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novena prayer to st gerard majella for expectant mothers

Are You in Need of a Novena to Saint Gerard Majella? Here’s How to Perform the Novena and Get Results fast: A blog about praying to Saint Gerard Majella for certain concerns.

  • novena prayer to saint gerard majella
  • Prayer to Saint Gerard Majella

    O holy St. Gerard, you were so devoted to the Blessed Virgin that you were always ready to offer yourself entirely to her service. Obtain for me from Christ and His Mother the favor I ask in their name. Let it be granted if it accords with the holy will of God. If not, let a miracle occur in my favor. Amen.

    Saint Gerard Majella, we ask you to pray for us.

    We ask that you intercede in our lives and grant us your protection.

    Grant us the grace of a pure and holy life.

    Grant us the strength to resist temptation.

    Grant us the courage to defend our faith.

    Grant us the perseverance to overcome adversity.

    Dear Saint Gerard,

    we pray to you in this novena that we may imitate your love of God and neighbor.

    We ask that you help us to have the strength to remain faithful to the Church and the Holy Father, and to resist temptation. We ask that you help us to live holy lives, pleasing God. Help us to be courageous in protecting others from harm, especially our families, our friends, and our countrymen. We ask you to intercede for us so that we will be able to accept whatever crosses are placed upon our shoulders with love and joy.

    Grant us peace in our hearts and minds so that we may know how much God loves each of us individually by granting us a special devotion to yourself as well as a devotion through the intercession of Mary Immaculate. Amen

    Dear St. Gerard,

    We come to you in the midst of this busy world that we live in today. We know that you are a saint of great power and you can help us by interceding for us with Jesus. We have many needs today and we need your help. Please pray for us, St. Gerard, as we ask for your intercession and blessing on our lives today.

    Help us to be more aware of the needs of others around us; especially those who are suffering or in pain. Guide our hearts and minds toward those who are in need so that we may be able to help them in some way.

    Help us to be more patient with each other and those around us who seem to get on our nerves at times because they do not understand what we ourselves are going through at times either physically or emotionally because of what they say or do when we don’ t feel well physically or emotionally as well as spiritually as well too spiritually too:).

    Let us always remember why we were born into this world on earth first before we go back home again later on in life later on after death death death death death death death dying dying dying dying dying dying dying dying dying dying dying death death death

    Dear Saint Gerard,

    You are the patron saint of expectant mothers, so we ask you to help us in our hour of need. We are expecting a new baby and want to name him/her after you. Please help us with this decision and guide our hands in finding the perfect name for him/her.

    We know that you were a devoted husband and father who cared deeply for his children. Please pray for our baby as he/she grows into an adult and help us raise him/her to be a good person. We ask that you watch over him/her always, especially when he/she is sick or sad. Please keep him/her safe at all times so that we don’t have any worries about our child’s health or safety during his/her childhood years. If there is anything else that we can do for you, please tell us what it is so we can make sure it happens!

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