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Prayer For An Alcoholic Husband

Prayer for an alcoholic husband has a profound impact on the lives of the couples. The effect of alcohol abuse is so much that it puts some strain on their relationship and love life. The situation is worse for those who are married to an alcoholic, but have yet to find the solution. In fact, the problem is not just with alcohol but with marriage too. The majority of marriages end up in divorce if serious action is not taken to overcome this specific problem caused by alcoholism. Prayer for a Husband Who Drinks will help you find what you need to know about how to pray for an alcoholic husband. Prayers for my husband to stop drinking is discussed in this article.

Addiction of any kind is terrible, but alcoholism is particularly destructive because it affects so many people. If your husband is an alcoholic and you’re his wife, you may feel like your world is collapsing as you watch the man God put in your life to provide for your family deteriorate before your eyes. We have faith that God is greater than any darkness the devil may try to sow into our lives, even on the darkest days and longest nights. You’ll also see prayer for alcoholic wife in this article.

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Prayer For An Alcoholic Husband

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Dear God,

I know that my husband is an alcoholic and he has been struggling with it for some time now. He has tried to fight it but he keeps falling back into the same patterns. I have prayed for him and asked you to heal him from this addiction, but I don’t know if it’s enough. Please show me how to help him and make sure that he doesn’t fall back into the same patterns again. Please help him find the strength within himself so that he can be healed. Amen

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you in prayer for my husband. He is an alcoholic, and I don’t know how to help him. He has lost his job and has been lying to me about his drinking. Please help me to understand how to deal with this situation so that it does not destroy our marriage. Help me to be patient with him, because I love him so much and want our marriage to work. In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear God,

I will pray for my husband. I know he drinks too much and I want him to stop, but I know it’s not my place to tell him what to do. I ask that you help him find his way in this world without alcohol. Help us both if we’re meant to be together. Amen

Dear God,

I’m not sure if you can hear me, but I’m praying for my husband to have an alcohol-free day. He’s been struggling with alcoholism for a long time, and he’s tried many times to get sober. But he hasn’t been able to do it on his own, and I don’t know what to do anymore.

He’s such a good person; he takes care of our kids while I work full-time, and he helps out with the chores around the house. But lately he’s been drinking more than usual, which makes him depressed and angry all the time. He doesn’t want me to work because he thinks it’ll make him feel better about himself (and our family) if we were financially stable again—but how can we be financially stable when he won’t stop drinking?

Please help us find some way through this together as a family. Please help us find peace in knowing that we’re doing everything we can—no matter how difficult it may seem right now—to make things better for ourselves and each other. We need your guidance through this difficult time!

Prayers For My Husband To Stop Drinking

Dear God,

I come to you today with a heavy heart. I am asking you to please send my husband a sign that he needs to stop drinking. He is hurting himself and our marriage and I don’t know what else to do. Please help him see the error of his ways, so that he can be the man he used to be and the father our children deserve.

In Jesus’ name, amen

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help my husband. I am so worried about him. He has been drinking too much and it is affecting his work and his health. Please help him to stop this habit before it gets out of control. Give me the strength to support him through this difficult time in our lives.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

Dear God,

Please help my husband overcome his addiction to alcohol. I have tried everything to help him, but he keeps struggling with it. He has been angry, irritable and distant lately. I know that it is not his fault and that he doesn’t want to hurt me or our family. Please give us the strength and guidance we need in this difficult time.


Prayer to Stop Drinking

For one addicted to alcohol, nothing is more difficult than to live life without alcohol. The following prayer offers a short, powerful prayer asking for God’s intervention: “God, help! I want to drink, and I can’t stop. Please hold my hand and keep me from taking that first drink. Amen.”

This prayer may be said when someone’s fighting a desire to drink, no matter what stage in the recovery process he/she may be in. A concerned family or friend might also say this prayer for an alcohol addicted loved one.

Prayer for Family of Alcohol Addicted

prayer for alcohol addiction
Alcohol addiction affects everyone in a family, as caring for the person addicted becomes the family’s focus. The following prayer asks God to comfort and guide the family of an alcoholic:

“God of power and might, be with us as [insert family member’s name] struggles with alcohol addiction. You know, O Lord, how hard it is for us, as we’re all being dragged down. Guide us and be with us, that we might not turn on each other but instead reach out to You for hope. Please bless us and keep us. Amen.”

One may also share this prayer on behalf of a family struggling with alcohol addition and pray for individual members of that family, too, that God might grant them strength.

Blessing for Being Sober

Every day without alcohol is a gift for one who is addicted. The following prayer blesses the sober alcoholic, that he/she may continue to find healing and peace without alcohol:

“Loving God, thank you for healing [insert person’s name] and for [insert time sober] without alcohol. Please bless and keep him/her, that he/she may resist the next drink and keep resisting it. Remind [insert person’s name] that he/she is Your beloved child, with whom You are well pleased. Amen.”

One might offer this blessing after the person completes a treatment program or to celebrate any amount of time without alcohol.

Thanksgiving for Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Recovery from alcohol addiction is truly a reason to celebrate, for the newly sober, and for everyone who loves and supports him or her. The following prayer offers God thanks for healing from alcohol addiction:

“Loving God, thank you for the gift of new life after the fear of addiction. With Your help, [insert person’s name] has walked from darkness into light, from addiction into recovery. Thank you for everyone who has supported and loved [insert person’s name] during this difficult journey, [insert names of family, friends, and other supporters if desired.] May You continue to bless [insert person’s name] and heal him/her on the road of recovery, and always. Amen.”

A family or other group of supporters might offer this prayer in honor of the person in recovery, or he/she might offer it for himself/herself for continued strength and to celebrate God’s work in the recovery.

Prayer For Alcoholic Wife

My heart is breaking because my dearly beloved wife has almost completely cut all ties with me. She’s developed a drinking problem that’s getting out of hand.

Lord, please forgive me for being so preoccupied with my career that I was slow to recognize the warning signs that alcohol was ruining my relationship with my beloved wife.

That she has changed almost beyond recognition and shows so little interest in the home, me, the children, or anything else saddens me, but I have to call it what it is: alcoholism.

I beg You, Lord, to grant me the strength to help my wife break this destructive habit and rediscover her former self-giving nature.

God, I believe Your grace is sufficient even to deal with this, and I pray that You will do whatever it takes to bring her back from this dependence on drink and to return her into Your loving arms — and mine.


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