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prayer for ordination

Have you ever wondered how to pray for ordination? The way in which it is important is that God has called us to be His priests, His ministers, and His representatives. God is calling us to offer Him unifying glory and praise through our prayers.

You can have trouble finding the proper information online, so we’ve provided the greatest and most recent information on prayer for deacon ordination and prayer for ordination of elders, keep following post to help. Learn more by reading. We at churchgists have all the details you require regarding prayer for deacons. Learn more by reading on.

prayer for ordination

O God, the source of all our power and strength,

we pray for the ordination of [name] to the priesthood.

May he be strengthened by your Holy Spirit as he takes up this sacred ministry,

and may his life be an example of your love to those in need.

We ask that you bless him with wisdom, knowledge and understanding so that he may be an effective minister in your name.

Please give him a strong faith in you, through which he will share your love with others. Help him to serve all people, especially those who are most vulnerable or suffering. Grant him courage and strength as he carries out his responsibilities in this role.

Help us all to be better stewards of this sacrament so that we can continue to grow closer together as a church and serve each other more faithfully. And let us remember that we are united in prayer today as we ask for God’s blessing on [name’s] new ministry as a priest.

Dear God, thank you for the gift of this day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and others, and for giving me the strength and confidence to do so. Please bless me with the ability to remember that my service is not about me or my ego, but rather about helping others in whatever way I can. Keep me humble as I go through this ordination process and allow me to see each person as an individual with needs that may be different from my own. Give me wisdom in how best to accomplish this task, and help me see all people as equal in your eyes. Amen

Dear God, thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to serve others by becoming a pastor. I will always be grateful for this opportunity to help others find comfort and peace in their lives.

Please help me to live every day with kindness and compassion. Help me to be strong in my faith so that I may use it as an example for others.

I pray that You will guide me through this process of ordination and beyond, so that I may continue to serve You faithfully.

prayer for deacon ordination

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for your blessings on our ordination. We thank you for the opportunity to serve our congregation and community, and to spread your message of love and hope throughout the world. We ask that you guide us as we walk this path together.

We know that we are not perfect, but we will strive to be better every day. We will do our best to make you proud of us, and we pray that in return you will show us how much you love us by guiding us through all of our days on this earth.

Please watch over us as we embark on this new journey, and help us see what is truly important so that we may help others in their journeys as well. Amen

Dear God,

Please help me to be a good person. I want to be a deacon because I believe in you, but I also know that I will make mistakes. Please forgive me for those mistakes and help me to learn from them. Let my life be a reflection of your love for all people, and let me serve as an instrument of your grace. Amen

prayer for ordination of elders

Father in heaven, we rejoice in what You have done in the lives of those ordained today. The Savior called them, He taught them, and He greatly used them. And today they stand on the threshold of a lifetime of ministry. Our passionate concern, Lord, is that You will use them way beyond their highest expectation. We know that You are “able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us.” And today we thank You for their parents and grandparents, their spouses, their children, their loved ones, their friends, their teachers, their mentors—godly men and women who have built into the lives of these young men, preparing them uniquely for the occasion to which You are calling them.

And we pray that You will keep them, each one, clean from the midst of a corrupt generation. May they shine their lights in the midst of a darkened world. We pray that God will use them with increasing effectiveness for His greater glory. Your Word tells us that when You call us to do anything, You will always provide the resources needed. And may they draw deeply from the rich well of grace. We are excited to think of how desperately they are needed—men who are committed to the gospel of the grace of God, the exposition of the Word of God, and the faithful and loving service in the will of God. Keep them on their knees, learning the power of prayer and always asking the question, “Is it really worth doing anything if I can do it without prayer?” Give them the passion of our Savior who at the end of His life commanded His disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19).

Father, as a good Shepherd, go before them, lead them in a plain path to do Your will and to do it courageously. Keep them from sin and, in their success, prevent them from believing their own press reports and humble them under the mighty hand of God. Multiply their giftedness to extend and enrich the body of Christ. Reproduce in each individual the body of Christ, the heart of Christ, and the life of Christ. And now, men, we exhort you. Acts 20:32 states: “Now I commit you to God and to the word of his grace, which can build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.” And we ask it expectantly and believingly in the wonderful name of our Savior and Lord. Amen

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