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Sample Letter Of Intent For Church

Dear Pastor.. I am writing this letter to express my interest in joining the congregation as a member. I believe that our church has the potential to spread God’s love and message to everyone. I am sure you can agree that the church is one institution that impacts people’s lives greatly. Dear Pastor, I am writing you this letter to inform you of my intention to be a member of your church. I should mention that ever since I was a child, I have been a very active individual within the church and community. As a result of this, I am able to bring in nothing other than positivity and happiness to any situation or event that may arise.

I am writing to apply for a role in your church. I would like to apply for the position of youth ministry assistant. In my capacity as a current youth pastor, I have developed several leadership skills that I believe would be beneficial for your facility. My work ethic has always been high and I believe my passion for serving others has given me the ability to motivate others on a daily basis.

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Sample Letter Of Intent For Church

Dear Pastor, I am writing you today because I am interested in becoming a member of your church.The Lord has been preparing me for the past several years and it is about time for me to step out into His calling. I have always been led to your church through the scriptures, teachings and prayer. As I read your bible study on Sunday mornings, you and Jesus are there together discussing issues that concern me as a Christian. The scriptures have really helped open my eyes to see realities about life and God’s will for my life.

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How to write this letter:
1 If necessary, tell about the church or religious organization that you represent (if readers might not be familiar with it).
2 Describe the good that has been done by the church or organization within the community.
3 Tell what the money that you are requesting will be used for.
4 Indicate the benefits that will come to the reader, and to the community as a whole, because of the money donated.
5 Ask for a donation, and tell readers how they can contribute the funds (mail, over the phone, by delivering the money directly to the church or meeting place, etc.)
6 Express your hope that readers will be willing/able to contribute to such a worthwhile effort.
These letters are often directed to the members of a particular church or religious affiliation. Fundraising letters may ask for donations to help support missionary efforts, to build new churches, to fund schools, to support youth programs, and so forth.

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Example Letter #1
As a member of (Name of Church), you’ve experienced firsthand the family feeling of our community. Even through the significant growth of the past years, the congregation has retained warmth, fellowship, and sincere connection among its members. And our members don’t only worship together; they also engage themselves in daily activities and causes to benefit the community of (Name of Town) as a whole.

One particularly established and valued community project begun by members years ago is the (Name of Church) soup kitchen. Each week, members donate their time and resources to gather and then serve the poor and hungry residents of our community, and each week the visitors of the soup kitchen are nourished by the food served and by the compassion of those serving.

This valued and unique community service requires support from members, of course, and it is with this concern in mind that we are writing to you today. Each week, the soup kitchen requires members to fetch supplies, cook the food, prepare the service area, and then serve the visitors of the kitchen. We would warmly welcome your involvement in any of these activities. However, we also would like to emphasize our need for funds. Although donated materials cover most of the soup kitchen’s needs, each week the kitchen must purchase some food and drink to complete the offerings of the week. To help us cover these costs and continue providing the best service to our visitors, we hope you will consider using the enclosed form and envelope to donate $20 or $30 to this worthy cause.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Example Letter #2
As members of the Christian Church, we are called to go “into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

In the past 50 years our missionaries have taken the gospel to every continent, and many people have been saved. Now, in the wake of natural disasters that have shaken the world, we have the opportunity to help and gather souls in places we had only dreamed of in the past.

Now is the time for us to step up our missionary program, but we need the support of every member. Can you help? We need bibles and buildings in Thailand where our church buildings were destroyed in the tsunami, and soup and stipends for the hungry everywhere, and support for our full-time missionaries in many countries.

Would you be able to pledge $35 every month to this great effort? If not, we would appreciate just as much as you could afford. Your donation will bless the lives of many and will surely return to you tenfold in joy and blessings.

A pledge form is enclosed with several payment options. Please choose whatever is most convenient for you.

Example Letter #3
Our local congregation of the Church of God, a nondenominational Christian church, was formed almost 30 years ago. Since that time, we have been spreading the message of the Good News with believer and nonbeliever alike, sharing the love of God for all of his children, and serving the less fortunate in our community through our many humanitarian relief efforts. All our brothers and sisters, no matter their station in life, are more than welcome to come and worship with us.

For nearly all of the 30 years we have had a congregation here in this community, we have met in our chapel at the corner of Box Elder and Cyprus. You have undoubtedly driven by our building countless times. We have put that building to good use, and in many ways it has been our home away from home. During the past 30 years, it has served us well. And we would like it to continue to do so for years to come.

In order to continue meeting in our chapel, however, the time has come for some much-needed renovation must be done. The roof needs to be redone, and the carpets and many of the pews must be replaced. Though this may seem like a sizeable task, we are confident that, with the support of people from the community, it can be easily accomplished.

That’s why we are holding a special fundraiser on Saturday, June 6, in order to raise the $5,000 needed to help pay for the cost of the repairs. We will be holding a bazaar from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. that day, and all proceeds will go to this special objective. We are inviting everyone from the community to come and participate in the bazaar and help us raise money for this very worthwhile cause. Also, any who would like to make, bake, or buy items to be sold at the bazaar are more than welcome to do so. So mark your calendars, and come and join us for this special event.

