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prayer for hanging mezuzah

Have you ever been in a real life situation where one just wants to run away, but your soul doesn’t allow you? It was my case seven years ago when I wound up with a prayer-for-mezuzah hanging on my neck.

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How to Hang a Mezuzah: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

  • prayer for mezuzah hanging
  • Dear God,

    I pray that I may be worthy of the mezuzah hanging on my door. Please protect me and my family from all evil and harm, and please let us be a source of goodness and light in this world. Thank you for all that you have given me, and thank you for the chance to serve you.

    May the words of this mezuzah be a reminder that God is always with us, and may they be a source of comfort and strength to you.

    May the words of this mezuzah bring peace and tranquility into your life.

    May the words of this mezuzah bring you joy and happiness in all that you do.

    For the sanctity of this home and for the safety of its inhabitants, may you be blessed with long life and good health, and may your enemies be scattered. May you have all that is necessary for life and livelihood, and may your days be as peaceful as the Sabbath day. May you always enjoy good food and drink, fine clothing, good company, and pleasant conversation. May you be surrounded by a loving family and have many friends who will help you in times of need. May all who enter here find peace and joy in their hearts.

    May the name of God protect us from all harm at night and during the day; may it protect us from above and below; from before us, behind us, from our right side, from our left side; from all four directions; on land or sea; under earth or sky; in this world or in the next world forevermore. Amen

    Prayer of Protection

    Dear Lord,

    Please bless me with a beautiful home and all the amenities I need to live comfortably.

    Please bless my family and friends with good health and peace of mind.

    Please protect us from harm and keep us safe from danger.

    Please watch over me when I am away from home and keep me safe from harm.

    Thank you for all that you have given me, Lord. I pray these things in your name, amen!

    prayer for good luck for someone

    Dear God, no sickness or disease can exist in Your divine presence. You heal by Your very word. Alas, a grave illness has broken out upon the earth. It is causing great chaos among the nations as governments and leaders attend to slow its spread. Lord, I pray for good luck amid this public health crisis. Shield my family and friends from the scourge of this disease. Give us wisdom and good fortune to be at the right place at the right time. For only You have the power to provide an answer to this sickness. Grant this to Your servant, Lord. Amen.

    Lord God, like any loving Father, You want the best for Your children. You teach us what unconditional love is through Your son Jesus. Thus, I pray for Your good favor in this life. Give me the means and circumstances to care for my family, property, and neighbor. Give me a thankful disposition so that I may not forget that You are the hand that provides all things. Above all, allow me to endure all things with the fruit of Your holy spirit, which You have poured out on all people. Amen.

    Lord Jesus, nothing good in this world comes apart from Your gracious hand. Despite my efforts, I cannot change my fate. No amount of planning or preparation can add a single day to my life. Therefore, bless me, Lord. Give me good health and well-being. Open doors in my life that lead to a good fortune so that all my endeavors in this life might be glorifying to You. I pray this in Your boundless mercy. Amen.

    All-powerful Father, You teach us in Your word to be good stewards of money. Yet, it seems that my financial situation is dire. Every time I seem to get ahead, I run into some sort of calamity which puts financial stress upon me. I want to be able to be financially stable, Lord, so that I can be a good witness to my family and financially help my neighbor. Therefore, I pray for good luck and financial strength. Keep and uphold my house, vehicle, and place of employment so that I can make the most of every dollar I earn. Help me to be a better steward of money so that I can better serve You. Amen.

    Righteous Savior, I feel so often as if misfortune seems to follow me. What’s worse is that it seems that the wicked prosper, while Your servant is downtrodden. I do not know if I can handle another setback. Therefore, guard me against all calamity. Give me the wisdom and the foresight to avoid bad decisions, and place myself in a position to be more fortunate. God grant me this prayer. Amen.

    Eternal Father, let me boldly approach Your throne of grace to petition Your good favor. I beg of You to set my path before me. Layout my steps that I might walk in Your blessed light. Send Your traveling mercies to preserve me in all my comings and goings. Surely, Your graciousness shall follow me during even the darkest moments of my life. Therefore, do not turn Your face away from me, but continue to smile upon me so that others might see Your wonderful deeds in my life and bring glory to Your name. Amen.

    God of Increase, it is within You that we live, move, and have our being. From You, all life comes, and all abundance prospers. Therefore, I ask that You shield me from all folly and carelessness. Give me wisdom and good fortune, so that I can apply sound principles according to Your statutes. Help me to meditate on Your commands, so that I am not tempted to fall into the Devil’s snares. Shine upon me with Your renewing grace and give me a sound and sober mind. Amen.

    Lord of the Highest Heavens, remember not my transgressions and forgive me of my many transgressions with which I have ever offended You. I need Your powerful hand to manifest in my life. I have made bad decisions. I have squandered the good gifts You have given me and I want to do better. Lord, send better luck my way so that I have more opportunity to redeem my situation. Send solid friends and mentors into my life who can help me get back on my feet. You are a God who never fails to keep His promises. Amen.

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