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Saint Deshacedor Prayer In English

These special prayers consist of high quality prints reproduced on parchment with the related sacred image. They can be hung or framed This article is in great demand and can be used in rituals and spiritual practices. Prayer of St. Deshacedor: in Italian and Spanish. Particular prayer that is recited to undo any kind of… Read More »Saint Deshacedor Prayer In English

Spiritual Meaning Of A Giraffe

In the Bible, in the story of Noah’s Ark, the giraffes are an important addition. Paintings by popular Renaissance artists also depict the Biblical story with the pair of giraffes. This has led to the giraffe being considered as an important animal of the Bible. Check out the Spiritual meaning of a giraffe, giraffe symbolism in… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of A Giraffe

Can a pastor ordain another pastor

Pastors ordain other pastors, there’s no question about that. To do otherwise is to take matters into your own hands, which isn’t what the Bible teaches. But where in the Bible does a pastor ordain another pastor? This article takes you verse-by-verse through a pastor’s right and responsibility to ordain a pastor. Can a pastor… Read More »Can a pastor ordain another pastor

Spiritual Meaning Of 67

Regardless of the current spiritual meaning of the number 67 is, we can agree on one thing. That number is unlikely to change any time soon. But the number that really matters when it comes to numerology is your Life Path Number. In this post, I am going to share all you need to know… Read More »Spiritual Meaning Of 67

Who Were The Sons Of Abraham In The Bible

In the Bible, Abraham’s sons are Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael is born to Hagar, Abraham’s concubine; Isaac is born to Sarah. Abrahams Sons In Order Abraham had eight sons listed in the Bible. His first son was Ishmael born through his wife’s maidservant, Hagar, when Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were struggling with infertility (Genesis 16). Abraham was 86… Read More »Who Were The Sons Of Abraham In The Bible

Karaoke Praise And Worship Songs

Karaoke is a way to blessings your soul,its a worship of God,it helps us to experience closer with God.Karaoke also brings us closer by growing our faith every times we sing praises and worship songs The purpose of this blog, is to give you a collection of karaoke praise and worship songs, with high quality… Read More »Karaoke Praise And Worship Songs