By helping us to raise the money needed to renovate our building, you will ensure that we can continue to serve the members of this community for many years. I sincerely hope to see you at the bazaar!

P.S. If you are unable to attend the bazaar, but would still like to contribute to this cause, please do so. You can send a donation of any amount to the address above. Thank you!

Example Letter #4
I am writing on behalf of a group of young adults in our congregation. As you know, for several years now our church has sent small groups of individuals, particularly college students, on three-month missions overseas during the summer to spread the Lord’s gospel to those who have not yet been fortunate enough to hear it.

Well, the time has come to prepare for our missionary efforts for this upcoming summer. In just over five months, nine of our young people will be traveling to Springfield to take the teachings of our Lord to the people there. But in order to do that, they must raise $3,000 in the next three months, which will cover all their transportation, housing, food, and other expenses. Will you help to send one willing soul by making a contribution of $300 to our missionary fund? You can mail your tax-deductible donation in the enclosed envelope, or you can bring the donation to the church and leave it with Sister Doe, who is acting as treasurer of the fund.

I am sure you are aware of the many blessings in your life because of your knowledge of the gospel of Christ. Will you help to share those blessings with your brothers and sisters in Springfield by making a generous donation today?

How To Write An Application Letter To A Church

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

If necessary, tell about the church or religious organization that you represent (if readers might not be familiar with it).

Example Sentences for Step 1
The Fundamental Church of God was founded more than fifty years ago by the Rev. John Hancock.
I am one of more than 300,000 members worldwide. Since 1978 when it was started, the church has spread to more than 15 nations.
The First Reformed Church of Christ is a Bible-believing church, and we believe that all people can be saved through faith and good works.
Congregation of God is a nondenominational organization that was founded back in 1937.
We have a number of congregations throughout the United States and Canada, with a membership of nearly 50,000.
At the Church of Hope, we cater to men and women in all situations–economically, socially, and spiritually.
Example Phrases for Step 1
one of thousands of members of the
our church was established more than 100 years ago
we are a multi-denominational group
Christians Serving Soldiers is a
founded by the Reverend
since 1965 we have been to
for more than three decades
appeal to individuals of all walks of life
more than 3 million members
have congregations throughout much of the Americas
a Bible-believing church that
many followers throughout the United States
a nondenominational organization
working together with members of various faiths
made up of believers of various faiths
the New Church of Christ is a
Describe the good that has been done by the church or organization within the community.

Example Sentences for Step 2
One of our primary objectives is to send missionaries to the non-Christian areas of the world to share with them the gospel.
We believe we must do more in this life than simply believe in Christ, and so we have chosen to make as the primary focus of our church the care of those who are less fortunate, sick, or otherwise afflicted.
Since our church was founded more than 100 years ago right here in Yourtown, we have worked tirelessly to serve the citizens of this community by ministering to all, both physically and spiritually.
As part of this mission, we have spent countless hours and resources providing humanitarian aid to our brothers and sisters in other countries.
In addition to spreading the gospel abroad, we minister to individuals in our own community by providing food, clothing, and shelter to those in need.
Of late, we have been working with community leaders to make sure that the conservative values we stand for are represented in the House and the Senate.
Example Phrases for Step 2
bringing the gospel message to
send missionaries to third-world countries
serving the community by
provided countless hours of humanitarian aid
helping to unify communities
worked untiringly to provide
spreading the teachings of
raised money to help
made it possible for
sent missionaries to preach in
a powerful voice
given our time to
spread the love of the Savior to
brought hope to
supported the efforts of
donated food and clothing
tirelessly serving the less fortunate who
bringing hope to families
strengthening families and communities
working together with other groups
making a difference in the community by
providing food and shelter for
working with community leaders to
Tell what the money that you are requesting will be used for.

Example Sentences for Step 3
At present, our most pressing need is to renovate our chapel.
All the money we raise goes directly to our Humanitarian Aid Fund to be distributed to those in need both here in this country and abroad.
In the coming years, we would like to expand our missionary program so that we may enter many new areas of the world.
As you know, many of our brothers and sisters in neighboring communities are currently without the basic essentials we often take for granted. The money raised in this special fund drive will go to purchasing food, clothing, and necessary items of hygiene for these distressed individuals.
In order to spread the gospel, our missionaries would like to purchase 100,000 copies of the Bible to take with them on their next mission.
We are blessed with an abnormally large number of young people in our congregation, and so we would like to be able to nurture them by further developing our current youth program.
It is necessary that we study and learn the Scriptures from our pastor as well as from each other, and so a number of us have talked about establishing a Sunday school to meet this need.
For some time there has been a need to purchase additional scriptures, hymnals, and other supplies for the members of the congregation.
Example Phrases for Step 3
expand our missionary program
able to send more volunteers
build a new church
renovate the synagogue
purchase scriptures to be sent to
build additional churches in the countries of
send missionaries to countries in
purchase supplies for our schools
send relief to people in
help fund the programs in our seminaries
replace the pews
provide relief to
take the gospel to
used to feed and clothe
build a youth center
provide funding for
send emergency provisions to
sent to those affected by
purchase hymnals and other supplies
open a Sunday school
used to develop our youth program
increase the number of
allow us to increase the amount of
expand our humanitarian aid program
send a group of pastors to
Indicate the benefits that will come to the reader, and to the community as a whole, because of the money donated.

