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A Prayer For A Cat

Cats are calming, receptive to affection, help release oxytocin in the brain, and, most importantly, bond with you in profound, emotional ways. It’s no wonder that they become like children, and in some cases, often replace a person’s desire for them.

Please pray for this cat. It’s grade is not very good. The cause of the bad grade is that it’s been naughty and bad all week, so Saturday morning the teacher took it aside and gave it a good talking to. “You’ve been very, very bad”, she said when she’d finished. “What did you say?”, asked the cat, in a trembling and pitiful tone of voice.

A prayer for a cat:

God, I have a cat. His name is [name]. He’s old and he’s sick, and he has been in pain for a long time. I don’t know what to do for him anymore, so I’m asking you for some help.

I know that you are all-powerful, but I also know that you love cats—and so do I! Please let him live out the rest of his life with as much comfort as possible. If that means putting him down, then please let me know when it’s time so I can be with him as he goes to sleep. If that means keeping him alive forever, even though he may be in pain or not able to enjoy life… well then, please let me know what your will is for my cat and how best to do it.

Thank you so much!

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A Cat's Prayer

A Prayer For A Cat

Dear God, I come to You today on behalf of my beloved cat. I ask for Your mercy and compassion upon them, as I entreat You for miraculous healing and restoration in their life. I know that You are the Source of all life and health, so in Jesus Name, I speak wholeness over my cat right now.

Dear God, I know that you created cats to be loved and cared for, and I am doing my best to honor you.

Dear God, I know that you created cats to be loved and cared for, and I am doing my best to honor you.

Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.

Prayer for a Cat

Lord, here I am again, praying for my cat. You see, she’s a little bit older now and has some serious health issues. She’s been through so much in her short life—I just want to take care of her the best I can, but that’s not always easy.

I know you have a plan for all of us and what we’re supposed to do here on earth. But sometimes I wonder if it would be more helpful if you’d just give me some kind of sign—a message from above or something—so that I could understand what this is all about.

Please remind me why you put me here on this planet with my cat, and help me be the best owner possible for her as she ages into old age. Thank you in advance for your guidance!

Dear God, I know that you created cats to be loved and cared for, and I am doing my best to honor you in my care of {Pet’s Name}.

Dear God, I know that you created cats to be loved and cared for, and I am doing my best to honor you in my care of {Pet’s Name}.

I know that cats are a gift from you, and I know that they need your presence in their lives every day. My cat is living proof of this. He is a smart animal who loves me unconditionally, even when I forget to feed him or clean his litter box. So please help me keep up with all his needs so he can continue loving me back just as much!

Please send the angels to comfort and guard my cat when I am not there.

When your cat is sick or injured, it’s okay to ask for help. If you’re scared of what might happen and don’t know how to pray, just say something like “Please send the angels to comfort and guard my cat when I am not there.”

Please help me to meet {Pet’s Name}’s needs as well.

Please help me to meet {Pet’s Name}’s needs as well.

I ask that you watch over {Pet’s Name} and keep her safe.

I thank you for all of the good times we have had together and hope that I can be worthy of your love in the future.

Help me to notice when my cat needs medical attention or a change in food or routine, so that I may take action quickly.

It is important to recognize the signs of a cat’s illness. If your cat has been sleeping more than usual, changes his or her eating habits or starts chewing on furniture, it could be a sign of illness that needs attention. You may want to consult with a veterinarian if you notice these symptoms in your cat.

Some cats require special diets because they are diabetic or have other health issues that require a change in their diet. It can be difficult as an owner of multiple cats when one needs different food than the others do because it can become expensive buying different brands for each cat every week; however, this can be avoided by keeping all your cats on one brand so all their vitamins and nutrients are similar throughout each day (or at least most days).

If you notice that one of your cats is not getting enough exercise and wants to play more often than normal around the house then try getting another toy for them to chase around! This will help keep them active while also giving them something new which means less boredom from same old routine activities like laying down near where food comes out when being fed meal times every evening during dinner time as well as mornings before breakfast happens minutes later after waking up early enough so mom doesn’t need any extra supervision while making coffee since she’ll already be awake anyway due…

Help me to find the time for regular play time and naps and long walks outdoors so that my cat may have a full life.

