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pope francis prayer to our lady of guadalupe

Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe: A blog about a prayer that has been prayed for centuries.

novena prayer to our lady of guadalupe

O Virgin Mary, Mother of God,

Queen of Heaven and Earth,

Mother of the Church,

Mediatrix of all graces,

Intercessor for us sinners.

O Star of the Sea! O Glorious Virgin! O Comfortress of the afflicted! Blessed are they who seek thy protection and favour. Blessed are they who dwell under thy shadow and rest in thy bosom. Blessed are they who have recourse to thee and implore thy help. Blessed are they who do not turn away from thee in their sorrows and afflictions. Blessed are they who love thee with a pure affection; for thou art all powerful with God. O good Mother! O dearest Mother! Through thy merits I hope to obtain pardon for my sins, health in my infirmities, peace in my soul, and life everlasting. Amen.

Oh, Holy Mother of God, we implore thee to increase and multiply your most holy Rosary in the souls of the faithful everywhere.

To thee do we entrust the destiny of our country.

Obtain for us all those graces necessary for salvation.

Obtain for us peace in our homes, concord with our neighbors, true religion in the hearts of all Mexicans, and love among ourselves.

Obtain for us a spirit of prayer and sacrifice so that we may be worthy to receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion at Christmas.


O most holy and ever-Virgin Mary, who wast the worthy dwelling-place of the Word of God made flesh, we humbly pray thee to vouchsafe to look upon us from heaven.

Thou wast the spotless mother of Jesus Christ, who took our nature upon Him, and for our salvation died for us on the cross.

Thou didst receive Him into thy womb, when He was conceived in the Virgin’s womb by the Holy Ghost.

Thou didst preserve Him from original sin and from all His enemies; thou didst bring Him forth from thy holy womb as a spotless lamb without stain or blemish; thou didst suckle Him at thy breast with thy milk; thou didst nurse Him with sweet affection in thy arms; thou didst carry Him in thy arms when He was but seven days old; thou didst stand beside him when He was baptized by St. John in Jordan; thou wast present at His circumcision and at His transfiguration on Mount Tabor; thou wast there present when He was raised up again on the third day after His death on Calvary’s mount;

Dear Mother of God,

I come before you today and ask for your intercession on behalf of [name]. I pray that you will look upon him with favor and help him to find peace in his life. You are the Mother of God, who gave birth to an infant so that we might be redeemed from sin. I ask you to offer him your protection during this time of trial.

I ask also that you give me wisdom and strength to guide [name] through his time of need. He needs me now more than ever before, but he doesn’t always listen when I try to guide him. Please fill my heart with patience so that I can help him find the right path in life.

Help us all know how much you love us, and help us follow your example in all things by showing us mercy and forgiveness when we fail. Amen

Dear Mary,

Mother of God, we give you thanks for your intercession in our lives. You are the Queen of Peace and we ask you to pray for us so that we may be reconciled with God by living in harmony with one another.

We thank you for the example of your life as a humble servant. Please pray for those who have been oppressed by injustice and violence. Please pray for us so that we may be able to face difficult situations in our daily lives with a spirit of peace and love.

We ask you to pray for our leaders so that they may always act out of love and justice instead of fear or selfishness. Please pray for those who have been forced to flee their homes because of war or famine; please pray that they find safety and peace wherever they go.

Please pray especially for those who are suffering from illness or disease; help them find healing through medical science or divine intervention, if necessary. Please also pray for me, so that I may be able to show compassion toward others who are suffering from illness or disease.

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