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Prayer For Lineman

In the book of Deuteronomy, we read that God carries us in His everlasting arms. So when we pray, we can come to God with confidence that he will care and watch over His children. The following prayers are suitable as prayers for linemen (for those who install and maintain electric and telephone power cables). They can also be adapted by a lineman’s wife or loved one to pray for the protection of their husband at work (e.g. “May he always look to your light” etc). Further down there is also a short daily prayer to say and some inspiring quotes from the bible about God’s protection and care:- A lineman’s prayer O Lord, You set the stars in the sky and the planets in orbit. May I always look to your light, and follow your direction. You have watched our world through each innovation and development. May you watch over me as a I seek to serve you, bringing electric light to your world. You hear each request, and connect your family together to be one body. Be my light, guide me, watch over me and hear my prayer for this day.

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Lineman Prayer Quotes

Linemen play a crucial role in ensuring that electricity flows seamlessly through our homes, powering our daily lives. They work diligently to maintain and repair power lines, often facing challenging conditions and hazardous situations. To honor these brave individuals, people often turn to prayers and quotes that reflect the lineman’s spirit and dedication. In this article, we will explore some heartfelt lineman prayer quotes, the lineman’s wife’s prayer, a poignant lineman poem, and inspirational lineman quotes.

Lineman’s Wife Prayer

Behind every strong lineman stands a devoted wife, offering her unwavering support and love. The lineman’s job can be demanding, often requiring them to work in extreme weather conditions and at great heights. To cope with the challenges they face, their wives often turn to prayer. The Lineman’s Wife Prayer is a touching expression of their love and concern for their spouse’s safety and well-being.

Lineman’s Wife Prayer: “Dear Lord, I pray for my lineman today, As he heads out to work, don’t let him stray. Guide him safely up those towering poles, Shield him from danger, fill our hearts and souls.

Give him strength when the storms draw near, When the wind howls and the sky is clear. Let him know I’m here, waiting at home, With a heart full of love, and a prayer for his own.

Wrap him in your grace when the day is long, Keep him safe and return him where he belongs. In your hands, Lord, I place his life, My lineman, my love, my heart, my life.”

This heartfelt prayer reflects the deep love and concern that a lineman’s wife carries with her as her spouse faces the daily challenges of the job.

Lineman Poem

Linemen’s dedication to their work and their unwavering commitment to keeping the lights on for all of us often inspire creative expressions like poems. The Lineman Poem below encapsulates the courage, strength, and selflessness that linemen exhibit in their line of duty.

Lineman Poem: In the storm and in the cold, they climb, High above, where the wires intertwine. With steady hands and hearts so bold, They keep our lives in their design.

Through rain and snow, they carry the weight, Of keeping the darkness at bay, so late. With sparks that fly, and towers so high, Linemen reach for the sky.

They repair, restore, and never tire, In the face of danger, they never retire. For linemen, it’s more than just a line, It’s a commitment to keep our lives fine.

This poem beautifully captures the essence of a lineman’s role in our lives, highlighting their dedication and determination.

Lineman Quotes

Linemen often find inspiration in the words of others who have walked similar paths or in the wisdom of those who understand the challenges they face. Here are some meaningful lineman quotes that offer a glimpse into the lineman’s world.

  1. “Linemen are the unsung heroes who bring light into our lives.”
    • Unknown
  2. “It takes a special kind of courage to work where others fear to tread.”
    • Unknown
  3. “The higher the voltage, the closer to heaven.”
    • Unknown
  4. “Linemen: where bravery meets electricity.”
    • Unknown
  5. “In the darkest storms, linemen are the beacon of hope.”
    • Unknown
  6. “Linemen don’t just work with electricity; they work with heart and soul.”
    • Unknown

These quotes reflect the unique and vital role that linemen play in our lives, often working in challenging conditions to ensure we have the power we need.

In conclusion, linemen and their families often turn to prayers, poems, and quotes to express their dedication, love, and respect for the crucial work they do. These words of inspiration and devotion help us appreciate the linemen who keep our lights on and our lives powered, even in the face of adversity. The next time you see a lineman at work, remember the lineman’s prayer, the lineman’s wife’s prayer, the lineman poem, and the lineman quotes that celebrate their unwavering commitment to serving our communities.

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