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prayer for losing a sister

As someone who has lost a sister, I understand your grief and the painful process of losing loved ones. I pray that you find comfort during this time and the peace in knowing you will be reunited with your sister someday in heaven.

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prayer for losing a sister

Dear God,

I have lost my sister, and I am grieving.

Help me to remember who she was and what she stood for when I am tempted to forget. Help me to remember the good times and not just the bad ones. Help me to remember that she is with you now, in a better place. Help me to remember that I will see her again someday, and that should make all of this easier.

I know this is not what you want for us, but it is what has happened nonetheless, and so we are left with only each other. Please help us through this time together so that we can find ways to help each other heal and move on from this pain.

Dear God,

As I sit here, writing this prayer and thinking about the loss of my sister… I feel like I’m on the brink of falling apart. The pain is so deep, and it’s not something that can be fixed in a day or even a year.

I know you understand what it’s like to lose someone who meant so much to you, because you loved them so much. You see them every day, but we don’t get to see our loved ones anymore.

And yet there are still things we can do to help ourselves heal—and one of those things is to remember their lives, which were so full of joy and love. They lived their lives with purpose and meaning, and they lived them for others—and for you.

So please help me remember all those things about my sister as I go through this process of healing, so that her life will always be remembered by me as well as by others who knew her as well.

prayer for loss of loved one

Dear God,

I am writing you to ask for guidance as I grieve the loss of my sister. I know that she was taken from this world too soon, and I know that she is in your presence now. But I also know how hard it is for those of us left behind to go on without her.

I know that she loved the world and the people in it, and that is why she spent so much time helping others who were less fortunate than herself. She was a kind person who cared deeply about our community, especially those who were struggling financially or physically. She would be crushed if she knew that her death had caused anyone else pain.

Please help me remember all of the good things about my sister while letting go of the bad memories as well. Please help me keep going when I feel like giving up. And please let her family find comfort in your presence as they mourn their loss—because they do not deserve this grief any more than I do. Thank you for listening to my prayer today—it means so much to me!

Dear God,

I’m so tired.

I’m tired of the pain, and I’m tired of trying to be strong.

I know you’re there—I know you can hear me and that you love me, but I also know that sometimes life just sucks. And it sucks a lot right now.

I’m so sorry for not being able to do more for my sister. She was such a good person and didn’t deserve this at all. I just don’t understand why bad things happen to good people.

Please help me get through this, God. Please give me strength to go on without her here with us anymore.

Dear God,

Please bless my sister [name] as she prepares to enter your kingdom. She has been a great friend, sister and mother to me and I will miss her greatly. Please watch over her as she walks through this difficult time. Comfort her in the knowledge that you love her and have a plan for each of us. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God,

I am so sad and broken today. My sister passed away this morning and I don’t know how I’m going to go on without her. She was my best friend, and the only person who understood me in this world. She was a good person, God, and she didn’t deserve to die at such an early age.

Please help me find the strength to move forward without her, so that her death will not have been in vain. And please help me to remember all of our happy memories together, so I can feel comforted by them when life gets difficult without her here.

Thank you for listening to my prayer today.

Dear God,

I never asked for this. I never wanted it. But now that it has happened, I’m asking you: please help me deal with this loss. Let me find my way through the sadness and anger, let me find joy again in a world that can’t be made better by magic or miracles—only by letting time continue to pass.

If there is any way to bring her back, anything at all you can do to make this easier on me, please consider it and do it quickly. I feel like my heart has been torn out of my chest and that nothing will ever be able to replace it.

loss of a sister quotes

Missing Your Sister Quotes
One approach for a eulogy is to write it as if speaking directly to your sister or directly about her. Let her know how much you miss her already and how much you always will.

How can I be a sister without her?
Missing my sister in Heaven, but she fits in better there.
Without my sister, my life will be like a book without page numbers. The story will go on, but it might feel out of order.
I miss her, my sister, her spirit dulled to a whisper.
My sister was the gift I never asked for, but always wanted.
Every time I see two sisters, I smile then I cry. I once had that kind of love, but now it’s hard to find.
A lost sister is like the missing piece in the game of life.
When she was alive, I didn’t always miss my sister – now I can’t stop missing her.

R.I.P Sister Quotes
Send hopeful and inspiring wishes for your sister to rest in peace with an R.I.P sister quote.

Sisterhood transcends life.
Angels are sisters who’ve moved far away.
Death wears a hood just as sisters do and it can never be removed.
A little bit of my sister will always live in me.
Rest in peace big sister, you’ve given me all I need.
I hope my sister feels at peace just like she always made me feel.
Like Sleeping Beauty my sister rests until the day our fates align.
My sister lifted me up all my life, now it’s my turn to lift her.
She couldn’t rest in peace on earth with a sister like me, so she found a private space where she can have both.
Twin sisters embracing each other in balcony
In Memory of My Sister Quotes
Whether you’re doing a reading at her funeral or giving a moving tribute to your sister, a quote in memory of her shows your lasting love.

A sister makes your life complete no matter where she is.
I may not have my sister here, but we will always have each other.
My sister was the X marking the spot of my treasured heart, now it will be lost to all.
Spirit to spirit and heart to heart, sisters forever together and apart.
The way I look at our childhood photos is the way my sister looks upon my life today.
The day we became sisters, you were imprinted on my brain and can never truly go away.
Memories fade over time, but my sister isn’t a memory she’s a part of me.
Sisterhood is tried and true, remember me and I’ll remember you.

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