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 paula white recent sermons

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Paula White is one of the most influential and prolific preachers in the United States. She has been preaching for over 25 years, and her sermons are available on YouTube.

She has served as pastor of New Destiny Christian Center, a megachurch in Apopka, Florida, since 1993. In addition to being a pastor, she is also a best-selling author and inspirational speaker. She has written several books including The Illusion of Power: The Root of Satan’s Success and How to Defeat It!; The Faith Factor; and Paula White’s Exhale (How to Get Past Your Past): A Guide to Healing from Sexual Abuse and Other Trauma.

 About paula white recent sermons

In this article we will be exploring some of the most recent sermons by Paula White.

Paula White just keeps on preaching. The popular preacher has been in the news lately for her controversial remarks about Donald Trump. Now, she’s back with another sermon:

“This is an excellent time to be alive,” she says in the video, which can be seen below. “God has given us a president who is one of his children.”


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