But take the time to do it. It is important. I have been on both sides of this equation, and if there’s one thing that all pet owners can agree on, it’s that a cat who is well-cared for will be happy and healthy.

Your cat may need to see the vet. A trip to the vet for an annual checkup could reveal any number of conditions, from feline leukemia or diabetes to fleas or worms, which require immediate treatment. Your cat might be suffering from some kind of injury! You wouldn’t want your kitty living in pain and misery because you were too busy with work stuff or whatever else you’re doing these days—in fact, cats are so sensitive that they’ll often hide their pain rather than alert us when something is wrong with them. So please take care of yourself first so your cat will know how much she means to you! And if there’s anything wrong with our little furry friends (and there probably isn’t), then we definitely want them feeling better ASAP!

Thank you for creating this living being who fills the home with life and laughter; who purrs with infinite sweetness, who bites with infinite tenderness, who scratches with infinite gentleness; who sleeps on one’s hand when one is reading, on one’s head when one is praying; who knows without fail when one is sorrowful and when one is glad; help me take care of this precious gift until we are together again in heaven.

Thank you for creating this living being who fills the home with life and laughter; who purrs with infinite sweetness, who bites with infinite tenderness, who scratches with infinite gentleness; who sleeps on one’s hand when one is reading, on one’s head when one is praying; who knows without fail when one is sorrowful and when one is glad; help me take care of this precious gift until we are together again in heaven. My cat’s name is _________. He/she was born __________ years ago and has lived as my companion for all of that time.

My cat’s fur color(s): _____

Breed: (if known) ______

Favorite toy: ______

Best friend (if applicable): _______

Favorite food(s): ______

miracle prayer for my cat

Your cat is like a child to you, so the thought of losing your best friend brings you great grief. Here are 10 powerful prayers for your sick cat.

Prayer for Sick Cat
Jesus, the Great Physician, You are the provider and sustainer of all good gifts. You provide for our friends in the human realm, and also our friends in the animal realm. You have given me my beloved cat who has improved my life greatly. He/she has fallen ill, and I ask for Your healing hand to nurse him/her back to health. Give him/her the strength and the endurance to make a full recovery. Amen.

Prayer for My Cat to Pull Through
Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, I am at such a critical place in the health and well-being of my pet cat. It has been touch-and-go for so long. I have had to take it day by day as we learn new things about his/her condition and prognosis. O Jesus, please be near to me right now. Come and dwell within us, that in Your presence, my cat will pull through this. Heal my dear companion, Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Euthanized Cat
Lord Jesus, You give and You take away. All good things in this life must one day come to an end. As a reflection of Your mercy, I have decided to put down my cat who has been my friend for many years. I ask that You let my cat pass without fear or pain. Help us all to cope with our loss at this moment, comforted by the knowledge that he/she is no longer in agony. Amen.

Prayer for Dying Cat
God of mercy, my cat and I have shared many years. He/She has been there for me through the most difficult times. When I needed comfort, You provided him/her to comfort me. Now, he/she is approaching his/her final day. Send Your Spirit to comfort us all as he/she slips away from this life peacefully and without pain. Amen.

Prayer of Gratitude for My Cat
God of infinite mercy, I thank You through Your dear Son, Jesus, that You have provided me my wonderful pet cat. In my gratitude, I beg You to help my cat back to health, as he/she is not currently feeling well. Because You are a God of infinite compassion, I do not doubt that You will provide healing. Come quickly with Your healing Spirit, Lord, and restore my dear companion. Amen.

Prayer for My Cat’s Strength
O Lord, my Healer, my cat is normally swift and agile. He/she has no problems getting around. But as of late, I have noticed that he/she is in pain. He/She appears to be weak and sickly, and I fear for his/her health. I pray that You strengthen my cat. Replenish his/her body, so that he/she is fully equipped to fight off any sickness that enters his/her system. Rejuvenate my companion, Father. Amen.

Prayer to Ease My Cat’s Pain
Oh, Jesus, my Great Healer, You do not overlook even the beast of the field or the birds of the sky. You care for all creatures through Your all-seeing providence. Though I cannot understand what it is like for my cat in pain, You know what he/she is experiencing. Please consider the pain of my beloved pet and take it swiftly away from him/her. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom as a Cat Owner
Lord Jesus, to know You is to know wisdom in all things. In life, we often have to make difficult decisions concerning the pets to whose care You have entrusted us. We may need to make decisions that are contrary to what we want but are best for our pet. My pet cat has fallen very ill. I may have to put my cat down, as humanely and as lovingly as possible. In this time, I ask that You impart to me Your wisdom so that I can make sound decisions for my cat according to the principles of love and mercy. Amen.

