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Prayer For Myself As A Woman

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I pray for myself as a woman. I don’t always understand the message of my gender or its place in society. The things I have experienced, however, has shown me that being a woman is not wrong or shameful. I can be strong, weak and independent. I can be a wife, mother, daughter and friend. And sometimes I can be none of these things while still being whole within myself. This is who God made me! Read more about prayer for every woman in this article.

I pray today, today, that I may be safe both from physical and spiritual harm and from any who would wish to do me or mine harm. I want to know others in the world, not just hear about them. I long for practical knowledge of how to live well in my daily life, and how to apply that knowledge so that I may share with others who are less educated or skilled than myself. You’ll also see short prayer for today discussed in this article.

I am writing this prayer for myself as a woman. I want to honor, respect and love myself so much more than I do now. I want to lift high the standards I set for myself, even when they are hard to reach. I want to become who God desires me to be, not someone else’s idea or perception of who that may be.

Prayer For Myself As A Woman

Praise and glory to you, most generous God, Shepherd of your flocks. May the wounds of your love heal me, your hurt remove all hurts in me. The joy be given to me and love kept in my heart; may it keep me from falling apart, for your grace and blessing are with me.

Dear God, you are almighty and sovereign. You can do anything. You’re the ultimate healer and provider. You’re all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-seeing. What a relief it is to go to someone who is truly able and willing to handle everything that comes up in this life.

Prayer on Wednesday evening. It was an invitation I had artfully avoided up until this point.I didn’t know anyone and was not one to force my worldview on others, so I generally skipped the whole thing and went home for dinner with my family. In fact, I’m still not sure why I reluctantly showed up that first time. Some good friends, who had been praying for me, decided to walk out together as a group of women to seek God and find direction for our lives.

Bible Verse Prayer For Woman

O God,

I pray for myself as a woman.

I pray for my health and for the health of all women in this world, who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

I pray for my family and friends, who are so important to me and whom I love deeply.

I pray for my community, who are beautiful people striving to make the world a better place together.

I pray for my country, that it will continue to lead by example as we work together to spread peace throughout the world.

Dear God,

I ask that you give me the strength to be a woman who is kind and respectful to other women. I ask that you help me to understand myself, and to know my own power in this world. Help me to be confident in my own skin, and allow me to share with others what I have learned about myself. Let all of us women use our voices to speak up for others when they cannot speak for themselves. Let us support each other, especially in times of need.

Help us all remember our commonalities as women. We are all mothers, sisters, wives and daughters; we are all human beings who deserve respect and dignity. Let us remember that our differences make us beautiful—and together, they make us strong!

In Jesus’ name I pray, amen

Dear God,

I pray that I may be truly a woman. Not just in my body, but in my spirit. I pray that you will help me to be strong and kind, to show compassion, and to live with integrity.

I pray for the strength and courage to be honest about who I am and what I want, even when it’s hard.

And Lord, please give me patience with myself. Help me to be gentle with my own weaknesses and shortcomings, so that I can learn from them and not beat myself up for them. And help me remember that no one is perfect—not even me!

Dear God,

I pray for the strength to rise above my fears and insecurities. I pray that my confidence never falters and that I always know what is best for me. Help me to be a strong woman, one who can endure any test of character and stand up against adversity. Show me the way to be honest with myself and others, even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Give me clarity so that I can see what path is right for me and help guide me on that path every day.

Help me to be wise in understanding who I am and what makes me happy; let my heart guide my decisions and lead me towards those things that will bring peace into my life.

Let this prayer be answered with your love now and always!

Dear God,

I pray for the strength to keep going, even when I feel like giving up. I pray for the courage to stand up for myself, and for those who cannot stand up for themselves. I pray that my life is a blessing to others. And most of all, I pray that I am able to make a difference in this world and leave it better than when I entered it.

O Lord, I thank you for bringing me to this place and time. I pray, Almighty God, that you would bless my efforts and the work I do today.

I ask that you guide me in my work and help me to be more productive and efficient, that I may be able to accomplish more than I could on my own.

Please help me to remember that there are other people who have needs beyond my own—people who need my care and concern as well. Help me to be mindful of their needs so that we may all work together in harmony.

Help me to trust in your guidance above all else, even when it seems like things are not going according to plan or as they should be going. I know that you have a plan for each of us individually and collectively, so help me see it clearly before it unfolds before my eyes one day at a time until our lives are over here on earth.

I ask these things through Jesus Christ our Lord who lives within us all because he loves us so much! Amen!

Prayer For Every Woman

The gift of life is a miracle from you, Almighty God. You rule supremely; you are good; and your loyalty lasts forever. Thank you for the many wonderful women in our lives who inspire us with their faith, courage, creativity, humor, and wisdom. The world needs Your incomparable blessings of happiness, grace, wisdom, and peace.

Our prayers are offered in the most holy name of Jesus.

Short Prayer For Today

Please, Lord, let nothing today stand between me and You. Show me how to make decisions today that will bring me closer to You alone. God, guide my steps according to your Word and not my emotions. Please help me to maintain an undivided and pristine heart. You must shield me from my own thoughtless utterances and hasty actions. Please help me focus on what needs to be done rather than what I want or think should be done. Please assist me in viewing each challenge… as a chance to grow… rather than a burden. Last but not least, let me find comfort in the words of Psalm 86:13: “Great is your love toward me.” You can foresee my shortcomings and mistakes. However, at this very moment, I purposefully store Your whisper of unconditional love for me in the center of my soul. I know I have done nothing to earn Your unconditional love. You accept me for who I am, flaws and all. That’s incredible. The fact that the Savior of the world would choose to spend time with me first thing in the morning is astounding, though. I pray that the Lord would always keep before my mind how blessed I am to have this time with Him. Amen.

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