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prayer for broken friendship

When you are going through the struggle of a broken friendship, it is easy to feel completely powerless and at the mercy of your friend. This prayer for broken friendship will bring comfort to those who believe in Jesus Christ and are not able to see the path forward. No matter how many problems you are facing in your life, Jesus can give you peace. The following is a prayer for broken friendship that will help you begin to heal from an unexpected broken friendship.

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prayer for broken friendship

Prayer for My Family - For Unity & Reunions

Dear God,

I pray for my friend who is dealing with a broken friendship. I pray that you would comfort them and help them find peace. Please give them the strength to move on and forgive their friend. Help them trust that you are in control of all things and know what is best for both parties involved.

In Jesus name, Amen

Dear Lord,

I come to you today with a heavy heart. I feel as though my heart has been shattered, and I am at a loss for what to do. My friend has hurt me deeply by saying that she no longer wants to be friends. I have always been there for her, and she has always been there for me. I love her like a sister and cannot imagine life without her in it.

Please help me find the strength to get through this difficult time and heal my broken heart. Please help me understand why things have gone so wrong between us, so that I can forgive her and move forward in life without losing sight of what is truly important—our friendship!

Dear Lord,

I ask that you heal the broken friendship between [name] and me.

I know you are the healer of all wounds and the restorer of all things. Please mend this rift in our relationship, so that we may be friends again.

I know that sometimes a friend needs to be away from you to see their own faults and come back to you with a humble heart. That is what I pray for today: that [name] will return to me with an open mind, ready to listen and understand my point of view so that we can find common ground again. I pray that whatever has happened between us will have been resolved before this prayer is answered, and that we will be able to be friends again soon.

Thank you for hearing my prayer today, dear Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

prayer for letting go of a friendship

Dear God,

I pray for the strength to let go of my anger and resentment. I pray that You would help me to forgive the person who hurt me. I pray that You will bring peace into my heart and mind. I pray that You will help me let go of the pain in my heart, so that I can be free from it.

I pray that You will open up my eyes to see Your goodness, love and mercy in this situation. Help me to find joy again in life. Help me to forgive myself for being so angry at someone who did not deserve it! Help me to find peace within myself again!

I ask these things in Jesus’ name Amen

Lord, I pray that you would help me to mend this broken friendship. I know that you are the only one who can restore it, and I am asking you to do so. Please give me the strength to forgive this person, and to let go of any anger or resentment that may be in my heart. I know that when I forgive them, they will feel your forgiveness on their own, and it will free them from whatever burdens have caused them to act in this way towards me.

I thank you for the blessings of my life: my family, friends, and loved ones. Help me to see these relationships as gifts from you, and help me to be grateful for everything that comes from being part of each other’s lives.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Dear Lord,

We come before you today with a broken friendship. We know that broken friendships can be painful, and we’re asking for your help to heal this one. Please bring us all closer together in your love, so that we can support each other through these difficult times. We know that you want all of your children to grow and become better versions of themselves, so please help us find our way back to each other so that we can continue to be a blessing to one another.

In the name of your Son, who made a new way for us to relate with each other in his love and sacrifice on the cross, thank you for hearing our prayer.

Dear God,

I know that I’m not supposed to ask you for help with things that are out of my control, but I just need some guidance. My best friend and I are having a rough time. We’ve been friends since high school and now we’re in college. We’ve had some arguments lately and we’re both frustrated with each other. She’s really hurt by what I did, but she won’t tell me what it is that hurt her so much. She just says that it’s something from our past together and that I should have known better than to do it.

I never meant for any of this to happen—I just thought we were being silly about the whole thing. But now she won’t even talk to me unless it’s about schoolwork or something else related to our classes together, which makes me feel like we’re roommates rather than friends—and roommates live in separate rooms with no communication between them except when they need something from each other!

I know that you can help us fix this situation because you’re all-powerful and can solve anything if you want too (or maybe even if you don’t want too). Please help us get back on track so we can start enjoying each others

how do you write a prayer for a friend

A Healing Prayer for a Sick Friend
Lord Jesus, thank you that you love [name of person who needs healing]. I know that you hate what their illness is doing to them/me. I ask, in the name of Jesus, that you would heal this disease, that you would have compassion and bring healing from all sickness.

