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prayer for bride on her wedding day

I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone good luck today and as I write this – I am at the end of another long, strange day. It’s going to be a day full of signs, God willing and all that jazz. I have a feeling that something very big is about to happen this evening (I could be wrong) and until then the work continues in preparation for my prayer for bride on her wedding day.

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prayer for bride on her wedding day

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Dear God,

We pray for [Bride’s name] on her wedding day.

Please guide this young woman in her journey as she leaves behind the life she has known and begins what will be a new chapter in her story. We ask you to bless her and keep her safe from harm. Let every step she takes bring joy, peace, and happiness. Let all those who surround her, especially those who are close to her heart, continue to provide guidance and love during times of strife. We ask that you watch over them with a watchful eye, so that they may always be guided by your hand.

We thank you for blessing us with our loved ones. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate this special day with them, and for giving us good health and strength to do so. Thank you for bringing joy into our lives through these celebrations!

In Jesus’ name we pray…

Dear God, we are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of [bride’s name] and [groom’s name]. We ask that you bless this union and bring these two people closer together. We pray for the strength and wisdom for them to handle the challenges ahead of them. We pray for their health and happiness as they begin their life together.

We also ask that you watch over the children involved in this wedding, who are here today in spirit. May they be blessed with good health, happiness and love.

We ask that you continue to provide us with strength when we need it most, and that you give us guidance on how best to serve others in our lives.

Dear God,

We come before you today to ask for your blessing on this wedding. We know that a union between two people is not something that you do out of obligation or because you have to, but because you have chosen these two people to be together. We pray that as they walk down the aisle together, they remember that they have been chosen by you and that they will hold onto each other with the same love and grace that you show them every day.

We ask that you bless this marriage with happiness and love, and we pray for your guidance as they go through life together. You are the author of all things good and beautiful, and we thank you for all the blessings in our lives.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

wedding day prayer for a friend

Dear Lord,

We come before you today to ask that you bless the union of [bride name] and [groom name]. We pray that you guide them in their marriage, give them strength to weather the storms, and help them to always remember why they fell in love in the first place.

We ask these things through Christ our Lord, amen.

Dear Lord,

We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of [bride/groom’s name]. We ask that you guide them on their journey as they begin their life together. Please give them strength and wisdom as they navigate through the challenges of life, and may their love for each other grow every day. Help them to remember that even when times are tough, there is always hope!

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Dear Lord, we come before you today to ask for your blessing on this union. We know that in our humanness, we are prone to make mistakes, but we also know that you are always with us and ready to forgive us when we stumble.

We ask for your guidance today in all the decisions we make, and we pray that you’ll help us to keep our hearts open so that we can love each other as much as possible.

We know that there are many challenges ahead of us, but we are confident in your faithfulness. Even if things don’t always go according to plan, we trust that there is a plan for us—a good plan—and that you have given us everything we need to fulfill it.

We are so thankful for the love between these two people today. We pray for them both individually and together as one unit; may their marriage be blessed with peace and joy throughout all its days. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Dear God,

We thank you for all the joy and love that is in this room. We thank you for all the blessings we have been given, and we ask that you continue to watch over us and our family. Please help us to always remember that life is short, and we should never forget to enjoy every moment.

We pray that today will be one of the best days in our lives, and that even if it isn’t perfect, it will be wonderful because we are sharing it together. Pray for peace, love and joy today as we start this new chapter of our lives together. We pray that you will help us to show kindness and respect towards each other. Help us remember what brings us together as a couple: love, friendship and trust. Today we commit ourselves to each other for life; help us make this commitment wholeheartedly and with a positive attitude toward all those around us who are also making commitments today.

Blessed be God forevermore! Amen

catholic prayer for a bride on her wedding day

We thank you, O God, for the Love You have implanted in our hearts. May it always inspire us to be kind in our words, considerate of feeling, and concerned for each other’s needs and wishes. Help us to be understanding and forgiving of human weaknesses and failings. Increase our faith and trust in You and may Your Prudence guide our life and love. Bless our Marriage O God, with Peace and Happiness, and make our love fruitful for Your glory and our Joy both here and in eternity.

Lord bless this beautiful couple with love and hope we pray.

Keep alive forever more the vows they’ve pledged today.

May you bless their dreams and visions,

And keep them always safe.

May peace and joy be with them now

On this their wedding day.

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God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, bless, preserve, and keep you;

the Lord mercifully with his favor look upon you,

and fill you with all spiritual benediction and grace;

that you may faithfully live together in this life,

and in the age to come have life everlasting.


Episcopal wedding prayer:
Eternal God, creator and preserver of all life, author of salvation, and giver of all grace:

Look with favor upon the world you have made, and for which your Son gave his life,

and especially upon this man and this woman whom you make one flesh in Holy Matrimony.


Give them wisdom and devotion in the ordering of their common life,

that each may be to the other a strength in need, a counselor in perplexity,

a comfort in sorrow, and a companion in joy.


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