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A Prayer For My Son

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Let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t like to get some one-on-one time with God? As a blogger, you know how difficult it can be to take a break and rest with Jesus. That’s why we put together this list of prayer prompts for you. From adjusting our perspective on life to asking for protection from evil spirits, we have a prayer topic that reflects the real-life issues we may face every day as Christians.

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A Prayer For My Son

God, I pray that you will give my son the strength to be himself.

I pray that you will give him the courage to embrace his uniqueness and not fear being different from others. I pray that he will find the confidence to pursue his dreams and never let anyone tell him he can’t do something because he is different.

I pray that you will help him love himself for who he is and not judge himself for being different from others. Help him see his value in your eyes alone, and allow him to see how special he truly is in your eyes.

Give him the ability to believe in himself even when others don’t seem to think so. Help him understand what it means to be “accepted by God” despite what others may say about him or how they treat him on a daily basis because they don’t want to accept who he really thinks he is deep down inside as a person since birth!

Let us always remember how much God loves us as His children no matter what race or color we are or if we have any physical disabilities at all when we grow up as adults someday soon!

Dear Lord, I pray for my son to be happy and full of laughter.

Children are often told how to behave in certain situations. They’re given rules and boundaries that are meant to keep them safe, but sometimes it can be difficult for a child to understand why they need these rules. A sense of humour goes a long way in helping children cope with the stresses of life, even when they’re very young.

I pray that you will bless my son with laughter and happiness throughout his life; that he may have a positive outlook on things at all times and always know how much I love him!

Just as a parent bird will always be there for its baby chicks, let me always be there for my son.

Just as a parent bird will always be there for its baby chicks, let me always be there for my son.

When he’s in bed at night, I want him to know that if he ever needs me, I’ll be right beside him. This is not something we should take lightly or assume will just happen naturally; it takes effort on our parts to ensure that this bond stays strong throughout his childhood and into adulthood. When children grow up without the unconditional love of their parents—or feel as though they are unloved by their parents—they can develop psychological problems later in life. They may become depressed or anxious adults who don’t trust others enough to form healthy relationships with them (and thus make good decisions about marriage).

I pray for my son’s healing from within.

I pray for my son’s healing from within.

Physical, emotional and spiritual healing are all part of healing from within. This includes physical healing such as healing from depression, anxiety and stress; emotional healing such as past hurts; and spiritual healing which includes forgiveness.

As a parent, I have seen the many ways my children have been healed by God through prayer over time — for example, when my daughter was struggling with addiction issues that had caused her to drop out of college mid-semester because she couldn’t stop thinking about getting high at night (she’s now back in school). She asked me if we could pray together one evening before bedtime—and she told me later how much it helped her get through those tough days ahead!

Another time during high school one of my sons came down with mono (a viral infection) after being sick all day long—but instead of resting quietly at home like most kids do while they recover from mono (or any kind of illness), this particular boy decided he needed some alone time on top

prayer for my son protection

Protect my son from all evil and danger and keep him safe from harm.

When I pray for my son, I praise God for his love and protection. I know that he has a master plan for our lives and our children’s lives. There are so many dangers in this world, but God will protect us from them all! We can’t do any better than to trust him with this responsibility.

We live in a time when many parents worry about their kids getting hurt or worse because of school shootings, drug use, bullying and other dangerous behaviors. Our children are exposed daily to evil influences through social media as well as music lyrics and movies that glorify violence or disrespect women or minorities. It’s hard enough trying to raise them right without having to worry about some crazy gunman coming after them at school when they’re just trying to learn math! But you can’t let fear win—trust me: God is watching over your family 24/7 so don’t worry about anything else right now except thanking him for being there every step of the way!

Please watch over my child and protect him as he walks through life’s journey.

I pray that you watch over my child and protect him as he walks through life’s journey.

Please keep him safe, healthy and happy. Please guide him in the right direction, so that he may find his way through this world successfully.

Please help him to appreciate all the good things in his life.

You might be wondering if you need to go to church or study the Bible, but I don’t think so. I think that you can pray anywhere and still receive God’s blessings.

When my son was born, I planned on raising him in a Christian home and teaching him all of the important lessons that he would need to know in life. However, I quickly realized that this was not going to be easy because our parents do not go to church very often and they do not always allow us to come with them when they do go! Luckily for us though, there is still hope because we have friends who do attend church regularly and sometimes invite us along with them (and even though we still don’t get to hear God’s word as often as we’d like), having friends who are committed Christians gives me hope that someday soon our family will follow suit.”

May positive thoughts fill my son’s mind during the difficult times in his life.

May positive thoughts fill my son’s mind during the difficult times in his life. May he be reminded that he is loved by God and that He is with him always. May my son have the strength to face any adversity, no matter how hard it may seem at the time. May his faith in God grow stronger each day and may He remind him of His love for him every day without fail! In Jesus’ name I pray…Amen

Give my son the knowledge and strength to overcome any obstacles that might stand in his way.

