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Prayer For Dakota

A prayer for dakota is a popular poem written by someone from the country of india. It has been shared among many social media sites such as facebook and fb messenger. People have also used it as a status or a  tweet. This article highlights prayer points for breakthrough.

Grandfather, Great Spirit, fill us with the light, Give us with the light. Educate our minds and open our eyes. Teach us to walk the soft earth, as relatives, to all that live. Please assist us; without you, we are unable to function. You’ll also see short morning prayer in this article.

Prayer For Dakota

Dear God,

We pray for Dakota. We know that you are a merciful and loving God, who is always there for us when we need you the most. We ask that you continue to watch over Dakota, keep her safe from harm, and provide her with everything she needs to be happy.

We thank you for your love and guidance. We are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us, and we pray that you will continue to bless us with your grace and generosity.

In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear God,

we pray for Dakota. We know that it is your will to give us peace and comfort, and we ask that you would bless her with these things.

We know that you are sovereign over all creation, and we believe that you have a purpose for everything. We pray that you would keep Dakota safe from harm and help her find healing in whatever way best suits her needs.

We also pray for her family and friends, who are struggling to come to terms with this tragedy. May they be given strength from knowing that they are not alone in their grief, but rather surrounded by a community of people who love them and care about them deeply.

In Jesus’ name we pray, amen

Prayer For Protection

Dear God,

We pray for Dakota. That he may be blessed with happiness, joy and peace. We also pray that he may find love and acceptance in his life. We pray that he will know the joy of a family who loves him unconditionally, who accepts him for who he is. We pray that this family will give him the same love they receive from their own parents.

We ask You to protect Dakota from any harm or danger. Protect him from the hands of evil people who would hurt him for being different or for living a lifestyle different from theirs.

Help us to remember Dakota in our prayers every day so that he may feel Your presence in his life and know that You are always there for him when he needs You most!

Dear Lord,

We pray for Dakota. We pray for Dakota’s family, and for all who have been affected by this tragedy. We ask that you comfort them with your grace and mercy.

We pray that the soul of Dakota will rest in peace, and that his family will find solace in the fact that he is no longer suffering.

Lord, we know you are a just God, who loves us all equally. You are the creator of life, and you are able to bring beauty out of even the darkest places in our world. Please use this tragedy to bring healing to those who are hurting right now—both physically and spiritually. We pray that your love may reach into every corner of this community, bringing light where there is darkness and hope where there is despair.

Dear Dakota,

Thank you for your courage and strength in the face of a terrible tragedy. We have been so moved by the way you have handled everything that has happened to you, and we are grateful for your bravery.

We hope that you are able to find peace within yourself, even as life continues without your brother. You will always be a part of him, and he will always be a part of you. We pray that this knowledge will bring you comfort and peace as you move forward with your life.

We ask that God watch over you and hold your hand throughout this difficult time. Amen

Short Morning Prayer

Please, Lord

As I get up and get ready for the day, I ask that You equip me with the fortitude I’ll need to stand firm for You in a world full of temptations.

You, Lord, are aware of the difficulties I will face today. I hope you will be there for me as I go through them. when I am too weak to walk, please carry me. Please forgive me, Father, if I fall into temptation. Please, Father, take me far from them. I can’t fight off the bad guys without Your help.

I give you the glory, Father, when I overcome them. Since I wouldn’t be here or have the strength I do if it weren’t for You. Lord, may the courage You’ve given me be a blessing to those I care about. You deserve every accolade and accolade there is. To have you as my support and shield means the world to me.

I ask that you always keep me and my loved ones safe, but especially today as we travel.

