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Prayer For The State Of Israel

Rock and champion of Israel, please bless the state of Israel, first fruit of the flourishing of the fruit of our redemption. Guard it in the abundance of your love. Spread over it the shelter of your peace. Send forth your light and truth to those who lead and judge it, and to those who hold elective office. Establish in them, through your presence, wise counsel, that they might walk in the way of justice, freedom and integrity. Strengthen the hands of those who guard our holy land.

Let them inherit salvation and life. And give peace to the land, and perpetual joy to its inhabitants. Appoint for a blessing all our kindred of the house of Israel in all the lands of their dispersion. Plant in their hearts a love of Zion. And for all our people everywhere, may God be with them, and may they have the opportunity to go up to the land. Cause your spirit’s influence to emanate upon all dwellers of our holy land. Remove from their midst hatred and enmity, jealousy and wickedness.

Prayer For The State Of Israel

Plant in their hearts love and kinship, peace and friendship. And soon fulfill the vision of your prophet: “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Let them no longer learn ways of war.”

And let us say: Amen.

Unbeknownst to most worshippers is the decades-long debate over who back in 1948 authored the prayer, which was then and remains today an important addition to Jewish and Israeli liturgy. Until now, theories have split academics into two camps — those who attribute the prayer to Israeli author S.Y. Agnon, and those who believe Israel’s first chief Ashkenazi rabbi, Isaac Halevi Herzog penned the poem.

But recent findings discovered by Dr. Yoel Rappel, an Israeli scholar of Jewish history, confirm that Herzog, the grandfather of current opposition leader in the Knesset, Isaac “Bougie” Herzog, was the true author of the symbolic prayer, which was then edited by his friend and Nobel Prize winner, Agnon.Israeli author and Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon. (Courtesy Agnon House/JTA)

Rappel’s findings were corroborated by Israel’s National Library. The evidence and discourse between Agnon and Herzog surrounding the prayer are a part of the Library’s S.Y. Agnon Archive.

Prayer for the state of israel transliteration

O Lord our God, You are the Maker of heaven and earth, Who chose Israel from among all peoples to be Your nation. You made a covenant with Your people at Mount Sinai, and You led them through the wilderness to establish Your Holy Land. You have blessed them with Sabbath rest and release from servitude, with the gift of the Torah and its commandments, with the festivals and joyous occasions of life. We thank You for bringing us into this land in safety and prosperity, where we have lived in peace and security for many years.

We praise You today for allowing us to celebrate this Sabbath in Jerusalem, capital of our homeland, our beloved city that has been ours for thousands of years. May Your blessing be upon Jerusalem forever, as You declared: “I have chosen Jerusalem so that my Name may dwell there” (Isaiah 57:21).

Prayer for the state of israel hebrew text

God, our Father, You have brought us to this time of exile from our land and from Your presence. We acknowledge that we have sinned against You and against our fellow human beings. We ask You to forgive us and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

We thank You for the small light that remains within us, a light of hope that we will be redeemed from our exile and return to our land.

We pray for the State of Israel and its people who suffer so much at the hands of their enemies; we pray that they should be redeemed with mercy and love on Rosh Hashanah.

May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life in the coming year, together with all those who have no place in it now! May peace reign on earth among all humankind! May we be inscribed as righteous ones before You, O God our God! Amen

O God, our God, you are one and your name is one. You made us neshama (souls) and you created us as humans to serve you. We thank you for giving us this land as a place to live. In gratitude we pledge ourselves to take care of it so that it will be a source of blessing for all living things. We pray that this country will be a light unto the nations; so that all the peoples of the world will see in our lives your aims and goals and will follow them.

May we keep our eyes on you alone and not look at sin; may we sanctify your name in all our conduct; may we strive to make your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven; may we walk humbly with our God; may we remain loyal to the Torah as our code of life; may we never forget our brothers who are still under foreign rule or who have not yet been redeemed from their exile. May we remember them always and pray for them daily, asking for their speedy return to the holy land where they can worship freely according to their conscience like all other nations in this world.

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