord to give us strength as we continue on our journey together as a family and friends. May God bless each of us with His love and mercy in this time of sorrow.

Angel Poyel, I come to you today to ask for your help in my life. I know that you are a powerful and loving angel who is here to help me. I need your help with the following:

1. I want more money in my life. I want better finances so that I can have more security and feel like I am living a balanced life.

2. I need healing from my family members who are sick or have passed away recently. Please heal them and bring them peace. Also, please heal me from any wounds that are still fresh from losing them.

3. Please protect me from harm, especially from people who may want to hurt me because of my beliefs or identity as a human being on this planet.

what is the angel prayer

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom His love entrusts me here, ever this day [night] be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

More About Your Guardian Angel

The Catholic Church teaches believers to treat your guardian angel with respect and love while having confidence in their protection, which you may need throughout your life. Angels are your protectors against demons, their fallen counterparts. Demons want to corrupt you, draw you toward sin and evil, and lead you down a bad path. Your guardian angels can keep you on the correct path and on a road toward heaven.

It is believed that guardian angels are responsible for physically saving people on earth. There have been numerous stories, for example, of people being rescued from harmful situations by mysterious strangers who disappear without a trace. Although these accounts are chalked up as stories, some say it proves how important angels can be in your life. It is for this reason, the Church encourages you to call on your guardian angels for help in our prayers.

You can also use your guardian angel as a role model. You can imitate your angel, or be Christ-like, in things you do to help others including those in need.

According to the teachings of Catholicism’s saintly theologians, every country, city, town, village, and even family has its own special guardian angel.

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