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Pastor E.A Adeboye Sermon – The Joy of the Lord

I want to speak to you this morning about a joyful experience. I want to speak to you about the joy of the Lord. I want to speak to you about what it means to be joyful, because we are all seeking, every one of us, some kind of joy in our lives. Some people look for it in material things; others look for it in their relationships with other people. But there is only one place where true joy can be found; and that is in the Lord.


We need joy because we live in a world that is full of sadness and sorrow; we have seen so much death and destruction recently; and there are so many things that are troubling us—so many things that cause us grief and anxiety—that sometimes we wonder if there will ever again be peace on earth or on this planet called Earth? And when we look around at all these things… when we look at all these troubles… when we see all these problems… when we see all these difficulties… when we read about wars… when we read about famine… when we hear about disease… when we hear about earthquakes…

When we read the Bible, we get to meet a lot of characters. Some of them are important, some of them are not. And some of them are just plain weird.

One of those is the prophet Isaiah. He had a really bad haircut and wore these weirdly tight pants that made him look like he had no butt at all. He’s also known for having a pretty strong sense of fashion sense! (This is a joke, people.)

But one thing that makes Isaiah interesting is that he was always talking about joy. It wasn’t just “joy” as in “happiness,” but joy as in “the presence of God.” He talked about it so much that it got kind of annoying—which means he must have been on to something big! And if you’ve ever felt like you were running out of joy or didn’t know how to find more joy in your life, this message might be exactly what you need!


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