Prayer to Trust God’s Plan Regarding My Cat
Most merciful God, to trust Your plan is easy to talk about. But it becomes much harder when life gives us no other choice but to lay it all at Your feet. My cat is my best friend, and I do not know how to let go of control of this situation as he/she becomes more ill. Help me to let go of my grasp and need for control. Help me to place my trust in You and not in myself. Help me to trust that whatever happens is in Your plan and accept Your will. Amen.

Prayer for Faith in God’s Plan for My Sick Cat
Lord God of the highest heavens, understanding how Your plan will work out in our lives is very difficult. We cannot see what lies ahead, only the vague outlines of Your promises – as through a glass darkly lit. As my cat struggles to recover from his/her illness, I ask that You assure me of the goodness of Your plans, no matter the outcome. Help me to press forward boldly, trusting in Your goodness and mercy. Amen.

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Prayer For Cat Death

Some people pray every night. They find it difficult to get much done without daily prayer. Others pray at specific times of the day. I believe one has to be prepared for life’s twists and turns. Praying for cat death may seem counterproductive…but in this case, I don’t like my kitty’s odds. This exposition discusses Pet Prayers For The Death Of A Cat.

Just as we have cared for (pet’s name) during his or her life, we pray that You would protect (him or her) in death. You entrusted us with (pet’s name), and now we are returning him or her to you. I pray that (name of pet) will find a warm and welcoming place in Your heart. May our affection for one another become deeper as we reflect on the life of (name of pet). You’ll also read more on a pets prayer in this piece.

Prayer For Cat Death

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Dear God,

We pray for the soul of our dear feline companion, [cat name]. We know that you are the keeper and giver of life, and we thank you for giving us the gift of this sweet creature.

We ask that you take care of her in Heaven, and to help ease our grief at her passing. Help us to remember all the good times we spent together and the lessons she taught us about love and patience. Let us keep these memories close to our hearts as we move forward without her by our side. May she be reborn into this world again someday, or if not, may we meet again in Heaven someday soon.


Dear God,

We come to you today to ask for your guidance and help in our time of need. Our cat died last night and we are devastated. We know that You have a plan for all things, but we still feel as if our hearts are broken beyond repair. Please comfort us in this time of grief and give us the strength to move forward without our beloved pet.

We pray Your blessings on all who were affected by this tragedy, so that they may find peace in knowing that their loved one will be remembered forever by those who cared for them.

In Christ’s name we pray, Amen

Dear God,

I am writing to you today about the death of my cat, Little Kitty Purry. I know that you are busy and this may seem like a small thing to you, but I want to tell you how much he meant to me.

Little Kitty Purry was my best friend, my confidant, and my companion for over 18 years. He was always there for me through thick and thin—from when I graduated from college to when I got married and had children. He never judged me or made me feel bad about anything. He just loved me unconditionally, even when I cried over something silly or was having a bad day at work.

Pet Prayers For The Death Of A Cat

I know that he is still with us because his spirit lives on in his descendants: Little Kitty Purry II and Little Kitty Purry III (the kittens). They have been born into their new homes where they will continue their legacy as loving cats who bring joy into people’s lives just like their father did for me.

I thank you for blessing us with such wonderful companionship throughout our lives together.

Dear God,

This cat died today, and it was so sudden. I didn’t know what to think when I found her in the hallway this morning, just laying there. I think she was trying to get up and then just fell over. She was so cold when I picked her up—I don’t know how she got like that. She wasn’t sick or anything, and she didn’t have any marks on her body or anything.

But maybe this is what happens when people live long enough? Maybe they just stop living one day and then they die? It’s not fair! Why would you make a person live a long time if they’re just going to die at the end anyway? It’s not fair!

