Micro Church

Micro Church

Micro Church Network

  • A micro church network is a community of believers who gather to do life together and advance the gospel. In the micro church network, each church functions as a family that sends its members out into the world as missionaries. Microchurch networks are diverse in size, shape, and strategy because they each adapt to their local mission field.
  • Micro churches are communities of 20 or fewer people who experience deep relationships, spiritual growth, and care for one another. They also share their resources with other micro churches to support missionaries around the world and collaborate on outreach projects in their own city.
  • A healthy network of micro churches is made up of three elements: The churches themselves; a network coordinating team that equips leaders and organizes outreaches; and an apostolic authority structure (usually a small group of elders) that guides the vision of the whole network.

Micro Church conference

Every year, we do a major conference that gathers people who are passionate about church planting, church multiplication, and creative church strategies. People come from all over the world to spend time learning, being inspired, and encouraged in their vision.

We will be hosting our next conference in November 2019. We would love to see you there!

Micro Church Community

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Micro Church

A micro church is a way of doing church that has been developing worldwide over the last few years, which we have been sharing in schools and community groups. It’s an innovative way to express and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ as a cell group and is particularly suited for new Christian communities.

It’s also ideal for people who want to live a relational discipleship lifestyle but don’t necessarily need or want to do this in a church structure. This resource will help you understand what micro churches are all about, why we do them, and how you can get involved.

micro church network

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micro church conference

You can find out more about the micro church by taking a look at what happened at the micro church conference. A micro church conference is an annual event where people gather to talk about micro church, and it’s been going on for a while now. In 2019, over 500 people came together to learn from other leaders in the industry. They discussed how their companies were run and how they could be improved upon. In 2018, there was a lot of focus on redefining the role of managers in today’s workplace. It was exciting to see how many different perspectives were represented at this event!

In 2017, we saw companies like Google and Facebook start to explore ways that AI could improve their products with chatbots which are now commonplace across social media platforms.”

I started a Micro church to create a community outside the big church.

In the early 2000s, when we were an evangelical church in the city of Houston, Texas, we noticed a trend among our members: some were leaving to attend a newer church that had lower prices and was super hip. We looked around at younger churches and realized there wasn’t really anything out there for us. So we decided to start one ourselves.

We called it micro church because “micro” means “small.” We didn’t want people to think of us as a small alternative to the big evangelical churches in town; we wanted them to think of us as their neighborhood church. Our whole strategy was built on being accessible and inviting—as opposed to delivering sermons straight into your earhole all night long with heavy guitars blaring in your face all while you’re trying to eat your dinner or keep your kids quiet at night. If you couldn’t make it in, they’d let you know so you could set up a time on another day or just call another member and get it done over the phone or by e-mail.

The next thing we knew, others started congregating with us because they thought it was cool too! When confronted with the idea of starting their own church, they’d usually say something like: “That’s cool! I’m going there!” What’s cool is someone else starting a different kind of church that’s not like everyone else’s old-school evangelical place. That’s what happened here: people are coming together outside the big churches so that they can feel like their community isn’t limited by where they go for Sunday services each week.

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