List Of Kings In The Bible

List Of Kings In The Bible

A list of biblical kings is found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. The Kings are listed in chronological order, as derived from the Books of Kings and Chronicles. The reigns of the kings are recorded according to both their secular history and the biblical narrative.

King Saul
King Saul was the first king of Israel and for a time was a good king, but God rejected him because of his disobedience to God (1 Samuel 15). He never fully obeyed God and David was chosen to be the next king (1 Samuel 16) even though it would be roughly ten years before David would actually sit on the throne as King.

King David
King David is the favorite of all kings for the Jews and in his lineage of course is Jesus Christ (Matt 1:6-17). He became Israel’s greatest earthly king and one of the most prolific writers in the Bible with the Book of Psalms.

King Solomon
Solomon was the son of David and became the heir to the throne as the third king of Israel after the death of his father, David. He later married foreign wives who led his heart away from the Lord and into idolatry but he would later repent and wrote the greatest book of wisdom ever written; the Book of Proverbs as well as the wisdom literature of the Book of Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon.

Israel Divides
This was the time when the nation of Israel split and now there would be two lines of kings and Jesus’ saying proved to be true; a house divided against itself cannot stand (Mark 3:25). After Israel divided into two separate nations, they would eventually fall and be taken into captivity. The nation of Israel would fall into the hands of the Assyrian Empire and most of the nation of what is known as the Northern Kingdom, would be taken captive. The Southern Kingdom, or Judah, would survive much longer, but in time they too would fall into idolatry and disobedience. Judah would be taken into captivity by the Chaldeans or the Babylonian Empire for seventy years.

Here’s A List Of The Kings of Israel

  1. King Jeroboam
  2. King Nadab
  3. King Baasha
  4. King Elah
  5. King Zimri
  6. King Omri
  7. King Ahab
  8. King Ahaziah
  9. King Jehoram
  10. King Jehu
  11. King Jehoahaz
  12. King Joash
  13. King Jeroboam II
  14. King Zachariah
  15. King Shallum
  16. King Menaham
  17. King Pekahiah
  18. King Pekah
  19. King Hoshea

This was the last king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel before they got into captivity for continually falling into idolatry. The nation of Israel or the northern ten tribes of Israel would disappear from history but not forever.

The Kings of Judah

King Rehoboam
King Rehoboam was not the king of Israel but of Judah since only the tribes of Benjamin and Judah were included but the Levites were among those staying loyal to King Rehoboam and the nation of Judah.

Other kings of Judah were:

  1. King Abijam
  2. King Asa
  3. King Jehoshaphat
  4. King Jehoram
  5. King Ahaziah
  6. King Athaliah
  7. King Joash
  8. King Amaziah
  9. King Uzziah
  10. King Jotham
  11. King Ahaz
  12. King Hezehiah
  13. King Manasseh
  14. King Amon
  15. King Josiah
  16. King Jehoahaz
  17. King Jehoiakim
  18. King Jehoiachin
  19. King Zedekiah

This was the last king of Judah before they fell into the captivity of the Babylonians and would remain there for seventy years as written about in the Book of Daniel.

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