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Prayer For 18th Birthday

Prayer For 18th Birthday

‌Turning 18 ⁣is a‍ significant milestone in a person’s life, symbolizing the transition from adolescence to adulthood. As you embark ⁢on this‍ new chapter, it is important to seek guidance, ⁤strength, and​ blessings​ through ‍prayer. ‍**One important prayer point for your 18th birthday‌ is to ask for wisdom and discernment as you navigate the decisions and ‍challenges that ​come with adulthood.**

**Another prayer point for your​ 18th birthday is to seek God’s guidance in discovering your ‌purpose and passion ​in ‌life, ⁤so that you⁣ may fulfill your potential ⁢and contribute positively to⁤ the world around you.** As⁤ you celebrate this special day, may your prayers be filled⁢ with gratitude for the blessings of the past and hope ⁢for the future.

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  • Lord, ⁣we ​pray for abundant blessings to ⁤flow upon ⁤the⁤ celebrant as‍ they mark this special milestone of‍ turning 18. ​May your favor and grace be upon them in all areas of their life. (Numbers 6:24-26)
  • We ask for the ‍desires‍ of the⁢ birthday boy/girl’s heart to be granted, according to⁤ your will. May their wishes be fulfilled ‍and‌ may they experience your⁢ joy ⁣and peace on ⁢their special day. (Psalm ⁢37:4)
  • On this​ significant day, we seek your guidance ⁤and⁤ wisdom to lead ⁢the ​celebrant in​ the path ⁤that you have set before them. ‍Help them to make choices that honor you and⁣ bring⁢ glory⁤ to your name. ⁢(Proverbs 3:5-6)

Blessings ⁢for the 18th ⁢Birthday

  • Prayers for Strength: May the‌ celebrant find strength in‍ all challenges they face and may they be resilient in‍ times ‍of difficulty.
    ⁢- Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
  • Prayers for Wisdom: ‍May the celebrant be ‌guided⁣ by wisdom and make​ wise ‍decisions in⁢ all aspects of⁤ their life.
    ⁤- Proverbs 3:13 “Blessed is the one who finds‍ wisdom, and the one who gets understanding.”
  • Prayers for Protection: May the celebrant ‌be protected from‍ harm ⁢and danger, ⁣and may they always be surrounded ⁤by ​God’s ⁣angels.
    – Psalm‍ 91:11 ⁤”For he will command his ‌angels ⁢concerning‍ you to‌ guard ⁣you in all your ways.”

Granting ‌Wishes ⁣for the⁤ Birthday⁤ Celebrant

  • May the ‍celebrant be surrounded‍ by ⁣love and ‍joy on this special day.
  • Praying for wisdom and discernment as the celebrant enters a new chapter of life.
  • May God’s ⁢favor shine upon ⁤the‍ celebrant ⁣as they celebrate their‌ 18th birthday.
Bible Verse Prayer Point
Jeremiah 29:11 Praying for guidance and a bright‍ future for the celebrant.
Psalm 20:4 Asking for the desires of the ​celebrant’s ⁣heart to be granted.
Proverbs 3:5-6 Seeking God’s direction and blessings‌ in all⁤ areas of the ⁤celebrant’s⁤ life.

Seeking Guidance on‌ this Special ⁢Day

  • Pray ⁣for⁣ guidance and wisdom as the celebrant enters adulthood⁢ and makes important ‍decisions.
  • Ask⁤ for protection from negative influences and guidance towards positive choices.
  • Pray for discernment‌ in relationships and opportunities that come their way.

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