I miss you so much already. You were my best friend in the whole world…

Dear God,

We come before you today in prayer for the souls of our departed felines. Please, Lord, take care of them as they make their way to the afterlife. May their spirits rest easily in your arms, and may we be comforted by the knowledge that they are not suffering any more. Their lives were too short for them to fully experience all the joy life has to offer, but we will always remember their sweet faces and loving hearts.

May their spirits live on forever in our hearts and minds, and may they never be forgotten by those who loved them so dearly while they were here on earth. We thank you for giving us these wonderful pets and allowing us to share some moments with them—even if it was only brief—and pray that you will continue to bless us with these beautiful creatures in the future.

Dear Lord,

We are so saddened by the passing of our beloved friend, [name]. Please give us strength to carry on without him. We know that these days will be difficult for us, but we pray that you will bless us with the strength to carry on without him.

We ask this in your name, Amen.

Dear God,

We ask you to watch over our beloved [name] who has passed away. We ask for your comfort and peace for our family during this difficult time. May we find solace in your promises and know that you are with us always. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Pets Prayer

St. Francis of Assisi’s “Canticle of the Creatures”

All glory, honor, and blessing are due to You, Most High, All-Powerful, Good Lord.

They belong solely to You, Most High, and no human being is fit to even bring Your name up in conversation.

The day comes from my lord Brother Sun, and it is through him that you provide light.
And he shines with a beauty and radiance that befits his majesty!
You, Most High, are reflected in him.

By the light of Sister Moon and the stars, I give thanks to You, O Lord, for creating them so perfectly clear, valuable, and lovely in the heavens above.

Thank You for providing for Your creatures in all kinds of weather, and I praise You, Lord, via Your creations like Brother Wind and the air, overcast and serene.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing us with Sister Water, who is not only practical but also modest, priceless, and pure.

Brother Fire, through whom You illuminate the night, is beautiful and lively and powerful and strong; so, I praise You, my Lord.

Thank You, Lord, that You created Sister Mother Earth to provide for and govern us, and that She blesses us with a rainbow of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Thanks be to You, Lord, because of those who forgive because of Your compassion and persevere when they are sick or suffering.

Peacemakers are blessed because they will be crowned by You, the Most High.

Thank You, Lord, through the Sister Death of the Physical World, from whom no mortal may hide.

Death in deadly sin is a terrible end.
Those who die doing Your holy will will be spared the pain of the second death.

Give gratitude to my Lord, laud His name, and serve Him in the utmost awe and reverence.

Second, a hymn of praise to the animal kingdom

What a wide range of things you’ve made, Lord.
You’re the wise one who formed them all.
This planet is teeming with your animals.
See, before you is the ocean, huge and wide, home to creatures great and little….
They are totally reliant on you to supply them with food whenever they are hungry.
So long as you provide it, they will collect it.
When you extend a helping hand, they get satiated beyond measure….
To inhale someone is to produce life; to exhale someone is to revitalize the soil.
The Lord’s praise be sung for all time.
God is pleased with his creations. Bible verses (Psalm 67:24–25, 27–28, 30–31 NLT)

3) Good News for a Pet in Need

To the God who created everything that swims in the oceans and all the birds in the sky, all the domesticated animals, the creepy crawlers, and the savage beasts, we give thanks.
Please accept my gratitude for this animal, for the love and happiness it has brought into my life, and for the life it has received from you.
We ask that you bless this animal and see in our care a reflection of your own compassion.
The world is a better place because you exist, and this token of your affection is no exception.
All of God’s creatures praise thee, O Lord. Amen. This is a Bob Hostetler quote.

Prayer for a Sick Animal

God’s mercy extends to all of creation, including the animal we’ve come to love.
Please have mercy on him and heal him completely.
God, in the name of Jesus Christ, please protect her from harm and give us discernment as we care for her. — (Bob Hostetler)

Animals in Need: #5 A Prayer

All glory and praise be to you, Lord God, for you created the heavens and the earth.
You made everything for your own glory, but even so, some of your creations are in excruciating pain and misery.
Animals in the wild, on the streets, in shelters, and in captivity all need your compassion today.
Bring relief to the afflicted, the abused, the hungry, and the forgotten.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that you will bless them with the care and respect that is due all of your Creation. — (Bob Hostetler)

Of course, the Feast of Saint Francis isn’t the only time of year when people can give thanks and pray for their dogs and other animals. These petitions are meant to be the first step.

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