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Prayer For Feeling Overwhelmed

“Prayer For Feeling Overwhelmed” ⁣is a spiritual practice designed to‌ help individuals who are experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed. It offers⁤ a way to seek solace, guidance, and‌ support from a higher power or divine entity.

One of the defining features​ of this ‍prayer is its ability to provide comfort and relief⁣ during challenging times. It acknowledges and addresses‌ the emotions and thoughts associated with overwhelming situations, allowing individuals ‍to release their burdens and find strength in their faith.​ This prayer encourages practitioners ⁢to‍ surrender their worries and anxieties to a higher power, recognizing that they are not alone in their​ struggles.

Another crucial aspect

Are you swamped, stressed and strung out? Remember, He’s only a prayer away. 

A teenage girl praying with the Bible open.

If you’re anything like me, life catches you by surprise. One moment, you feel as if everything is going fine, the next you’re overwhelmed at every turn. When those times come, as they do for us all, there is one can’t-fail solution. It’s easy, doesn’t cost a penny, and it only requires that we turn our hearts toward God.           

Prayer. I have discovered many variations that I use in different situations. I hope my examples will help you as well.

A Centering Prayer. Once, when life had me scurrying on every level, I received a card from my friend Debbie. Her mother had just passed away and this prayer had fallen from her well-worn Bible. The prayer permeated my being, helping me place my circumstances in God’s all-capable hands. Still today, I feel healing in my body, mind, and spirit whenever I pray it:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Look upon me with your eyes of mercy. Lay Your healing hand upon me, letting Your life-giving power invade every cell of my body to the depths of my soul; cleansing, purifying, and restoring me to strength for work in Your kingdom.

Praying the Scriptures. I love to recite the words of a treasured Bible verse, inserting myself in the passage of promise. Two of my favorites paraphrases are:

Psalm 46:1: Lord, you are my refuge and strength, always ready to help me in times of trouble.

I Peter 5:7: I cast all of my anxieties on you, Lord, for you care for me.

The Stitchery Prayer: I collect antique samplers with special phrases that I keep around the house. Perhaps there’s even a plaque or picture in your home that contains words you hold dear. Why not change them into a personal prayer the next time you feel overwhelmed? One of my favorite age-old verses from my collection is this one:

“Dear Lord, you’re just in all your ways

And holy are your works each one

You’re near to all that on you call

I call in truth on you alone.”

Praying a Favorite Quote. A.W. Tozer was an American Christian pastor, author, and spiritual mentor, whom many felt was a modern-day prophet. When it comes to insights, I’ve found there’s nothing like recounting some of his words—or other poetry of the past—when I’m feeling stressed out, such as: “Sometimes when we get overwhelmed, we forget how big God is.” I reshape his time-tested wisdom into a prayer and remind myself that God’s grace is always sufficient for me, that His power is made perfect in my weakness. It helps me to stop working so hard in my own strength and rely on God and his eternal word. I simply pray: “When circumstances overwhelm and seem too much to bear, I depend on You, Lord, and trust Your precious care.”

The Breath Prayer: This is the simplest petition of all and one I used during my darkest time, when I was in withdrawal from medically-prescribed opioid pain medication. My body felt like I suffered from the worst imaginable flu, my legs moved involuntarily and my mind replayed every mistake I had made in my entire life. It was absolute torment. All I could do was breathe in “Je” and exhale “sus.” Jesus. The very Giver of breath. Over and over again. My prayers for restoration of health, and relief from pain that had plagued me for five decade, were answered in a miraculous way. Later, when I marveled that I hadn’t uttered a lofty prayer at all, I learned that the idea of “The Breath Prayer” actually dates back to ancient Christianity. Throughout time, people have spoken prayers that could be communicated in a single breath. “Lord, have mercy.” “Touch me, Lord.” “Help me cope.” These are sacred expressions linked to the rhythm of breathing, and are a way to pray without ceasing, as the Bible admonishes, whenever we feel overwhelmed.

Pray a Song. Classic hymns and old gospel tunes are great ones, but you’re sure to have your personal favorites too. I love “In the Valley He Restoreth my Soul” and “Sheltered in the Arms of God,” both by Dottie Rambo and “It is Well with My Soul,” penned way back in 1873 by Horatio Spafford, during a time of great personal tragedy. Sometimes, I sing these song-prayers at my piano, and take a trip back in time to my childhood church. That journey in itself is restorative.