Prayer Points For Breakthrough

  1. Gen 12:3 – Oh Lord! Bless those who bless me and curse him who curses me. In me, all the families of the earth shall be blessed in this generation in Jesus’ name.
  2. Gen. 12:18-20 – I recover all that has been taken away from me today in Jesus’s name.
  3. Gen 14:16 – I take it back! I take back all my inheritance today in Jesus’s name.
  4. Gen. 17:2 – Oh Lord, make with me a covenant of multiplication today in Jesus’s name.
  5. Gen 24:1 – Oh Lord, like Abraham, let me spend all the days of my life in great blessing in Jesus’s name.
  6. Gen. 26:13 – Oh Lord! After this prayer, I will begin to prosper and continue prospering until I become very prosperous in Jesus’s name.
  7. Gen. 32:28 – Oh Lord, give me a new name. A name that is synonymous with wealth, breakthrough and prosperity in Jesus’s name.
  8. Exo. 1:21 – Oh Lord! let my fear of you build a house for me in Jesus’s name.
  9. Exo. 33:17 – Oh Lord! Let me find grace in your sight so that you will grant me all my requests for a breakthrough in Jesus’s name.
  10. Deut. 8:18 – Oh Lord! Empower me today to get wealth so that I will continue to advance your kingdom in Jesus’s name.
  11. Ruth 3:18 – Oh Lord, don’t let the person that will channel my breakthrough rest until he/she has fulfilled it in Jesus’s name.
  12. 1 Sam. 2:8 – Oh Lord, it is within your reach to make my glory shine. Place me to the place of top through your mighty work so that my life will glorify your name in Jesus’s name.
  13. 2 Sam. 23:2 – The spirit of the Lord had a voice through me, his word was on my tongue that my breakthrough starts now in Jesus’s name.
  14. 1 Kings 1:17 – Oh Lord, make those who promise me fulfil their promises this month in Jesus’s name.
  15. 1 Chron. 12:22 – Oh Lord, day by day, manipulate all your creation to empower me to become a great army in my endeavours in Jesus’s name.
  16. Neh. 13:14 – Remember me oh Lord! Let all the good deeds I did in your house be a point of contact to my breakthrough in Jesus’s name.
  17. Job 8:7 – I speak to my creation! My beginning may be small but I will henceforth start experiencing greatness in Jesus’s name.
  18. Job 29:19 – I command my root to spread out to the waters, and my destiny to receive the dew of breakthrough all night in Jesus’s name.
  19. Job 29:20 – I command that my glory shall be fresh within me and my bow is renewed in my hand in Jesus’s name.
  20. Psalm 1:3 – Oh Lord, plant my life by the riverside of blessing today in other to bring forth fruits in its season in Jesus’s name.
  21. Psalm 2:6 – Oh Lord, set me on high like a king set on his throne in Jesus’s name.
  22. Psalm 2:8 – Oh Lord, I ask today in your mercy. Let me possess my possession on earth in Jesus’s name.
  23. Psalm 3:3 – The Lord my shield, protect me, the Lord my glory, bring forth my glory, the Lord my lifter, lift up my head in my family in Jesus’s name.
  24. Psalm 21:5 – Oh Lord, give me the grace to carry your glory everywhere. Let honour and majesty be upon me as a big garment in Jesus’s name.
  25. Psalm 21:6 – Lord, make me the most blessed forever. Remove poverty and backwardness from me in Jesus’s name.
  26. Psalm 22:3 – The Lord that enthroned in the praises of Israel, enthrone my praise from today so that my generation shall receive breakthrough in Jesus’s name.
  27. Psalm 22:4 – Oh Lord, our fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) trusted in you and you delivered them. Give me a total deliverance today so that I will be a testifier in Jesus’s name.
  28. Psalm 22:5 – Oh Lord, our fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) did not lack good things. From today henceforth, I shall not lack every good thing in Jesus’s name.
  29. Psalm 22:9 – Oh Lord, there a purpose for my life, that is why you brought me out of my mother’s womb. Lord, bring the purpose of my existence to reality in Jesus’s name.
  30. Psalm 23:2 – Jesus’s Christ called himself the way. Therefore I decree that my life shall be led beside the still waters where there exist the green pastures in Jesus’s name.
  31. Psalm 23:6 – Lord, let the spirits of Goodness and Mercy, be my escort from today in Jesus’s name.
  32. Psalm 27:13 – Oh Lord, I declare that all the goodness that is meant for me in the land of the living are my portion in Jesus’s name.
  33. Psalm 29:7 – Oh Lord, let your voice that is full of fire consume all powers that debar my breakthrough in Jesus’s name.
  34. Psalm 29:9 – Oh Lord, speak your voice into my life today so that others will join me to praise your name when I give my testimonies in Jesus’s name.
  35. Psalm 30:12 – Oh Lord, wake up my glory and bring it forth to the open in Jesus’s name.
  36. Psalm 31:4 – Oh Lord, pull me out of the net of backwardness in Jesus’s name.
  37. Psalm 31:19 – Oh Lord, prepare me for the table meant for kings and princes in Jesus’s name.
  38. Psalm 32:8 – Oh Lord, teach me and guide me to the way of prosperity in Jesus’s name.
  39. Psalm 34:8 – Oh Lord, test me with prosperity and breakthrough whether I will not lift your kingdom. Visit my life today in Jesus’s name.
  40. Psalm 65:9 – Oh Lord, visit my work and water it today. Enrich me greatly so as to lift your kingdom in Jesus’s name.

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