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Listen to the latest from Hillsong Worship

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Hey, we’re Hillsong Worship. We’re a church in Sydney, Australia, and we love to sing—so much so that we’ve gotten our music played on Christian radio stations all over the world.

We have a new album out called “Never Settle”: [link to album]. It’s our first album in two years, and it features some of our favorite songs from our last few albums: “God Is Able”, “One Thing Remains”, and “Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies)”. We also included some new songs: “The Stand” and “King Of Heaven”.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed making it!

Now is the time to celebrate life.

about Listen to the latest from Hillsong Worship:

It’s time to throw off the shackles of shame and fear, and give ourselves over to the joy of living. It’s time for us to stop thinking about what we don’t have, and instead focus on how richly blessed we are in this world.

This is what Hillsong Worship is all about—celebrating the goodness of God in our lives. And this new album is a celebration of that goodness through music that will lift your spirits up and carry you away.

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