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Prayer for sale

The economy is still tough out there, and tomorrow’s unknown. Will you lose your job? Lose a loved one? Will your marriage or relationship survive? Will you get any traffic to your site? Who will give you the money that you need in the coming months? The good news is that God has provided for every single one of his children. In the midst of hard times, you can still count on God to provide for your needs. With Prayer for Sale, you can get more than just prayers, but specific prayers customized for the situation that you are facing.

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Prayer for sale

Dear Lord,

I come to you today in prayer for my sales. Please help me to have the courage and strength to overcome any obstacles that get in my way of achieving my goals. I know that you will guide me with your wisdom and lead me down the path of success.

In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear God,

I pray that the sales team at [company name] will be able to reach their goals for the month of April. I pray that you will give them the strength and courage to overcome any challenges they face on this journey, and that you will open up opportunities for them to succeed. I pray that they will be filled with your love and grace, so that what they do this month brings glory to your name. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

My success will come from aligning my plans with your will. Let me hear your voice clearly as you give me wisdom and guidance. Remind me that success is not found in the world but is found in you. Now may you, the Lord of all, give me success at all times and in every way.

Heavenly Father, thank you that your word enlightens my eyes, purifies my soul and preserves me for eternal life. Your word says that I can do all things through you who strengthens me. Please give me the strength I need to succeed in business. Bless my work with prosperity for my good and for your glory. May the love of the Father, the tenderness of the Son, and the presence of the Spirit, gladden my heart and bring peace to my soul, today and for all days. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Lord, Jesus Christ, thank you that every good and perfect gift comes from you, the King of kings and Lord of lords. You have promised that, if I commit whatever I do to you, then you will cause my plans to succeed. My success will come from aligning my plans with your will. Let me hear your voice clearly as you give me wisdom and guidance. Remind me that success is not found in the world but is found in you. Now may you, the Lord of all, give me success at all times and in every way. In your mighty name, Amen.

miracle prayer for business

Dear God,

I pray that you will help me to be a better salesperson. I want to be the kind of person who can close a deal and make my customers happy. Teach me how to read people so I can tell what they need and figure out how to make them happy. Help my clients feel comfortable with me so they’ll really trust me. Show me how to ask them questions about themselves so they’ll open up and tell me everything I need to know in order to give them what they want.

And most importantly, please help me not get discouraged when things aren’t going well—or when they are! Please help me keep a positive attitude no matter what happens, because even when things go wrong, it’s an opportunity for learning and growth. And even when things go right, it’s an opportunity for humility and gratitude.

I pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen!

Dear God,

We thank you for the opportunity to serve.

We ask for your blessing on our sales team, and all the staff and customers who help make our business a success. We ask that you guide their hands and hearts as they work to help others find the products they need, in a way that is honest, fair, and respectful of everyone involved.

Give them strength when they feel overwhelmed by the challenges of their job. Give them courage when they need to stand up for themselves or others. Help them to know when it’s time to let go of something that isn’t working, and when it’s time to ride out a challenge until it passes.

Guide their choices so they can make decisions that are in alignment with your will, not just what feels good at the time or what makes money right now.

Give us wisdom as leaders so we can hire people who are qualified for their positions and provide them with opportunities for growth within our company. Guide us when we need new ideas about how best to solve problems or run our business more efficiently—and show us when those ideas are actually distractions from what really matters most: doing good work together as a team!

In Jesus’ name I pray:

Dear God,

We ask for your guidance and protection as we go about our daily lives. Please give us the strength to be kind and patient with each other, and to remember that every person is valuable in your eyes. Help us to live this day in a way that brings glory to you. In Jesus’s name, amen.

prayer for success for someone

Lord, Your word teaches each of us that it is acceptable to ask for a successful, blessed life. Expand our borders, Precious Lord, and let us find prosperity and success in this gift of life we have been given. You said that You came that we may have life, and that we may have it more abundantly. Please grant us that abundant life, God. Let my life be pleasing to You in all ways, and in all things, so that I will be able to receive the fullness of Your blessings both in this life and in the life to come. Amen.

I come to You Lord to ask for a successful surgery, and quick healing for someone I love deeply. As the scriptures say, in Your hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. Hold my loved one and I in Your healing hands, and breath life into our bones. I ask that you give the surgeon a steady hand, and a sound mind from beginning to end. I trust you in all ways, my Lord and Savior.

Lord Jesus, You know that I am very anxious about the tests and exams that I have to face very soon, and ask that You would calm my anxious, clouded thoughts. Please calm these nerves that I have, and let me rest in You always. I pray that as I enter the exam, that You will fill my heart with perfect peace that only comes from You. Please also give me clarity of thought, and prompt my mind to remember all the things that I have studied. Give me the wisdom and the ability to transfer my thoughts to paper. It’s in Your precious name I pray, amen.

Father, I know that You are interested in every single area of our lives, and we find that we need to sell our house. At this time, we are placing this need into Your hands, knowing that You have told us to cast ALL our cares upon You.

Lord, we thank You for providing us with this home we currently reside in, but You also know the need to sell our home at this point in time, and we want to place the entire selling process into Your hands, praying that You would be with us to guide during the entire sale. We also ask that you help us find a new home, and to bring it swiftly into our lives as You see fit.

Lord, You also know who it is that needs to move into this house and Lord, we are trusting You to guide the right buyers to see it. We pray that at the right time they may be able to purchase our home as well.

Lord into Your hands we commit our lives and our future in Jesus name, Amen.

Heavenly Father, I give You thanks for all my blessings and answered prayers in my life. In the name of Christ Jesus, please guide myself towards the fruition of a successful, and fulfilling workplace. Please guide my heart, and that of my coworkers, to pursue dedication and hard work in Your name. Please watch over the proceedings and tasks on a daily basis. Thank you, Christ Jesus. Amen.

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