  • Give my son the knowledge and strength to overcome any obstacles that might stand in his way.
  • Please help me guide him with wisdom, love and kindness so he will know how precious life is.
  • Protect him from injury and harm as he grows up and teaches him how to protect himself against evil influences, especially those of this world.
  • Help me instill into my son’s heart a love for you, God, so he will turn away from sin and embrace goodness wholeheartedly through your grace and mercy.*

Let love, peace, happiness and joy reside in my son’s heart forever.

Let love, peace, happiness and joy reside in my son’s heart forever. Let my son know that he is loved and adored by me, his mother. Let him know that I will always be there for him whenever he needs me. Let my son be peaceful and happy with himself, knowing that he has a purpose on earth which fulfills him spiritually and emotionally.

Let my son find joy in everything he does; let his spirit shine through the way he treats others around him. Let my son experience happiness from being honest with himself as well as being honest with others who deserve it; let his honesty bring healing to someone else’s life who is hurting inside because of pain caused by lies told by others who have no concern for anyone but themselves.”

I pray with confidence that God will answer these prayers for my son. Amen

I pray with confidence that God will answer these prayers for my son. Amen

I pray that your son will seek out the Lord and find Him. I pray that he will be open to hearing the word of God, seeking it out himself, and allowing it to transform him into a man who is like Christ. I pray that he would grow up in faith and knowledge of God’s goodness so that he might respond in joyful gratitude towards His Father through Jesus Christ our Savior (2 Timothy 3:15-17). Amen

Prayers for Wayward Son

Prayer for a Prodigal Son
Compassionate Lord, I intercede for my son who is wasting his life with a reckless and promiscuous lifestyle. Lord, I feel such heartache because he is rejecting everything that we and the church have taught him. Lord, may Your Holy Spirit continue to work in his life to bring him to remorse and repentance for his sin, and to bring him back to living according to Your Word. Amen.

Prayer for Setting Boundaries
Gracious Father, my son is rebelling, and I ask for Your wisdom in parenting through this chaotic time. Help me to be clear in my expectations for his behavior and the consequences for breaking rules. Help me to guide him with truth and love, and may my words and actions be based on Your Word, so that I am setting a credible example of right behavior. Bring him to the point of honoring his parents and others in authority. Amen.

Prayer for Angry Attitude
God of Peace, our son has drifted into communicating with us in a negative way. He’s arguing, withdrawing, and displaying an attitude of anger and resentment. Father, You know how much we desire peace in our home. Please help us to respond to him gently and communicate our care for him. Help us to be authentic and consistent. And restore peace within him and between us, we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Son Who Has Gone Astray
God of Mercy, my son has gone astray – please lead him back. Help me to know the difference between helping him and enabling him in irresponsible behavior. Help me to respond appropriately when he is rude, manipulative, or demanding. Lord, I entrust him to Your care. I lean on You and Your grace. Draw him to Yourself and out of this season of straying. Amen.

Prayer for Poor Decisions
Everlasting Father, I’m frequently dismayed by the poor decisions my son is making. He’s wasting his potential and his opportunities and derailing a healthy and productive life. Help me remember that it’s never too late for redemption. Help me to know when to offer constructive suggestions and when to just be quiet. Help me to demonstrate firm limits but at the same time exhibit unconditional love and support. Amen.

Prayer for a Son with Addictions
Faithful One, I bring to You my son who has succumbed to addictions. I feel so disappointed and frustrated. When I am communicating with him, help me avoid being accusing or judgmental or critical. Help me to know when and how to appropriately intervene. Help my son to realize the negative consequences of his substance abuse. Show me how to assist him to get the help he needs. Amen.

Prayer for Son Who Has Abandoned His Faith
Living God, my son has left the faith in which we reared him. He has no commitment to You, no interest in church or the scripture, and no sense that Your Word should direct his morality. Help me to lovingly and respectfully show him how important You are in my own life. May he come to know You as his Living God, relevant to his life and the source of all his needs. Amen.

Prayer to Bring My Son to His Senses
Gracious God, I come to You in intercession for my son who has strayed into a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol and other vices. Bring him to his senses, I pray, and enable him to see the emptiness of it all. Bring some Christians into his path who demonstrate a lively and joyful faith, and will intrigue him to return to the faith of his childhood. May he come to that intersection in his life and turn toward You. Amen.

Prayer for the Impossible
Lord of the Ages, I come to You asking the impossible for my son. He has strayed far away from us, far away from You, and into a life of immorality and danger. It seems he is without hope, but with You all things are possible. Help me to encourage him and to love him, and to release him into Your hands to convict his heart and to create a hunger and thirst for You. Amen.

Prayer for Son to be Drawn to the Truth
Divine Protector, I am brokenhearted and baffled by the destructive decisions my son is making. Lord, I pray that my son will see Jesus clearly, as He actually is, and let him be drawn to the truth. Lord, help me to keep the communications open, to let him know he is loved – by me, and more importantly, by You. May Your love draw him back. Amen.

