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Praise and worship poems

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Praise and worship poems are written to give glory and honor to God through any of the things that He has done in our lives. This is done with the help of faith, and this can be a little bit tricky at times since we may not find it easy to write about God.

Praise and worship poems represent the beliefs of a person towards God. They are manifested in several ways through prayers, hymns, and music. Now there are some popular praise and worship poems that are frequently revisited by people who want to praise their Lord.

Praise and worship poems are meant for both soloists as well as groups involved in the praise and worship sessions of a church. Selecting the right poems is very essential if you really want to express your feelings before the view of God.

Praise and worship poems are written to celebrate God’s greatness. These poems are usually written in a religious context, but they can also be secular.

Praise and worship poems can be divided into two categories: those that focus on praising God’s greatness and those that focus on worshipping Him.

Praising God is about recognizing His power and goodness. Worshipping Him is about acknowledging His greatness and acknowledging our dependence on Him for our very existence.

Praise and worship poems are a great way to bring the spirit of God into your life. There is nothing that can replace the feeling of being in the presence of the divine.

When you read praise and worship poetry, it is like taking a little piece of heaven with you wherever you go. It is like having an angel by your side when you are feeling sad or alone.

The best thing about praise and worship poems is that anyone can write one! Whether you are an amateur poet or an experienced writer, there is no reason why you should not try writing some praise and worship poems yourself!

poems about singing praises to god

If you have never written any praise and worship poems before, then it can be hard to know where to start. However, if you follow these simple steps, then it should be easy enough for anyone to create their own poem:

Step 1: Find inspiration – When writing a new piece of work, it is always good idea to find some inspiration before starting on your own project. This could mean looking at other poems or even just reading through some inspirational quotes from famous people who have written similar pieces before (such as Shakespeare). The more research that goes into your work beforehand, the better chance there is that it will turn out well in

Praise and worship poems

Author: John Kent

Author: John Kent

John is a pastor in Scotland who has written many poems about God. His other poems are about nature, the seasons and the Bible.


Prayer is an important part of the Christian life. In prayer, we ask God to come into our lives and show himself to us. We also ask him to live in us, so we can be more like him. It’s important that you pray every day. I want you to know that there are some things you can pray for today:

  • You can ask God for his presence in your life, so he will help guide you and show you what he looks like;
  • You can ask God to show himself through other people who have gone through similar experiences;
  • You can pray that he helps you understand what it means when someone says “I’m sorry.”

Before we ask for anything,

Before we ask for anything,

we focus on God.

We want his presence.

We believe in his power,

his all-knowing wisdom,

his love that is eternal and personal at once.

We praise him as creator of the universe because he made it all:

we ask for your presence.

We ask for your presence, Lord.

We ask for your presence, Jesus.

We ask for your presence, Holy Spirit.

We ask for your presence, Father.

We ask for your presence, Trinity.

We ask for your presence, Spirit of God.

We ask for your presence, Lord and Heavenly Father!

We want to see you today.

Father, we want to see you today.

We want to feel your presence, Lord.

We know that you are in control and that we can trust in your love and guidance.

Jesus, come here now.

I’m asking Jesus to come here now.

To come and be with me, as I need him to be with me.

I know he’s listening, so I am speaking out loud.

I want him to hear my voice and know that I am here for him too.

Jesus, come here now.

Come in your power and glory, with all the angels of heaven around you.

Come into this place for me and take over my life today!

Live in us by your Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. He is known as both a comforter, who leads us into truth, and an empowering force that helps us to do what is right.

The Holy Spirit comes to live within our hearts and minds as we accept Christ into our lives. As we grow in our faith, we are able to understand more about who God is and how he works through us each day for good!

Show us what you look like.

You are the creator of the universe and all that is in it. You created us in your image, so that we too could create and give life to others. You are love, and we were made to love one another.

You alone are God—the only God who is all-powerful and all-knowing, who knows everything about us, even before we speak it out loud or think it in our hearts. You are always with us, even when we stray from you; you have never left us nor forsaken us; rather, you always lead us back home again where you have prepared a place for each one of us to live forevermore if we choose to follow after your example rather than against it (John 14:6).

Your goodness touches every corner of our lives: from the birds chirping outside our windows as they build nests for their younglings; through each sunrise as we rise up early for work each morning; right down into our hearts where there is no measureable way to quantify how much love has been poured out there through Jesus Christ (Romans 5:5).


Praise him for his greatness, praise him for his power and love. Praise him for his creation, praise him for his knowledge and care for us. Praise him for his compassion, praise him with all your heart. Praise God!

Our God is so great, he rules the whole world.

Our God is so great, he rules the whole world.

We can be sure that he will always be with us.

He watches over everything we do,

And knows our thoughts before we think them.

We must always obey his laws and rules;

If we don’t, there will be severe consequences!

His power never fades, his love never grows old.

You are a constant source of strength.

His power never fades, his love never grows old.

His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

He made everything there is – the oceans and the stars.

There is no one else like you. Everything in the universe was created by you, and everything will return to Your hands at the end of time. You are omnipotent!

We praise you, O God.

He loves every person on earth; he knows who we are by our names.

God is all-knowing. He knows who we are, and he loves us individually.

He knows the number of hairs on our head, and he knows our names. He sees what we do in secret and even hears our thoughts as they pass through our minds.

As God’s children, we know that he loves us deeply, but this truth can be difficult to accept sometimes because of how sinful we are as humans. We may feel too flawed or unworthy for him to love us the way he does—but God’s love for us is greater than any sin we’ve ever committed or could ever commit!

He sees through all our actions and hears even our prayers that can’t be put into words.

God sees through all our actions and hears even our prayers that can’t be put into words. He sees the hidden desires of our hearts. He knows what we are feeling, even when we try to hide it from others or ourselves.

God knows what you’re going through right now, and He’s here with you every step of the way.

He knows all our thoughts and keeps track of every tear as it falls from our eyes.

  • He knows all our thoughts and keeps track of every tear as it falls from our eyes.
  • He knows the number of hairs on our head, and the exact number of hair follicles in each one.
  • He is watching us even when we aren’t aware.
  • God sees everything we do, even when we think no one is looking or listening to us.

famous poems about worship

Praise is one of the most important parts of worship. It’s a way for us to show our love and appreciation for God by thanking him for all he’s done and continues to do. We praise him because he deserves it! And not just any kind of praise will do—it has to come from the heart. Here are some ways you can express your love through praise:

  • Give thanks
  • Express your love by saying things like “You are great” or “You are powerful”.
  • Praise God’s qualities such as his all-knowingness, never-endingness, and creativity. The list goes on!

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