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Prayer For Happiness And Love

I pray that you find your true love today, as it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Once you know true love, you’ll never forget it. I’m happy for you, and I wish you the best in your search to find the one you love.

“Dear Lord, I pray that you bless me with true happiness and peace in life. Lead me away from hate and anger toward love. From restless mind and anxiety, give me peace. Lead me from fear of death to eternal life.

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Prayer For Happiness And Love

Dear God,

I am writing this to you because I feel that you can help me. I have been having a hard time lately and I am not sure what to do. I know that you have the power to help me, but I also know that it is up to me to do my part.

I have tried praying for happiness in my life, but it still seems like something is missing. It’s almost like there is a dark cloud over my head and no matter how many times I try to pray or think positive thoughts, it doesn’t seem to go away. Maybe you could help me find happiness again? Maybe there is something else that needs to be worked on first? Or maybe there isn’t anything wrong at all?

Please let me know if there is anything else that needs fixing so that I may be able to fix it myself. Thank you for your time in reading this letter and thank you for all that you do for us humans on Earth!

Dear God,

We come to you in prayer today to ask for your help in finding happiness. We know that you have a plan for us, and we know that all things happen for a reason. We are grateful for the many blessings that you have given us, but we also want to be happy in our lives. Please help us to find happiness, even in the midst of our trials and tribulations. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God,

I pray that you bring me happiness today. I know that it’s not always easy to find happiness in life, but I also know that it is there.

I pray that you will help me to recognize my own happiness and the happiness of others around me. I want to be able to see the beauty in this world and live with gratitude for all of its gifts.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, God.

prayer for happiness

Dear God,

Thank you for all the blessings and joys I have received in my life. Thank you for the friends who are always there for me and the family who loves me unconditionally. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spread love and kindness to others. Thank you for allowing me to live on this earth, where everything is so beautiful. Thank you for giving us hope in times of despair and peace when it seems like there is none.

I pray that when I am feeling sad or discouraged, you will help me find something good in my life to focus on. I pray that when I am feeling angry or frustrated, you will give me the strength to keep going even when things get tough. I pray that when I am tired or worn out from work or school, you will give me strength to continue working hard so I can obtain my goals someday soon.

I pray that if there is someone else out there who feels lost or alone like I used to feel before discovering your love through Jesus Christ that they may be inspired by my words today and come closer towards their own salvation through Jesus Christ as well!

Dear God,

We ask that you bless our families, friends and co-workers with the grace and peace of your Holy Spirit. Help us to be thankful for all our blessings, knowing that we have been given so much. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dear Lord,

I pray for happiness. I am grateful for the blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family, but I know that there is more to this life than what I see with my eyes. There are so many people who are not happy, and I want to be one of them. Please give me the strength to be happy, even if it means giving up things that cause me pain or sadness. I don’t want to be bitter or angry. I want to be at peace with myself, and with my loved ones. Let me welcome happiness into my life at every turn. Amen

prayer for love

O God, my Provider, I pray that You will guide me into an enduring, passionate, healthy, and committed life-long relationship. Protect me from relationships that will bring harm or heartbreak. Help me to not be so giddy with excitement when I meet someone new that I overlook important details about that person which need to be brought to light Lead me to that special person who is the one You know is best for me. Amen.

Lord of Wisdom, be my guide as I look for love. You know I’ve passed through a series of dissatisfying relationships and gotten hurt a few times, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Give me Your wisdom Lord, because I don’t trust myself to make the right decisions. Help me to make wise and informed decisions in finding that person who is the right fit for me to love and be loved. Amen.

Heavenly Father, You know I’m new to the dating scene, and in a bit of a daze about it all. Give me discernment as I navigate through a new relationship. Holy Spirit, prompt me to think about important topics to discuss with this other person that will help us know if we should continue down this path toward a lifelong commitment of love and marriage. Help me to ask the right questions and know if I have the right answers. Amen.

Dear God, thank You for Your unconditional love. Lord, help me to know myself and to love myself. If I don’t feel self-worth, how can I expect someone else to cherish me? Help me to develop a healthy self-identity, remembering that I am a child of the King, created in Your image. Help me know who I really am, what I really want from life, and what I want in the person I will spend my life with. Amen.

Father of Lights, please enlighten my path. Guide me to a person I can love and who will love me, to someone who shares my core values, whose life goals and passions are complementary to my own, and who will accept me for who I am. Most importantly, may this person share my faith in You, and have morality based on what Your Word teaches, so we can have oneness in You. Amen.

Loving Father, before I become romantically involved with another person, help me to become emotionally healthy, grounded, and authentic. Help me grow and develop so that I can give and receive love without issues getting in the way. May Your Holy Spirit guide me in dealing with insecurities, learning appropriate conflict resolution, and learning healthy communication in a love relationship. Amen.

Abba, Father, You love me so wonderfully; may I reflect Your love in my relationships with others. Help me love well, dear Father. Help me to be a good listener and to be an encourager. Help me to give of my time and attention and assistance freely. Help me to be empathetic and able to perceive their feelings and needs. Help me to treat others as I would like to be treated. Amen.

God my Healer, You know I suffered a lot of pain in my last relationship. Heal my heart, Lord, so I can move on and find true love. In this time of recovery, may Your Holy Spirit give me clarity about the problems in my past relationship, the kind of people I need to avoid, and what I need to change in my own life to have a healthy, loving relationship in the future. Help me deal with issues like enabling behaviors, or being too needy, or lacking trust. Amen.

Lord, You know we’ve been married for a while, and responsibilities with work and children and tending the home keep us distracted from one another. Help us to rekindle our love for one another. Help us be intentional about carving time out for just the two of us. Help us to not take the other for granted, but be affirming. Help us communicate lovingly, touch often, and have fun together. May our marriage reflect the love between You and Your bride, the church. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I am so blessed to be Your child, and that I can call You “Abba,” for You are my loving Daddy! My heart overflows with gratitude. You have made me a partaker of Your divine nature, and Your love for me is so wide, so deep – it is beyond my comprehension. May the truth of my identity in You sink deep into my psyche, and impact my relationship with others. Dear Loving Father, may I love others as You have loved me, with compassion and care. Amen.

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