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Prayer For Angels Help

Spiritual warfare: Angels, demons and the unseen war for your soul. I was reading the book of Daniel and came across a part in chapter 10 where a demon asked God for the authority to afflict certain people. The Bible said they were oppressed. This is why demons are able to have power over us and attack us because God allowed it. It’s not just the spirits of soldiers coming up out of the ground in a graveyard at midnight, there are many other ways that spirits can affect people and their lives. Sometimes they can be talking behind our back, or they could be tormenting a person which causes anxiety, depression and even schizophrenia because they don’t know what’s going on with them physically or spiritually. It’s not always easy dealing with spirits that are tormenting you, but Jesus Christ does command the evil spirits to come out of people and cast out all demons in faith prayer sessions. Prayer for angels help. This article highlights prayer to my guardian angel for help.

God fashioned angels out of nothing but perfect spirits. Angels, in Old Testament theology, were thought of as spiritual beings or intelligences with a heavenly dwelling who serve as God’s ministers to carry out His will. You can read more about angel of protection prayer in this exposition.

Prayer For Angels Help

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Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of your angels. We know that they are with us at all times, but we pray for their continued protection as we face the challenges of life. Help us to remember that our heavenly family is always there to help us through whatever comes our way. In your name, Amen.

I wish to thank the angels for their help.

I pray that they continue to guide me, protect me, and show me the way to true happiness.

I ask for their protection for my family, friends and loved ones.

I ask for forgiveness for my mistakes and transgressions against God, myself and others.

I ask that all the angels who have been watching over me be rewarded with a place in heaven when their time on earth is done.

Dear angels,

I come to you in prayer today to ask for your help. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the demands of my job and the pressures of my family, and I need your help to get through this time. Please give me the strength, wisdom, and courage to deal with whatever comes at me next week. Help me find ways to minimize stress and maximize peace. Please surround me with your love and protection, so that I can feel safe even when things get tough.

Thank you for listening to my prayers.

Prayer To My Guardian Angel For Help

Dear Angels,

I am writing to you today to ask for your help. I have been struggling with my health and well-being, and I know that you are always there for me. Please watch over me and protect me from harm as I go through this difficult time.

Please also watch over my family members who are struggling right now as well. They need your support during this time as well.

Thank you so much for all your help!

Angels, we call on you to join us in this time of need.

We pray that you will guide us and protect us as we move forward.

We ask that you will continue to work through our leaders and government officials, so that they may have wisdom and compassion in all they do.

Please give us strength to endure these difficult times, so that we may be a beacon of hope for others.

Guide us with your love, so that all those who are suffering may find peace, comfort and happiness through the coming days.

Dear angels, we know that you are with us in spirit. We ask that you help us to stay strong as we go through this difficult time. We know that our loved ones are safe and happy, and we wish for them to remain that way. We pray for your protection over all who have passed, and especially over their families. Thank you for being with us in the dark times, and may we continue to see the light of hope in our lives. Amen

Dear angels,

I don’t know if you’re real, but I hope you are.

I think about the world a lot, and I keep waiting for someone to tell me that everything’s going to be okay. I want someone to tell me that we’re not doomed, and that we’re not alone—and I want that someone to be you.

I don’t know how else to put this: I’m scared. I’m scared of everything from climate change to nuclear war, from political unrest to cancer. And sometimes it feels like there’s nothing left to do but wait for the end of days.

But even if there is no hope for us as individuals, I want us all still to have hope for the future. For our children and grandkids and great-grandkids after them—for their lives will be even better than ours were! And we can fight so hard right now so that they’ll never have to suffer through anything like this again!

So please—if you’re out there listening—help me find my way back into a place where I can believe again in goodness and peace.

Angel Of Protection Prayer

A Request for Divine Defense to the Archangel Michael
Oh, most glorious Archangel of Archangels, he who is the very Word of God, guard me in these troubled times.

Please keep harm away from me and grant me protection. I beg you to stand strong against Satan and his legions of evil angels, for which I hold you in reverent fear.

In the name of God, I ask that you always protect me and the people I care about.

scripture quoting angelic guardians

Safeguarding Invocation to Gabriel, the Archangel
Concerned about your security? We have a more extensive assortment of prayers to Archangel Gabriel for shielding.

Oh, most holy angelic messenger, thou art the Warrior of God, thou didst commune with Mary the mother of Jesus, and I beseech thy blessing upon me now.

Grant me the insight to know and trust our heavenly Father and his plan for my life. Clear my mind of doubt so that I may walk in His ways.


Angelic Defense Prayers: Archangel Uriel’s Intercession

I appeal to your majesty for direction and illumination, oh most revered Angel, he who is the Flame of God.

Bring me to the light of truth, so that I may make decisions that please Our Heavenly Father. As I gain this understanding, please help me to replace my own personal biases and prejudices with compassion and tolerance.


A Request for the Guardian Angel Raphael’s Protection
Oh, great physician of Heaven, who dwells in the holy company of God, the Archangel of Healing and Health, save me!

To God, I pray that you keep my body, mind, and soul safe from harm. Take the focus off of me and the people who wish me harm, and redirect it elsewhere. Keep me safe always, and cover the ones I care about with your shield.


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