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Prayer For Stillbirth

Sending Thoughts Through Prayer to Stillbirth Families: A blog around sending prayers to families that have experienced stillbirth.

Dear God, I pray for all the parents who have lost their babies to stillbirth.

I pray for the strength and courage you are giving to those parents as they grieve, and for the healing of their hearts.

I pray that we will all come together in love, support and unity as a community of mourners, united in our grief and pain.

Let us find comfort in one another’s company; let us seek solace in each other’s arms; let us share our tears and our smiles and our memories.

Miscarriage Prayer For A Friend

We are here to help each other through this difficult time. We will be there when you need us most. We will celebrate with you when you feel ready to move on from your loss; we will be there for you always if you need us.

Many women suffer from the loss of a child due to miscarriage, stillborn, or even SIDS, and the grief that comes with this loss is unimaginable. Here are 10 good prayers for stillborn babies.

The Old Testament contains the vast majority of biblical dreams. God utilized dreams and visions to communicate with the people of the Old Testament when they only had limited access to His written word, or none at all in the case of those who lived before Moses.

Essentially, it’s releasing our wants, needs, suffering, and sadness to God while maintaining an attitude of gratitude. 

Giving thanks in all circumstances helps us see how much we rely on God’s guidance to thrive in this world. John 15:5 makes it clear that we are fully aware of our utter dependence on God.

As our relationship with God grows and we see His hand at work, we realize that His ways are superior and that His plan and purpose for our lives are truly magnificent.Praying regularly is essential for developing a stronger relationship with God. Similar to how you could confide in your best friend over lunch. Yet, in the first place, we can take our worries to God.

Paul reminds the church in Thessalonica that if we come to God in prayer with a ready heart, He will strengthen our bond with Him.

The first step in developing a closer relationship with God is realizing Who it is that we are praying to. Although we might have a deep personal relationship with God, and He knows us inside and out, we must never forget that He is worthy of the highest awe and regard.

To show our awe and reverence for God (Deuteronomy 13:4), we must celebrate God for who He is. We can do this with music or praise. To do this, we need just take delight in God’s manifold gifts to us or in the natural beauty that surrounds us.

An effective prayer life begins with praise to God. The next stunning sunset won’t last forever, so don’t miss it. Count your blessings that God has united you with a loved one.

Recognize God as the source of your success. Since the Lord has been there for you through the good times and the bad, you will eventually be able to find joy in Him despite your current circumstances.

When we encountered Jesus and learned about His life, His many acts of kindness, and His ultimate death on the cross, we saw God’s plan come to completion, as depicted in the gospels. That calls for a pause for thought and reflection, during which we might give God our deepest thanks and praise.

Prayer For Mother of Stillborn Baby

Prayer for Soul of Child: May her spirit rest in peace until her body is resurrected in the last days. Loving Father, pour out an abundance of healing graces on her family who are devastated by this unexpected loss. Guide them from darkness and despair to light and hope. Amen.

Prayer for Child Born Sleeping
Compassionate and Gracious Jesus, when You walked this earth, You expressed Your love for children; You held them in Your arms and blessed them. This little one that has been born sleeping is now safe and secure, held in Your arms of love and tenderness, and this baby will never know pain or sorrow. We pray that grieving parents will embrace this truth and receive Your solace and hope. Amen.

Prayer for Parent’s Peace
God of All Comfort, we pray that You would draw these parents who have lost their little baby into Your loving arms. May they find peace and rest in the midst of their searing pain. Surely their tears are in Your bottle, and their agony is written in Your book. Be merciful to them and let them know You are by their side. Even in their confusion, may they trust in You. Amen.

Prayer to Receive Child into Heaven
Glorious Father, receive this little lamb into the splendors of heaven, for she died innocent and without sin. May she rest in Your eternal love and be reunited with her family in the future, when they join her in heaven or when You return in glory and the dead are raised to life. May her mother and father and her extended family receive Your consolation and hope that one day they will be together again. Amen.

Prayer of a Grieving Parent
Gracious and Merciful God, I feel so lost and alone, abandoned by You, even though I know in truth You are here. I have never known such profound pain, and it seems unacknowledged by so many. I grieve never getting to know my baby, and that my hopes for the future will never be realized. In You, O Lord, my soul takes refuge; I take shelter in the shadow of Your wings. I cry out to You and know that You will fulfill Your purpose for me. Amen.

Prayer to Relieve Distress
God of Love and Peace, extend Your tender mercies to these grieving parents. Help them know that when their baby’s heart stopped beating, he was immediately present with the Lord, and his mortality has been swallowed up by life. Loving Father, answer their cries of grief with Your comfort and peace in knowing their child is alive with You. Relieve their distress and show them grace. Shine the light of Your face upon them. Amen.

Prayer for Soul of Child
Father of Mercies and Giver of All Comfort, receive the soul of this child into Your heavenly kingdom, surrounded by Your angels and the family who have gone on before. May her spirit rest in peace until her body is resurrected in the last days. Loving Father, pour out an abundance of healing graces on her family who are devastated by this unexpected loss. Guide them from darkness and despair to light and hope. Amen.

Prayer for Friend
My Lord of Encouragement and Solace, I lift up my dear friend, whose baby has been stillborn. All of her dreams have been crushed and now she is returning home with no baby in her arms. Help me, loving Father, to give her the loving support she needs right now. I hardly know what to say or do, so guide me, I pray, to be a comforting presence for her through this season of grieving. Amen.

A Mother’s Cry to God
My God, my God, I want my baby back! I want to hold him and kiss him. I sometimes even think I hear him crying. I flood my bed with tears. Why, Lord, why did this happen? Did I do something wrong, that he would die before he was born? O my God, will this pain be forever? Heal my heart, Lord, for I am in agony. My soul is deeply distressed. Lord, hear my cry and turn to me with Your loving devotion. Amen.

Prayer for Couple’s Loss
Oh Lord, our Rock of Refuge, we lift up this dear couple who were anticipating new life and joy and now are grieving the loss of their child they were longing to hold. Help us to be there when they need us to listen, show our care, and help them in whatever way they need. Help us to acknowledge this baby and things they will always remember – her name, the color of her hair. Help us not to undermine their grief, but to weep when they weep. Amen.

Prayer of Blessing over Parents
God of all Consolation, assist these parents in their grief for their child who has passed into the heavenly realms, and comfort them and bless them. Grant them consolation in the depth of their sorrow. Let them know that You have not exhausted Your favor over them and that Your mercies are renewed every morning. Be their shield and the lifter of their heads. Be their stronghold in this time of trouble. Amen.

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