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Prayer for smudging a house

To smudge a house or not to smudge a house, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stench of cigarettes and other worldly smells stuck between our walls or to smudge those walls with fragrant herbs. It is my opinion that we should smudge.

Why is it sometimes so hard to pray? It seems as if our prayers are only coming out of one of two places. One; a place of doubt. Or two; a place of desperation, both of which are typically rooted out of unbelief.

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Prayer for smudging a house

Smudging with sage is a popular way to clear negative energy and invite positivity into your home. Brought to us by shamans and indigenous peoples around the world, it’s important to always conduct this ritual with respect and reverence. To make your energy clearing more sacred and impactful, it can help to say a prayer, mantra, or affirmation as you go.

Here are five options for home smudging prayers based on the intention you’re setting, from third-generation medicine woman, Koa Mikaelah.

I open this space to divine love, may all the energy that flows through here benefit the heart space. May it hold compassion, nurturance, forgiveness, and truth.

When it comes to the law of attraction, there’s a lot to be said about “speaking things into existence,”—aka telling the universe what it is you want out loud. This is a way to carry your intention from inside your head out into the physical world. This prayer sets the intention of welcoming love and compassion while subsequently repelling that which is not loving.

Hello, my name is ___; I am moving into this space. I want to thank all of the land stewards and spirits of the land. I want to acknowledge the first people of the land. I want to state my intention of creating a home for myself here, living in reciprocity with the spirits that are present.

Mikaelah explains it’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to the land and the first people of the land—and then the home itself. After all, the space isn’t just about the walls that have been built there! Consider learning the name of the indigenous people that once inhabited your new land addressing them by name. You can also make an offering to the land such as flowers or water.

I give my gratitude to this home for creating a container that held me and watched me grow over the past ___ years. I honor the completion of our karmic cycle together and I call in the next cycle that is aligned with my highest spirit and the highest spirit of this home. May we call in the person that is in perfect alignment to tend to this space. May this next cycle be of benefit to all involved.

When selling your home, you’re not only closing out a chapter in your life but helping someone else start a new chapter in theirs. This prayer allows you to do both, thanking and honoring your home for all it’s given you and inviting in the right person or family to take your place in the space.

I command any negativity, any low vibrational energy, and nonbenevolent beings within this space to leave and go to the light. You are not welcome here. I command you to leave and go to the light.

“It’s important that when working with clearing energy, we are first grounded within our bodies,” Mikaelah says. “Then, it is important that we are stern in our request. You also definitely want to open your windows for this one, to allow the negativity and bad energy to leave.”

I call in the divine abundance of creativity [or inspiration, productivity, etc.]. May the [project, artwork, contract, etc.] I feel within my heart come to fruition in a form that benefits my highest good. May it be manifested into the form that best expresses its truth.

Before performing this smudging prayer, it’s a good idea to clean or arrange the space in which you’ll be doing your work, Mikaelah explains. She believes “productivity first comes from the sacred container,” so you could try burning a candle or incense that makes you feel inspired before stating your mantra.

Any time you smudge your home, you can, of course, say anything that comes to mind or choose to keep it silent. However, adding a verbal component can only amplify your intention further.

smudging prayer for negative energy

We are gathered here today to smudge our home.

We ask that you, the spirits of air, water, fire and earth, protect us from all harm.

May your presence be felt in each room of our home.

We ask that you guide our hands as we clear away any negative energy that may have attached itself to the walls of our home.

May the smoke carry away these negative vibrations and bring only good energy into our lives.

We invite you to join us in smudging our home as we pray for the blessing of peace and harmony.

Smudge stick in one hand, sage in the other, we walk through our home circle by circle, cleansing it with the smoke from this sacred herb. This is a time to send prayers out into the universe and receive blessings back. We ask that each person who lives in this home be surrounded by loving energy and feel supported by those who love them most.

Let’s bring our hands together and send out gratitude for all that we have been given, as well as for what is yet to come. Thank you for joining us on this journey of life.

Dear Great Spirit, we ask you to bless this home and those who dwell here. May all who enter feel your presence and be blessed by your love. As the smoke rises from this fire and fills this space, may all negativity be driven away, replaced with positive feelings and thoughts. Help us all to see each other through your eyes of kindness and compassion, so that we may live in harmony with each other, with you, and with Mother Earth.

Thank you so much for all that you do for us!

Great Spirit,

We honor you and your creation. We thank you for bringing us together to share this space.

We ask that you bless our home and keep it safe from harm. May we find peace in our surroundings and within ourselves.

Lead us through the darkness, towards the light of your love and guidance.

May we bask in your presence as we open our hearts to each other and all of creation. Amen

We ask the Great Spirit to bless this space.

We ask that it be filled with love and light.

May this home be a place where the truth can be spoken,

where the heart can find peace, and where the mind can grow.

Dear Creator,

May you bless me as I prepare myself for a day of good works. May my hands be guided by your loving Spirit, and may I be filled with the energy of your love. May this smudging help clear away any negative energy that has attached itself to me.

I ask this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, who died for us so that we might live again. Amen.

I smudge myself with the smoke of sacred herbs, which are offered to the four directions.