Your word says in Psalm 107:19-20 that when we call out to you the Eternal one you will give the order, heal and rescue us from certain death. In the Bible, I have read of miraculous healing and I believe that you still heal the same way today. I believe that there is no illness you cannot heal after all the bible tells of you raising people from the dead so I ask for your healing in this situation.

I also know from my experience of life on earth that not everyone is healed if that happens here than keep my heart soft towards you, help me to understand your plan and help me to be excited about heaven.

Lord Jesus, thank you that our hope for healing is in you. If there are doctors or treatments that you would want to use to heal this disease I pray that you would guide [name of person who needs healing] to them. I ask for wisdom and discernment about which treatments to pursue.

God, I thank you that [name of person who needs healing] belongs to you and that you are in control of everything that happens from our first breath to our last sigh. Amen. ~ Wendy Van Eyck

A Prayer for Your Friend’s Loss of a Loved One
Father God, I lift up my friend who is mourning a loved one. I ask that You would bring her comfort in the midst of this life-shaking event. Thank you for Your promise to walk with and even carry her as she travels through the darkness of grief. Let her not be overcome with sadness, as those who have no hope, but to be strengthened by an awareness of Your presence. Protect her heart and mind. I pray a sense of calm would take hold, even while emotions around her run high, and that the peace you give her would overflow onto those nearby.

Father, You know just what will minister the most to my friend spiritually and emotionally right now. Gently lead her to find the right balance of being alone and being with others. Speak to her through Scripture. Show her Your love through the words and actions of someone else. Help her find moments of solace in the natural world You’ve created. Thank You for being the God of all comfort, the One who holds us in Your hand. It says in Your Word that one day there will be no more death. But for now, I praise You for holding my friend close and giving her rest.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer for A Friend Who is Hurting
Dear God, Our hearts are burdened for our friends who are hurting right now. We ask that you would be their comforter, that you would cover them with your infinite grace and mercy, surrounding them in peace during this dark season. We pray for fresh grace, for renewed strength, for your goodness and mercy over their lives today.

We thank you that you alone are our refuge and strong tower. We thank you that no matter what we face, you are still on the throne, you are still in control, and nothing can ever stand against you. Thank you that you hold the victory in this world, and you have promised in your Word that you will be with us through any hardship we may face.

We know that only in you do we have the hope to face dark and uncertain times, for our future is held secure through the gift of Christ. We ask for you to extend your hope and compassion to our loved ones right now. In these days when they’re struggling, or seem to have lost their way at times, would you please remind them that you are still here. With them. Close. That you are bigger than this storm they’re facing, and you promise to hold them secure. All these burdens we carry for our friend today, we lay at your feet, Lord. We give them to you, and we thank you that you hear our prayers and are at work on their behalf even now.

A Prayer for God’s Presence
Thank you God that you are with us always, that your presence is mighty, and you hear our prayers on behalf of those we love. We ask that you would show yourself strong on their behalf. Remind them that nothing is too difficult for you, and you are leading them through this difficult time, covering them in your care. We know and believe beyond any doubt, that your power and love will never fail.

You are always trustworthy. You are all-powerful. You are fully able. You are Lord over every situation no matter how difficult it may seem. You are our healer and will never waste the pain we carry today. You promise to use all things for good in some way, because you are a God of miracles and nothing is too difficult for you.

Thank you that you fight for us, even when we can’t see all that you’re doing, even when we can’t fully understand your ways. We know that nothing can ever separate us from your great love and care, and our loved ones are safe in your hands. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

A Prayer for A Friend’s Salvation
Sovereign Lord, We thank You that at the beginning You spoke into the darkness and created heaven and earth. If all creation responds to Your voice, if the winds move and the mountains shake at Your command, how can we doubt that You are the Creator, the ruler of all?

Thank you for the life of my friend. Please open his eyes, Lord, that he may see Your presence, just like You opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant and he saw the hills covered by horses and chariots of heavenly fire.

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