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Prayer For Sleeping Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was a carpenter by trade and the husband of Mary. He carried out his ministry in humility and silence. Devotion to St. Joseph is one of the easiest ways to share in the mission of Christ; it is also the basis for a strong family life. Members of Saint Joseph’s/Candler Hospital Auxiliary, Inc.: Please pray for Mr. and Mrs. Larry Weidner of Hampton whose son, Marine Lance Cpl. Evan Weidner, is recovering from wounds received in action on June 6, 2004. Lance Corporal Weidner was seriously wounded when an IED exploded near his vehicle while he was conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Anbar Province, Iraq.

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Prayer For Sleeping Saint Joseph

Dear St. Joseph,

I pray to you for my family and friends who are in need of your assistance. Most especially, I pray for [name of person], who is in need of your help and guidance. Please help him/her with their [describe problem].

Please intercede on behalf of those who are suffering from the effects of bad dreams, nightmares, or insomnia. May they be able to sleep peacefully and dream sweetly.

Help us all to sleep well tonight and always, so that we may have a restful night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face our day with renewed energy and focus. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Dear St. Joseph, I come to you today in my time of need. I have been struggling with insomnia for months now, and it has become a real problem for me. I have tried everything from meditation to medication to writing down my worries before bedtime, but nothing seems to help.

Please help me get some restful sleep tonight so that I can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges with energy and enthusiasm. Help me find peace within myself and bring peace into my home by keeping us safe from harm and danger.


Dear St. Joseph,

We beg you to watch over and protect our home while we sleep. Please ask God to send us good dreams and to keep all evil spirits away. Amen!

Oh, St. Joseph,

you are the protector of families.

You are the patron of the dying.

You are a model of fidelity and patience.

Please grant us the grace of peaceful sleep tonight, and may our dreams always be filled with peace and joy.

Saint Joseph,

You are the patron of happy dreams and a loving father. Pray for me this night as I struggle through my sleep. Guide me to a good night’s rest and help me remember my dreams so that I may interpret them.

Help me be well rested and refreshed in the morning, so that I may face the day with a positive attitude. Amen.

Dear Lord,

Please help me to sleep well tonight. I am thankful for the rest and recovery it will bring my body and mind, and I know that you are a God of peace who is waiting to comfort me in the middle of whatever struggles I may be facing. Thank you for your love and protection in this world, especially during my time of rest. Help me to remember how precious sleep is, and how it can bring us closer to you through the renewal of our bodies. Please give me strength to face the challenges that lie ahead tomorrow. Amen

Novena Prayer To Sleeping St Joseph

Dear St Joseph, as you rest in the Lord, confident of His absolute power and goodness look upon us (me). Please take our (my) need into your heart, dream of it and present to you Son. Help us (me)) then, good St Joseph, to hear the voice of God, to arise and act with love.

Dear God,

Please help me sleep well tonight. I am tired and need to rest. Please make my dreams come true, and protect me from nightmares. Thank you for this day, and all the days before it. Amen.

Dear Lord,

I pray that you will watch over me while I sleep. I ask that you will protect me from harm and keep me safe from danger. Please also bless me with good dreams, and let them be full of peace and restfulness. Thank you for listening to my prayer, Lord. Amen.

Dear God,

I pray that you help my mind to be at ease during the night. I pray for a good night’s sleep, and for the ability to wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. Thank you for your presence in my life.

Dear God,

I’m having trouble sleeping. I wake up at 2 AM every night and can’t go back to sleep. Please help me find rest again. In your name I pray, amen.

Before I rest tonight,
I must thank you for your love,
beg your pardon for my failings,
and your shelter
from my interior storms.

O my Lord, at this moment, all is calm,
and sleep beckons me.

It is your world!
I place all of my concerns into your hands,
and all of my fears into your Sacred Heart,
the Self-immolating gift that is never consumed.

I believe in you.

Patron Saint of Sleep Prayer

Dear God, as I lay me down to sleep, relax the tension of my body; calm the restlessness of my mind; still the thoughts which worry and perplex me.

Help me to rest myself and all my problems in your strong and loving arms.
Let your Spirit speak to my mind and heart while I am
asleep, so that, when I wake up in the morning,
I may find that I have received in the night-time,
light for my way;
strength for my tasks;
peace for my worries;
forgiveness for my sins.
Grant me sleep tonight, and tomorrow power to live.

Dear God,
We thank you tonight for the good day and for the special way you take care of us all the time.
Thank you for the fun times outside and the quiet times inside, and for helping us learn new things every day.

Thank you for creating us special, exactly the way you wanted.
Thank you for protecting us throughout the day.
Forgive us for the wrong things we do.
Thank you for loving us even when we disobey or try to do things our way.
Help us to always choose your way, God, because it’s always best.
We pray for all the people who don’t know you, and that they will come to understand your love for them, too.

Bless our family and thank you for good times together and apart.
Bless our friends and those we love, including our grandparents, our aunts and uncles and cousins.
Thank you for our home and a place to sleep and good food to eat.
Help us rest well, give us peaceful dreams, and send your angels around our home to protect us throughout the night.
Teach us to trust you and to love you more and more.
You are good; you are great; and you are faithful, God. And we love you. Good night.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
Watch and guard me through the night,
and wake me with the morning light.

O dear St. Joseph, I resolve, every night before I close my eyes in sleep, to recite the following aspirations:“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I offer to you my heart and soul.”“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, assist me in my last agony.“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, may I breathe forth my soul in peace with you.”

God in heaven,
O Creator,
O One who loved me into being…

Now that the voices are silenced
and the crowded world of projects
and overwhelming noise is hushed,
here, at my bed, I seek your consolation.

My spirit roots for you, as an infant
seeks out the breast,
seeks you as a child seeks
the succor and embrace of a father —
the parent who will whisper,
“Shh, I am with you,”
and bring solace to the soul
with an unconditional love.

I believe in your love,
and I hope in you,
and I pray you will grace me
with the gift of faith, unfailing,
the gift of wisdom, beyond my instincts,
the gift of trust, which is so hard.

I give glory and thanks to you
for this day as it ends,
and beg that you will give me eyes to see
that in all things, you have been with me:
in what was difficult, and what was easy,
in what was anxious and what was peaceful.

In those times I sought you out,
or forgot to,
You were with me, still, and I thank you.

Today, I failed in love; you know this.
I beg you to forgive me.
Today, I lost my temper; you know this.
I beg you to forgive me.
Today, I was selfish; you know this.
I beg you to forgive me.
Today, I felt desolate, unsure, and afraid;
I beg you to reach me, and to teach me again
that you love me, and are near.
That you are, O God, the safest of safe places,
the wayside resting place,
where I may catch my breath,
and seek you out, before going on

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