Example Sentences for Step 4
With the additional funding, we will be able to spread the gospel to five more countries within the next ten years.
The biggest benefit, of course, is the feeling you’ll get knowing that you helped your brothers and sisters in need.
In the youth program, young men and women will learn valuable skills, as well as have a fun, safe alternative to the many dangerous activities of the world.
Your contributions will make it possible for us to provide temporary food and shelter for those ravaged by the recent hurricanes and flooding.
In my own life, I know I have never felt greater joy than I did during the years that I spent as a missionary in the God’s work.
By contributing to this cause, you will be playing an important role in history, as we expand our church to nations where it has hitherto never been.
We are counting on the support of our members to make the necessary renovations possible.
In times like this, it is important that we all work together for the good of everyone in need. Doing so truly brings us together as a community, no matter what religious affiliations we have.
Example Phrases for Step 4
able to spread the gospel to
provide much-needed relief for
provide a safe environment for
know you have helped to
know that you made a difference in the lives of
feel the joy that comes from serving
feel true happiness because of your
your donations will make it possible
with your help, we will be able to
counting on the support of our members to
be an important part of
able to further the work of
give your support to
your contributions will
with your donations, we can
feeling you’ll get knowing that
play an important role
show your support for
work together to
bring the community together
enable us to
allow us to unite as
brought about by the kind acts of
Ask for a donation, and tell readers how they can contribute the funds (mail, over the phone, by delivering the money directly to the church or meeting place, etc.)

Example Sentences for Step 5
Can we count on you, Sarah, to make a donation of $50 to help us meet this need?
Stratton Family, would you be willing to help us in this cause by donating $100 today?
In order to meet this need, we must raise $100,000 before the end of next month. Will you make a donation of $500 by next Friday, July 20, and bring us closer to that goal?
That’s why we are asking all members of our congregation, and anyone else who would like to, to make a donation today of $25 or more by sending a check in the enclosed SASE.
If you are able to make a donation, please call the administration office at 555-5555, or you can mail a check to the address above.
To keep up with the ongoing demand, we are asking members to make a monthly donation of $25. Or if you prefer, you can make an annual contribution instead of $275.
You can bring your $75 donation to the church any time before next Friday, or you can mail it in the self-addressed envelope enclosed.
Because of this great need, we are asking members to donate $50, $30, or even $20 as soon as possible to help us reach our goal of $20,000 by March 3.
Example Phrases for Step 5
hope that you can contribute
asking followers to donate
asking for a special donation of
please send $25 to
could donate $50, $30, or even $20
asking for immediate donations of
your check for $30 will
your monthly donation of $50 will
please help by donating
accept all major credit cards
send you a monthly reminder
can call us at 555-5555
an annual donation of $350
please bring all donations to the
can drop off your donation
will be visiting the homes of
would be happy to stop by and
holding a special meeting on
donations can be delivered to
hoping to raise $5,000, so please mail your
want to raise $10,000 by June 1
Express your hope that readers will be willing/able to contribute to such a worthwhile effort.

Example Sentences for Step 6
We are truly thankful for the support you give this congregation, and we hope you will be able to help us in this time of great need by making a donation today.
Please give a generous donation so that we can continue to spread the gospel to those who have not yet had the opportunity to receive it.
We know that our programs couldn’t succeed without the contributions of our members. Make a donation today so that they can continue to be successful.
I hope you will make a donation today to help us reach our goal of raising $10,000 by next Friday. Help us to spread love and hope to our brothers and sisters who are facing so great a need at this time.
Jeffrey, will you pledge to help us in this cause by making your $200 donation today?
When we give of ourselves, we never know how much we are truly blessing the lives of others. Open your heart, and may God bless you as you strive to follow him.
Please send a much-needed donation today. I know you will be blessed for your generosity.
Mr. and Mrs. Doe, I hope you can help us by sending in a check today. We really are counting on you!
Example Phrases for Step 6
hope that you can
please open your heart and send a donation today
counting on each one of you to
hope that you’ll be able to donate
need the help of every member
can’t do it without the support of
know we couldn’t succeed without
asking each one of our members to
our deepest hope that
pledge today to
please take a moment to
show your support of
help us meet our goal
know you will be blessed
will really benefit those
asking for a generous donation
our desire that
please make a donation today
hope you will feel compelled
hope you can contribute
appreciate all the support
make a difference for so many

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