The In-Basket Prayer: Once, while I was tossing and turning and sleep would not reach me, I found myself thinking of the overflowing in-basket on my desk. That’s what my life has become, I grumbled. A never-ending in-basket. Right then and there, God spoke to me, “Relabel that in-basket, Roberta. Put My name on it.” I did just that. I took my every burden to my Lord and left them there. It changed me from being overwhelmed to over-grateful, the most wonderful place to be!

What to Pray When Feeling Overwhelmed?

Life often presents us with challenges that can make us feel overwhelmed. Whether it’s the pressures of work, family, or personal struggles, these moments can be incredibly trying. When faced with such situations, turning to prayer can be a powerful source of comfort and strength. In this article, we will explore what to pray when feeling overwhelmed and how faith can help us navigate life’s complexities.

What Does God Say to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed?

When we feel overwhelmed, it’s easy to feel lost and alone. However, according to the Christian faith, God provides guidance and support for those who seek Him. The Bible contains numerous verses and passages that offer wisdom and comfort in times of distress. Let’s delve into what God says about dealing with overwhelming situations.

Where in the Bible Does it Talk About Feeling Overwhelmed?

The Bible is filled with stories and verses that address the human experience of feeling overwhelmed. One of the most well-known passages is found in the Book of Matthew, where Jesus encourages us to come to Him when we are burdened and overwhelmed. In Matthew 11:28-30, He says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Additionally, in the Book of Psalms, there are numerous passages where King David, a man who faced immense challenges, expressed his feelings of being overwhelmed and sought God’s help. Psalm 61:2 is a perfect example: “From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

These verses remind us that God is always ready to help us when we feel overwhelmed, and turning to Him in prayer is a powerful way to find solace.

What Are the 3 Powerful Prayers?

Prayer is a deeply personal experience, and the most powerful prayers are often those that come from the heart. However, there are several classic prayers that people turn to when they feel overwhelmed:

  1. The Serenity Prayer: This prayer, commonly associated with 12-step programs, asks for the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference. It’s a prayer that can help us find peace in the face of overwhelming situations.
  2. The Lord’s Prayer: Also known as the Our Father, this prayer was taught by Jesus to His disciples. It serves as a template for communicating with God, addressing themes of gratitude, forgiveness, and seeking His will.
  3. The Prayer of Jabez: This prayer, found in 1 Chronicles 4:10, asks God to bless and expand one’s territory, to keep His hand upon us, and to keep us from harm and pain. It’s a prayer for growth and protection in challenging times.

Prayer for Overwhelmed Moms

Mothers often face unique challenges that can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood, work, and personal life can be incredibly demanding. In times of distress, mothers can turn to this prayer for strength:

“Dear Lord, as a mother, I am faced with countless challenges and responsibilities that sometimes make me feel overwhelmed. Please grant me the strength to carry my burdens and the wisdom to make the right decisions for my family. Help me find moments of peace and rest in the midst of my busy life. I trust in Your guidance and ask for Your grace to be a loving and nurturing mother. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

Prayer for Feeling Incompetent

Feeling incompetent can be a difficult and demoralizing experience. It’s essential to remember that God’s love and grace are not dependent on our perceived competence. Here’s a prayer for those who feel inadequate:

“Heavenly Father, there are moments in my life when I doubt my abilities and feel incompetent. Help me remember that my worth is not determined by my achievements, but by Your love for me. Grant me the confidence to face challenges and the wisdom to seek Your guidance when I am uncertain. I trust that, with Your help, I can overcome feelings of inadequacy and grow stronger in faith. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.”

In conclusion, when we feel overwhelmed, it’s essential to turn to our faith and seek solace in prayer. The Bible provides us with guidance on how to deal with overwhelming situations, and there are powerful prayers that can offer comfort and strength. Whether you’re a mom facing the demands of motherhood or someone struggling with feelings of incompetence, prayer can be a source of hope and reassurance in challenging times. Remember that God is always there to listen and provide the support you need to navigate life’s complexities.

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