Prayer for Son’s Redemption
O God, my Kinsman-Redeemer, I pray for the redemption of my son. I am disturbed that he is destroying his life, but help me to be gentle, even when I am dismayed by his behaviors. Even in my sorrow, may my words and actions be driven by hope, rather than anger. Help me find ways to effectively encourage him from Your Word, and may he see Your joy in my life. Amen.

Prayer to Break down the Wall
O Holy One, my son is determined to go his own way and spend all his time with people that are encouraging him to embrace a new way of life – a lifestyle that doesn’t line up with Your Word. He’s bent on pursuing his own way. Help break down this wall that has come between us. Help me embody Your love and character toward him, so he is drawn to You. Amen.

Prayer to Do a Work in My Son’s Life
Righteous Lord, I bring my son before You, asking that You would do a work in his life. He is turning his back on us and getting involved in harmful and dangerous friends and activities. Help me to carefully and considerately communicate with him, sprinkling Your Word and truth into our conversations at opportune times. Help him know that in spite of the issues that divide us, I still love him, and You love him even more. Amen.

Prayers for My Teenage Son

Our children are the most important people placed under our care and guidance. Each one of our children requires daily prayer. This collection of powerful prayers for a teenage son gives examples of prayers you can say for your children.

Precious Lord, I pray for my teenage son, I pray that although he is young, he does not let anyone look down on him because of his age. I declare that he will set an example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. I pray that You keep him on Your righteous path so that his life may be an example to all around him. Father, I pray against any thoughts that he has that may hinder him from his destiny – thoughts regarding his age, his identity, and his mistakes, Amen.
1 Timothy 4:12

Way Maker, I pray that my son will be strong and courageous. He will stand firm on Your Word and resist the ploys of the enemy. He will not be afraid or terrified because of those against him, for You, my God, are with Him. You will never leave him nor forsake him. Thank You for turning Your countenance towards him. Let Your favor continue to rest upon him, Amen.
Deuteronomy 31:6

Miracle Worker, You know the plans that You have for my son, plans to prosper him and not to harm him, plans to give him hope and a future. However, I know that the enemy has set out to destroy the plans that You already have for my child. I pray for an increase in strength and faith within my teenage son because for a young person to stay on the path of purity that You have set out, they must live according to Your Word, Amen.
Jeremiah 29:11 & Psalm 119:9

My God, Promise Keeper, Your word says that before we were born or even formed, we were already written about in a scroll in heaven. Therefore, despite what I see or what my teenage son is experiencing right now, there is a greater word about him in heaven. There is a prophecy about him that I know by Your grace and by Your authority shall come to pass. Instead, let all legal rights that the adversary has over my son be destroyed, and let Your Word come to fruition in his life, Amen.
Psalm 139:16

Lord of All, I declare that my teenage son will not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, he will present his requests to You. I pray that he does not turn to man for his solutions, but let his heart continually turn to You. Fill him with Your peace that transcends all understanding and guard his heart and his mind in Christ Jesus, Amen.
Philippians 4:6-7

Precious God, help my teenage son to hear the voice of his parents, I pray that You soften his heart and his ears so that he may live under the guidance that seeks to help him flourish. I pray that he listens to his father’s instruction and does not forsake his mother’s teaching. They are a garland to grace his head and a chain to adorn his neck. Please clothe my child in wisdom so that he will not be like the world, Amen.
Proverbs 1:8-9

God of Power, I trust in You with all of my heart, but I pray that my teenage son learns to do the same. Father, he finds it easy to lean on his own understanding but Your Word commands us not to. I pray that in all his ways, he acknowledges and submits to You so that You can direct him and lead him to his destiny. Lord, let Your word be a lamp for his feet and a light on his path, Amen.
Proverbs 3:5-6 & Psalm 119:105

Beautiful One, You give strength to the weary and You increase the power of the weak! Even my teenage son shall grow tired and weary, and young men shall stumble and fall, but those who hope in You shall renew their strength. My son’s strength shall be renewed, in Jesus’ name. He will soar on wings like eagles; he will run and not grow weary, he will walk and not be faint, Amen.
Isaiah 40:29-31

God of Peace, I declare an overflow of Your Spirit in my teenage son’s life. As a parent, I sense that something may be wrong internally with him, but as someone who is only human, I may lack understanding. Lord, I know that You are close to the brokenhearted and You save those who are crushed in spirit. Therefore, I will not be afraid, because You are with my son, have Your divine way in his heart, mind and soul, Amen.
Psalm 34:18

Hallelujah to Your matchless name! I lift You up because You are God alone! As my son may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, he will fear no evil for You are with him; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort him. Thank You in advance for being the comfort that my teenage son needs. In today’s society, people are turning to the wrong things for comfort without realizing that the void that they seek to fill or heal can only be filled or healed by You,

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