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Prayer For My Son And His Girlfriend

When you are desperate, you are ready to try anything. When your son or daughter is doing drugs and stealing from you, clearly a desperate situation exists. You have compassion for your children. You want to protect them. Perhaps you’ve already lost your home and living in a car with them. You are overwhelmed, beyond exhausted because of their drug addiction but desperation is the mother of invention.

I’m pleading for help for my son and his girlfriend whom are both in the Corps United States Marine. They have taken there love further than I ever imagined and have a little girl who is now three years old. They have married in the paper’s but not the church or before God. I’m going to talk to them and try to see if they would be interested in having a christian wedding ceremony. If they agree they will marry in the church and have it sponserd by our family members. Please pray for them to find acceptance from their friends and family. Learn about; Prayer for my son education success, Prayer for my son protection.

A Prayer for My Son - Ever Thine Home

Prayer For My Son And His Girlfriend

Lord, one of our biggest desires for our son and his girlfriend is that they will have a Christ centered relationship. There are so many distractions and temptations in this day and age. I hope they can resist the physical and emotional temptations of a relationship that should only be found in marriage.

Dear Lord,

Please watch over my son and his girlfriend. Please protect them from harm and keep them safe. Let their love for each other grow stronger every day. Help them to see the good in each other and help them to love each other with all of their hearts.

Help me to be a better mother to my son and help me to show him how much you love him by loving his girlfriend as well. May they never want for anything because they have each other and I will always be here for them.

Dear God,

I pray for my son and his girlfriend. Please let them be happy together and help them get through the challenges of life. Let them both be healthy, and let them grow old together. Please give them a long, happy life together filled with love and laughter. In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear God, please bless my son and his girlfriend with your love and protection.

Help them to remember how much they mean to each other, even when times get tough.

Keep them safe from harm, especially during this holiday season.

Help them remember that you are always with them, no matter what happens.

Prayer for my son education success

I need prayer for my son education success, he is working very hard, but he is not getting placement in his field and i am having financial difficulties.

I need prayer for my son to change his habit of drinking and smoking. I have told him so many times and i have tried everything to convince him but nothing works out. I am a single mother, i raised him alone and i want the best for him but he is not listening to me at all.

I also need prayer for my relationship with my son because we don’t talk much and we are always arguing with each other.

Dear St. Jude, I have a son named Michael and he is my only child. He’s a very smart young man but is having a lot of trouble in school. He needs to pass this semester or he will lose his scholarship and fail out. Please help me pray for him to do well so that he can continue his education and graduate at the end of the year. Also, please pray for my relationship with my son who has been acting out recently and has become very angry with me for no reason at all. Please help us get through this difficult time together and restore our love for each other once again. Thank you St Jude for hearing my prayer and answering it in your name I ask these things through Christ Our Lord Amen

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for my son and his girlfriend today. Please give them the strength, courage and wisdom they need to make good decisions. Please help them to be strong enough to resist their addictions and overcome their obstacles. Please guide them in the direction of recovery from their struggles, so that they may return to You in peace with a clear mind and restored body. I ask this in Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God,

Please bless my son and his girlfriend. Let them always be together, and let their love for each other grow stronger every day. Please let them have a happy life together. Let them have children and raise them with love and patience. And please keep them safe from harm, no matter where they go or what they do.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Prayer for my son and his girlfriend with pregnancy

Dear God,

I ask that you please bless my son and his girlfriend with a healthy pregnancy. Please give them a successful home birth, with no complications or issues for either of them. I ask that you watch over them during this time and keep them safe from harm. I pray that the baby’s health be perfect throughout the entire pregnancy and after birth. Please let this baby be born on or around its due date so there are no surprises as far as tests go or any other things they may need to do to prepare for delivery.

Thank you for hearing my prayer today and always, amen

Dear God,

I pray for my son, who is about to be married. I pray for his happiness, and for the happiness of the woman he has chosen. I pray that they will be blessed with children, and that their children will grow up to be fine adults. I pray that they will know You in all ways, and that they will be a blessing to Your church on earth.

I ask these things in Your name, amen

Prayer for my son protection

Dear God,

We are here to ask for your guidance and help in this situation. We know that you alone have the power to fix this situation. We also know that you love our children and want them to be happy. We ask that you guide my son and his girlfriend to make the right decisions going forward.

Please let them know that they can lean on each other in times of need, but also let them know when they need extra help from others.

May their relationship grow stronger as they learn how to solve conflicts together; and may this experience teach them valuable life lessons about themselves and each other.

May they come out of this with a better understanding of how important it is to communicate their feelings with each other so that they can support each other’s needs better in the future!

We pray all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ who died for us so that we might live forever! Amen!

Dear Lord, please shower your love on my son and his girlfriend. Please have a special blessing over their relationship at this time. May she be a good influence in his life. I pray that you teach her how to be submissive to him like you taught me.

Oh Lord, I cry out for healing and restoration in their marriage. I praise you God for the wonderful lessons I’ve learned from her imperfections and the forgiveness that has gradually been brewing in both of their hearts towards each other.

Thank you God for their stronger connection and their willingness to share everything with each other. Thank you God especially because they are getting ready to start living together this week as a married couple. Lift them up dear Lord, so I can say that my prayers have been answered as they begin an exciting new chapter of life together as husband and wife. Amen!

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