I smudge myself with the smoke of sacred herbs, which is the breath of Mother Earth.

I smudge myself with the smoke of sacred herbs, which carries prayers to Great Spirit.

I smudge myself with the smoke of sacred herbs, to let go of old energy and bring in new.

Dear Great Spirit,

Today I ask for your guidance and protection.

Please help me stay grounded and connected to the earth, so that I may always see clearly.

Help me to be aware of my intentions and the consequences of my actions. Help me to be kind and compassionate towards all creatures.

May the smoke from this smudge bring clarity to my mind, body and spirit. Thank you Great Spirit for guiding me through this day.

May the smoke of the incense cleanse me of my sins and bring me closer to the divine.

May I always be a source of peace, love, and light in this world.

Thank you for being with me on this journey.

Oh Great Spirit,

I ask for your blessings upon me. Please cleanse me of all negativity, anger, and resentment. Thank you for making me strong and healthy so that I can be a good person.

What to Say When Smudging a House

What should you say when you’re smudging your house?

There are many reasons an individual might choose to smudge with sacred medicines, but one common reason to perform a smudging ceremony is to cleanse a house, apartment, or single room.  

Smudging a house could take place on the day you move in, a traditional practice that helps to banish negative energies left over from its previous inhabitants.

Smudging your home or a single room could be part of a daily cleansing ritual, one that helps you to feel at peace with yourself and your routine.

You could also choose to smudge your after a negative event, before making a big decision, or before and after a change occurs in the home.

No matter why you choose to smudge your home, the most important thing is to smudge with intention, and with the desire to produce a positive outcome.

Smudging can both banish negativity and attract positivity, so as long as you begin the smudging ceremony with the clear intention of cleansing and purifying yourself and your home, you will find success.

While smudging, some people like to recite a smudging prayer to help focus their intentions and produce a positive outcome.

If you are new to smudging, aren’t sure what to say, or are wondering how to craft the perfect smudging prayer for your unique situation, you have found the right place!

Here, we’re going to give you five easy tips to help you create the perfect smudge prayer to say while you are smudging your house.

Why are you smudging?

There are tons of reasons to smudge your house, so to focus your intentions and to create the best and most personal smudging prayer, you need to pinpoint exactly why you need to smudge.

What circumstances exist that preceded the decisions to perform the smudging ritual?

  • Did you recently move to a new home?
  • Are you getting ready to move?
  • Have you recently gone through a major life change?
  • Have you recently become an empty nester?
  • Did your partner recently move in?
  • Did you and your partner get into an argument?
  • Why are you smudging?

Once you know the ‘why’, you will be able to figure out what needs to be fixed.

You can’t address a problem if you don’t know what the problem is.

If, for example, you are smudging your house because you recently moved there, and want to make sure it is cleansed for your family, you can say something like “I send all negative energies away and to the Light, and welcome positivity and love into my new home.

What medicine to use to smudge your house?

Each of the sacred medicines used in the Indigenous culture has unique meaning and importance, and is commonly associated with having different properties.

Sweetgrass, for example, is specifically associated with strength, community, and positivity, and is a great choice if you are smudging after an argument or to create a stronger bond within your household.

Cedar is commonly used to bless a new home, as it is thought to actively attract good energies and chase away the bad.

Sage is sometimes used to protect the home from evil spirits, and is commonly burned to cleanse both body and spirit.

Once you know why you are smudging, you will be able to choose the appropriate medicines, and you will be one step closer to the perfect smudging ceremony to cleanse your home.

Setting a Goal for Smudging your house:

Once you have identified the problem you want to address, and have chosen the right sacred medicine, you can determine what the end-goal of your smudging ceremony will be.

If you had an argument with your partner, your end-goal may be to rid the home of negative energy, release tension, and to move forward together towards a more positive future.

If you recently moved to your home, your end goal could be to make yourself feel at home and to make it feel welcoming as you settle in.

Choosing and focusing on a goal is also a good way to help yourself to think of what to say while you smudge.

During the ceremony, you can include your intentions and goals in your verbal or mental smudging prayer, for example: “I welcome in positivity to move forward, and banish the negative thoughts and feelings I was experiencing.

I thank the Creator and Mother Earth for these medicines and the cleansing powers they possess. I release my anger, and accept understanding.”

How to ask empowering questions during your smudge?

Empowering questions are questions with answers that are positive and can influence you to look for the good in your situation.

Asking yourself empowering questions and actually answering them can both help you to focus on manifesting positivity, and help you to connect the smudging ceremony with those empowering answers.

Some examples of empowering questions you could ask yourself include:

  • What am I grateful for?”
  • “What was successful about today?”
  • “What have I done recently that I am proud of?”
  • “How do I help make the lives of others better and more positive?”
  • “Who do I have in my corner? Who loves and supports me?”
  • “What is something I am excited about?”
  • “What is something positive I want to achieve?”

Each time you answer one of these questions, you will reaffirm within yourself that you are powerful and able to create change.

By simply acknowledging your own accomplishments and focusing on the positive things in your life, you can change your overall mindset, and help yourself to move forward productively. 

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